Wild West [CLOSED]

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Wild West [CLOSED]

Absolutely amazing

Reviewed November 2017

I went into this trek by myself and walked away with a family. Our tour guide was really great and everything was very well organized. The activities were fun. Overall everything was great. I've seen so many new places and experienced so many new things because of this trek.

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Wild West [CLOSED]

best holiday i have ever had!!

Reviewed October 2014

I did the Wild West trek in march 2014, it was the experience of a life time.
i travelled with a friend but made friends on the trek very quickly and got to share some beautiful moments with my new friends which i will cherish and i will be friends with these people for life now!
i am not normally a camping sort of girl and was very worried about bugs and silly things but i should not of worried it was one of my favourite parts in the end and even ended up sleeping under the stars in betty and rustys cowboy camp and scorpion hunting in death valley :)

The trip for me had so many highlights...the hours bonding in the van, eating steak and riding horses at betty and rustys cowboy camp, partying at lake havasu spring break, getting very drunk in vegas , shopping in vegas and seeing the sights, painting a part of history at salvation mountain, treking down bright angel trail in grand canyon, trying authentic american food, stopping at snowcap diner on route 66,celebrating st paddys day in LA, Universal Studios and best of all meeting new people who i love.

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Wild West [CLOSED]

Time of my life!

Reviewed October 2014

I was so, so, SO nervous about travelling alone, and still can't believe I did it! But doing a Trek was the best thing I have ever done and I would recommend it to anyone. Our tour leader was awesome and knew the answer to anything. I have absolutely nothing negative to say, apart from that it was over too soon. I got home and started planning my next one straight away and am now thinking about my third.

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Wild West [CLOSED]

Amazing! Best thing ever!

Reviewed April 2014

I had always wanted to travel and had never done anything like this before. It didn't seem real till I was travelling down to London about to meet one of the girls off my trek. If you are unsure if to book it due to nerves, just do it. You will not regret it.

The scenery, the people, the freedom and Katelyn, our tour guide, were the best things about this trip. You get to go to all the best places (Vegas, Grand Canyon) and spend a decent amount of time in each one. Everyone goes mental in Vegas as it just sucks you in. Incredible place.

I would recommend the helicopter ride round the Canyon too. It may be pricey but the moment the Canyon opens up below your feet, it is worth every penny. I was umming and arring all of the trek about booking it but I cannot describe the buzz after it.

I would say if you do go when the clocks to back (November time) then do take an extra jacket. It gets cold at night especially in the Canyon when you watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, the cold took the beautiful sunrise away from me but if you take the right stuff it'd be mega. Just be prepared.

I cannot wait to book my next trip. Don't hesitate. Just do it.

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Wild West [CLOSED]

Wild - Camping - Amazing Scenery - Can I do it again?? ;)

Reviewed March 2014

I am just back from my first trek and I chose the Wild West Trek, Wow it did not disappoint! it was amazing in every single way! from learning how to put up a tent, to the amazing stop offs that our trek leader Alex took us too which wasnt on the itineary, we got the choice of going to spring break at lake havasu! :) Vegas!! - out of this world - just didnt have enough time to enjoy it all. Met some amazing people who are now going to be long term friends. everyone bonded really well but i have to say creating a facebook group prior to the trek and inviting everyone to join it helped get to know each other prior to the trek. I am a girlie girl and soon got in to the swing of not straightening my hair everyday and embrassing the camping life! everyone is in the same boat! cant wait to book my next trek! America I will be back :)

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Wild West [CLOSED]

I would say the wild west trek I did was totally awesome.

Reviewed December 2013

The wild west 10 day trek from los angeles was absolutely totally awesome. I really enjoyed the whole 10 days of it. Amanda neimen my tour guide helped make the whole trek experience fun and totally awesome. She was absolutely amazing.

Past Trekkers Review
Wild West [CLOSED]

A whirlwind. good times, good friends and an awesome backdrop!

Reviewed July 2013

Absolutely loved every second! a great bunch of people and a brillient tour leader (Clayton). this was my first taste of the states, and it didnt disapoint. ive since done another trek.
An excelent trip.

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Wild West [CLOSED]

Magical Adventure With Amazing New Friends

Reviewed January 2013

If you are thinking of booking this trip.... All I have to say is 'DO IT, DO IT NOW'

Meeting everyone on the 1st morning was the most nerve wrecking thing I have ever done (flying alone was easy) However, as soon as the trek leader & the rest of the group introduced themselves, they vanished. This was going to be one life changing adventure with what seemed some very nice people...

The weather was quite temperamental in San Diego but that didn't stop us... We bought ourselves an American football and Frisbee and hit Mission Beach for some fun. A few of the guys braved the water for a dip, brrrrrrr!! We split up the second day with some opting for Sea World and others Balboa Park for the museums and a trip in to the Gas lamp area..

The next day was mainly a driving day, but we got to stop at this amazing sight called Salvation Mountain. It has to be seen to be believed. When we arrived at our campsite it was dark. However I have to say, trying to put up tents and listening to everybody trying to find pegs and hammers in the dark was very funny indeed. That night we used our beer drinking skills as a warm up to one of the group’s birthday... Waking up the next morning was something out of a movie. Our campsite was on the Colorado River and the view was out of this world. Happy Birthday Camp mate ;)
Next stop, Cowboy Camp... Betty & Rusty's was fantastic! We all mounted are trusty steeds and set off. We rode through part of the desert and the view was amazing. Although, Pumpkin (my gorgeous horse) liked to take me through the cactus and trees, im hoping the mark on my arm stays as a permanent reminder of the fun we had. That night we had a beautiful dinner of steak and potatoes followed nicely with freshly made birthday cake (happy birthday camp mate1) and a camp fire story session that will stay in memory for a lifetime =) All that was left was for us to sleep under the stars, no tents needed!!

