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Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus

an unforgettable adventure

Reviewed July 2014

It's been a couple of days since i got back from LA, and i am suffering hard from post holiday blues. I've experienced 2 weeks full of sightseeing, hiking and adventures; met amazing like minded people and shared wonderful memories!
Being 18 years old, i feel as if i have become a lot more independent and self reliant - skills which will definitely prepare me for when i start university in September! Got on well with all the girls (a tour with 13 girls couldn't of been more fun) and made friends for life.
Our tour leader Chadwick was so enthusiastic and approachable, always supplying us with useful information and recommendation. There were so many amazing activities i was able to do, which i probably wouldn't of been able to sort out/organise if i were on my own - every day was jam packed with ideas and activities!
To summarise, an unforgettable experience. Gained so much in 2 weeks,i would do it all over again in a second! Thank you trek america :)

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus

Brilliant and so much fun!

Reviewed July 2014

I've always wanted to go to the western part of America and it didn't let me down. With so much to do and see it really is a great part of the world and to see it all in two weeks was simply amazing! I loved every second of it and hope to do another at some point. Would recommend fully. Just do it!

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus

The most amazing experience!

Reviewed July 2014

Ive always wanted to explore parts of America passed the touristy places and this Trek was everything i hoped for! I met the most amazing people and had a mind blowingly awesome time! There was no bad points or boring points. Every bit of it was filled up with something fun to do and on some of the days youre given time to do whatever you want. Justin our tour leader was so much fun and so knowledgeable of each place we visited which really helped, especially with the free days.

The budget lodging included was a lot better than i thought it would be. everywhere we stayed was lovely and clean. You also get different experiences such as hostels (which before going i wasnt too keen on, but now after experiencing them and how amazing the USA hostel chain is, i will definitely be staying in them again), The hotels and a cabin in Yosemite which was so much fun! like being at summer camp!

I was a bit nervous about travelling with strangers but within 24 hours we were laughing and joking like we had knew eachother for ages!

I was so impressed with Trek America, ive already started saving for another one next year.

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus


Reviewed July 2014

Well what can I say....... amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
America had never been somewhere I really wanted to explore, however after being invited to a wedding I figured as I was there I may aswell make the most of it..... Never thought this trip would be as amazing as it turned out to be.

The Grand Canyon and Yosemite are both spectacular I would definetly like to discover more National Parks.

4th of July in San Fransisco was FAB. Such an atmosphier. We explored San Fran so much and still dont feel like I saw enough so will be going back for sure.

Our trek leader was great, so happy, friendly and helpful. So knowledgable about all the places and basically did everything he could to make our lives easy. Also very supportive on the hikes :) Thanks Justin!

The BLT tour is totally worth the extra money. Budget Lodging is not what I expected it to be, in America Budget is pretty amazing. Don't think there was a bad place at all. Even got to stay right near The Strip in Vegas!!!!!!!

If there is anyone out there who has a bad back or anything simular and you are considering a Trek, BLT is for you! I have had 5 surgeries on my back and I think having a bed at the end of very day made a big difference in that I was able to participate in all the activities without to much discomfort :) Would love to one day see all treks have a BLT version!!!! :)

2 thing I will say;

Be ready for long travel times, it took us nearly 12 hours to drive from Vegas to Yosemite. The bus can get hot and uncomfy at times (especially the back of the bus) but it is worth it in the end. I think groups need to be more aware of switching seats around on long journeys as the this didnt happen on ours and it was probably the only thing on the whole trip that really annoyed me.

Also be prepared to put weight on. On the BLT we only had a few days where we bought picnic food for lunches, the rest of the time we ate out. You do alot of walking but eating out so much does not help one bit!

Basically I had a totally fantastic time and am hoping to return for another trip soon!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

(Hope I didn't ramble to much)

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus

Experience of a lifetime!! #justbe

Reviewed July 2014

This is literally the best thing I have ever done. Met an amazing group of people, saw some amazing places in Western California. Had the time of my life. If you are thinking about booking this...DO IT! And hopefully you get Jeanie has a tour leader...what a woman! She done well putting up with us! Cannot wait for my next trek!

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus


Reviewed July 2014

If you are currently considering whether to book this - just do it. I was travelling on my own and had never been to america before and would recomendend this to anyone considering it.

All parts of the trip from start to finish were great and the long drives were nowhere near as bad as i thought they would be. We had a great bunch of people and a brilliant tour leader in Jeanie. All of the hotels were a better standard than i was expecting which was nice.

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus

Awesome place, Awesome company

Reviewed July 2014

one of the best experiences of my life. Such a good way to see so much of the country pretty much hassle free. get most things organised for you and take you to the best places while you can sit back and relax (ish) driver needed to work on his trailer driving though lol. The helicopter trip over the grand canyon is a must was with out doubt the best way to see it first time so much fun. A great tester experience in to Las Vegas and san Francisco. got to see a quick glimpse of so much that par of America I got to experience so much but left me feeling I defiantly going back some day.

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus

100% the BEST thing I have ever done!!

Reviewed June 2014

A week ago I got back from the most exciting, action-packed and AMAZING trip of my life and I loved every second of it. I have to admit that when I first started thinking about booking it I was a bit nervous at the thought of travelling with strangers (although I'd done it before in other countries, it had been a while!), but once I'd booked, the excitement took over and I had been chatting to the others in my group, I couldn't wait!!!
This trek has a little bit of everything, beaches, greenery, desert but most of all, FUN! Our group had 12 girls and one guy (poor him/lucky him you might think haha), but they were some of the loveliest people I've ever been acquainted with, such a great mix of characters and different nationalities too. You do spend a lot of time driving in the mini bus which you might think could be boring but it never was as there was always someone to chat to, and as we always swapped seats to sit next to different people every day, there was always someone new to get to know. You create a bond with everyone through those chats and through the experiences you share that becomes priceless & everyone looks out for each other. Our tour guide Christine was just fantastic, she was one of the gang and made everyone so at ease that it was like having one of your mates travel with you. She was always there on hand too if we had any worries and helped to make our trip even better with her expertise, brilliant personality and hilarious stories.
So.... The trek... We started in LA at the Hacienda. First stop San Diego which was a fun & energetic town, our first taste of the California beaches, the HUGE zoo, an awesome baseball game and lots of good food & drinks :) All of us wanted to stay longer as it is an awesome city.
Driving through the desert we arrived at Salvation Mountain which is just crazy and so cool!! Great photo opp :) Next on to Laughlin, a weird little place next to Colorado River consisting of just Casino hotels but our first taste of gambling, more great food and margaritas aplenty hehe. Onward to the Grand Canyon, via Seligman - a town on Route 66 which is cool for photo opps and souvenir shopping. The Grand Canyon, just unbelievable, you will be overwhelmed. The helicopter ride is incredible but if not then the hike the following day is also amazing (the HARDEST thing I've ever done, but SO worth it!).
We also had pizza whilst watching the sunset, how cool!?
Las Vegas next via the Hoover Dam!! The party bus was just insane, crazy amounts of alcohol, singing & dancing, finished off watching the fountains outside the Bellagio, then onto the casinos & clubs. The strip is sooooo long and the sightseeing is just amazing. It's definitely worth going into the other hotels as some of them are really cool. We ended our second night with a ride on the New York New York rollercoaster. Epic!
The long drive day to Yosemite went quick as we were all knackered from Vegas lol, fell asleep driving in the desert & woke up to see mountains covered in snow & greenery!! :-O Amazing hike up next to a beautiful waterfall, so picturesque & just utterly stunning scenery. Camp Fire in the evening making S'more's & telling ghost stories, amazing!
On to San Francisco & a big change in temperature! Walked over the Golden Gate Bridge (really cool but windy!) & after seeing the sea lions at Pier 39, had a really fun sunset cruise. Alcatraz is definitely worth going to, although China Town is not so much. There is SO much to see in San Fran though, another place we didn't want to leave!
Santa Cruz and the rides on the boardwalk was great fun the next day and the beach was beautiful too, and the drinking games at the hotel in San Luis were just hilarious! Last stop before LA was Santa Barbara and beach day, final chance to top up tan and chill out after a non stop crazy trip. I have to admit I wasn't too fussed on LA, Venice beach was nice but Hollywood, although cool to see was a bit overhyped.
It was so sad saying good bye to everyone but I feel lucky to have seen and done so many amazing things and to have experienced it all with such wonderful people that I definitely intend to keep in touch with.
Booking BLT is more expensive but if, like me, you like you're creature comforts (the thought of having to camp every day for two weeks filled me with dread lol), it's definitely worth the extra money. The accommodation was FANTASTIC at every stop.
If you want adventure, fun and non stop excitement, book this trip!!!! It will be the best thing you ever do! :o)