After a group photo with the famous Betty & Rusty it was off to the Grand Canyon... The only thing I can say about this is WOW... This has to be seen to be believed. There are no words that can describe the experience of the blind folded walk and big reveal =) After the excitement of the grand canyon sunset (where we had some champagne ;) ), it was off for pizza, beer and bowling to celebrate another birthday (happy birthday camp mate2) We didn't have a late one as the next day we were off early. Some of the group headed straight for the canyon. Myself and 3 others headed off for our helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, what an experience that was. It did cost $250 but was worth every penny. We then went down in to the canyon, 1.2miles. Great going in, hard work getting out =)

Next it was off to VEGAS BABY! We had a little stop along route 66 on the way. Collected some souvenirs and then it was time to party!! We stopped along the way and picked ourselves some Halloween costumes for a little fancy dress partying that night! Party bus was boarded and it was off to Fremont Street, Vegas sign and fountains at the Bellagio. We finished the night is Pure @ Caesars Palace. That was an experience of sorts =) The next day was ours to take in Vegas how we wanted. Some took in the sights from the roller coaster at New York New York while others walked for miles up and down the strip… Whatever you do in Vegas, enjoy every bit of it. It’s a fantastic place to visit and anything goes ;)

Next and final stop for us was Death Valley. Hottest place recorded. And man was it hot, even at that time of the year. As this was our last stop and with it being Halloween, pumpkins were gathered from Wal-Mart along with other goodies and we had ourselves a little Halloween party.

The above review is nothing compared to what I experienced on this trek. From 1st’s of flying alone, meeting strangers and even pumpkin carving. To the things I have seen and may never see again. The sing a longs to Tenacious D in our little van and the 4x4 challenges at In N Out Burger. This is one adventure I will never, ever forget.

What started out as some very nice people, which turned in to some great new friends.

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Wild West [CLOSED]

A life changing trip which opened my eyes to a lot of things :)

Reviewed December 2012

Had a good flight over with Virgin Atlantic, and they were almost the best priced airline!
Spent the first night in los angeles and got to know a few of the people on my trip which was a crazy learning experience.
the next morning we started early, met our tour host and the other Trekkers.

we bonded a good strong group from the outset, think it was because we were all traveling alone, which i think is also what made the trip amazing.

we spent the first day at san diego, wasn't particularly warm but we had some fun at the beach and spent some time buying souvenirs and taking pics.

we did a group show which was fun, and we were given chores for cooking arrangements which was also a good bit of fun :)

we spent the second day in san diego and i chose to take the museum trip to the science and space museum.

on day 3 we visited salvation mountain which was pretty cool and not on the trek tour itinerary ;)

this day was also a good 8 hour drive and we stocked up well on the regular gas stations :) Trail mix is a must and the sweet selection is just crazy lol think i need some fillings after that trip!

day for we were at the grand canyon, this is what i came for and man it just blew me away, i couldnt think it just had me in a trance!!!

we spent the night in a hotel and the next morning we trekked down to skeleton point and back up....i though it would be easy... far from it lol the way down was fun the way back up was a killer!! lol

after the canyon we spent a day of driving to the cowboy camp...

that night when we arrived we went on a horseback ride in the mountains and it was just a surreal experience just like a western in the movies :) felt like a real cowboy!

that night we had a campfire dinner and spent the night as a group playing drinking games... then sleeping on the ground looking up at the stars :) it was crazy, i woke up at 4am and it was pitch black but the stars were so bright you diddnt need a torch and the light was dark blue an amazing experience in itself!

the next day we travelled for a good 8 hours to Vegas singing songs on the bus, playing games, sleeping eating ect lol

Vegas.... what can i say ... if you havent been then you MUST go!! it was amazing! everything was zoo big! casinos were huge night clubs had lifts between floors lol crazy stuff!!

the first night in vegas it just happened to be Halloween! so we all did fancy dress and had a party i only wish i could remember fully lol it was like Hangover the movie! :)

we partied at cesars palace, it was huge with a casino on the ground floor we were jumping around to dubstep on the roof top and grinding to hiphop in the basement...super club!! fully recommend...

i know alot of trekkers on the forums mentioned being worried about drinking and didn't want to experience peer pressure but i can honestly tell you there was no peer pressure and nobody looked at anyone funny for not necking a beer we all jeled perfectly!

the second day in vegas was a free day so we spent it exploring the wonderful city!

i cant really recommend any places, you just have to walk around and walk into places i must have only experienced a fraction of vegas and what i saw of this place makes me want to visit in the future!!

after vegas we visited Death valley for the night, and camped out in the wilderness :)

we spent some time travelling the park with the Ranger because he and our guide were good friends!! so we got to go off the beaten track to an underground salt lake which was just a crazy experience too :)

the next day was our last and we drove for a good day to LA back to where it all began :(

for the last night we all went out with our tour leader for the night to a mexican and then for some late night drinks and it was special :)

one thing i would say, if you go on this trip in late october then make sure you have a very good sleeping bag which can withstand cold temperatures because some nights were -8 and i froze my butt off!! :(

all in all it was what i would consider a life changing trip as i discovered a few things about myself and came back from the trip a confident person.

Thanks Trekamerica!! will be booking up for 2013 soon ;)

thanks for reading


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Wild West [CLOSED]

Amazing trek, amazing guide (Christopher) and perfect trip !!!!

Reviewed December 2012

It was perfect trip because we had a good guide, good group and places ( Vegas, Grand Canyon, Cowboy's camp, San Diego, LA and Hollywood) .
I remember my first night at Vegas it was amazing with tour in limousine bus, Eiffel Tower ....

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