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus

a fun jaunt

Reviewed June 2014

good company, interesting cities, stunning views, great weather, no complaints!

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2 Plus

Life expanding experience

Reviewed March 2014

I went on this trip in June/July 2010. I was lucky enough to be in Santa Barbara on 4th July! I personally chose the BLT tour, as while I do like camping, watching other treks unpacking tents at the end of a busy day did not seem appealing. There is so much to do, I felt I would rather focus less on the accommodation and more on enjoying the surroundings.
One this I will say, is that at the start of the trip I did feel slightly nervous about the group. I was wondering whether we would get along etc. I found that everyone was really open minded, and we bonded really quickly. Within a couple of days we were like old friends.
For me, San Diego was an amazing place. The beaches were unbelievable, the ocean was gorgeous. San Diego zoo was really cool also.
heading further south, we stayed in lake Havasu. I think this has been removed from the trip now; it was right on the mexican border, but mannnn it was sooo hot. I really struggled with the heat at the end of june. Likewise once we reached the grand canyon it was still mega hot, but the evenings we much cooler and the pool (as well as plenty of beer) soon made me forget about it.

The Grand Canyon was awesome. See it for yourself, no words I can write will prepare you for its vastness! I do recommend taking the helicopter trip, costs about $100 but its definitely worth it.

VEGAS!!!!! to be honest, I was drunk during most of Vegas, I really didn't get to appreciate it as much as I would have liked. My would say maybe have one big blow out on the first night (if you drink) and spend the second evening exploring. Me and couple of guys were so hung over we could only just about drag ourselves to the Firing range to shoot some guns!

After Vegas, it was a long long drive to Yosemite. The cooler air in the north was a real relief and Yosemite was a really amazing place. The scale of everything, from the trees to the mountains was right up my street as I am an outdoors type person. Take a good pair of hiking shoes for this!

After Yosemite :-( it was San Francisco! Real contrast to Vegas, such a chilled out place and a lot more cultured. Golden Gate Bridge was awesome. Hotel we stayed in, while budget, was really cool. Ultra modern and well equipped. We had an awesome night in the town, and once again got pretty drunk. The harbour was also great for shopping and leisure, although it was quite expensive! I very much do recommend taking the boat around Alcatraz.

Santa barbara was next, and for me was a bit boring. it was kind of an upmarket area, and other than the beach there wasnt much to do other than go to the bars for drinks (it was the 4th of july), having said that, we were kind of so exhausted from all the previous week and half, that it was really what we needed.

After this it was back to LA and Hollywood. Hollywood for me was a bit Grimey. It was cool, but compared to Vegas, Grand Canyon and Yosemite; It was much less appealing (to me anyway)

Once the trip ends, you do have the option to go explore LA, however for me, I found that we had crammed so much into 2 weeks, that I was all spent, both physically and monetarily. All I can say, is that it is the people on the trip who made it so cool for me. While the places were amazing, it was the shared experience that made it so enjoyable. I highly recommend really making the effort to mix with all the group, the worst thing that can happen is you get small sub groups that all want to do their own thing. Talk to everyone (even those that dont speak english) and you will enjoy the trip so much more.

Lastly, I really would say that this trip has a really good mix of cities and natural settings. Too much of either could have become too much I believe. The balance here is just right. So get booking... then get saving.

I hope those of you who attend, get a group that was as awesome as mine, and have a blast!!!!

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