Southern Sun from Los Angeles

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Southern Sun from Los Angeles

The best way to visit America

Reviewed September 2019

Southern Sun was absolutely incredible! It was definitely the best experience of my life. The different cultures and cities we visited allowed me to learn so much about America. My trek leader Andrew knew the best places to visit and eat! He made the long drive on some of the days go quickly, entertaining us (by playing his kazoo) and overall made the trek a trip to remember!

Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Absolutely fantastic!!

Reviewed September 2019

From 2018- I had the best 3 weeks of my life with my small group of 5 and our amazing tour guide Brittany Johnson. It may have been her first season but you could not tell!! The whole trip was fun from start to finish. Was my 3rd trek and by far the best. I have made friends for life. If your thinking about doing it, do it!!!

Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Breath taking

Reviewed August 2019

Couldn’t of asked for a better tour guide Abbey! Everything was welcoming organised and just all out amazing

Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Book this trip - Best decision you'll ever make

Reviewed July 2018

This was an amazing trip and exceeded all my expectations. From the incredible hiking in Zion and the Grand Canyon to the country music scene in Nashville; this tour has it all. There’s lots of driving in the 3 weeks but you get to see some stunning scenery along the way.

Our tour guide Erin was great, she was enthusiastic, friendly and encouraged us to try new things, she made the tour so much more fun. Take advantage of the tour guides knowledge as they’ll recommend the best places to go on your free days. The camping was really easy; in fact towards the end of the trip I actually preferred the tents to the hostels and hotels! You’ve definitely got to travel with an open mind and be prepared to get involved. Make sure you budget for all the optional activities so you don’t miss out; I’d recommend white water rafting, the guided 4x4 tour in Monument Valley and the civil rights museum. Overall the trip is really good value for money and I’d highly recommend it for anybody who wants to see a lot of America in short space of time.

Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Holidays will never be the same again

Reviewed April 2018

My trek exceeded my expectations. I am a planner, an organiser, and quite often in charge of things. The most valuable part of this trip was that someone else did *all* the hard work.
Driving? not my job.
Somewhere to sleep? not my job.
Finding interesting things to see? not my job.
For the first two days this was weird. For the following 18 it was absolutely amazing. All I had to do was get up when i was told, and enjoy myself. And that, frankly, is a priceless experience.

Our tour guide was Chad, who has the whole process down. He's regimented enough with the camping part that we never wasted a second fighting with a tent or cooler, which gave more time for interesting stops. Chad is also super fun, and encouraged us all to do new things, whether this be getting up at stupid hours to see a sunrise, standing under a bridge for cool wildlife spotting, or having the best parties and games at our city stops.
We met two other groups and it was really clear that each group and guide really makes every trip an individual experience. This is to be valued as part of what TrekAmerica offers. We started to get jealous that another guide was doing things differently, but in reality, that's how it should be...each group deserves their experience to be different.

The 13 people I travelled with were all easy to get along with, happy to go with the flow and keen to try new things - there was always someone to talk to, explore with, stay up late around, share a box of beer or do laundry with. (We got on so well that 5 of us changed our plans to carry on our trips together at the end.)
Our food kitty worked great - everyone cooked sensitively to each others likes and dislikes, we saved a lot of money by doing it this way, ate nutritiously and there was still lots of opportunity to eat out and get service station snacks for those who love ice cream or beef jerky!

For me, the SL trip offered a really great mix of cities and countryside - I certainly enjoyed the camping and nature part of it way more than I had expected - it is not just a filler between the great cities of the South. There is a lot of ground to cover, which means lots of van time and some pretty long days, but playlists, beautiful views, regular stops and photographing people asleep makes the time go by quick enough.

I would recommend a TrekAmerica trip to anyone who will listen - I had the time of my life.

Southern Sun from Los Angeles


Reviewed November 2017

I actually dont know where to start in regards to my trek. First of all, I wish it was longer and if we all could have we would have gone back the way just to do it all over again!!!

We started the trek off in Los Angeles so our first night was in Vegas, and as the trek went on we look back and laugh at that night as we hardly knew each other and compared to the end of the trip was just like night and day as its safe to say we had so many adventures on our journey that we became so so close!

Our journey was hit by a number of different changes due to hurricane harvey following us wherever we went, but we sure made light of a scary situation and all 13 of us cosying up in a 4 person cabin was definately a hilarious point for us all.

Each experience we did made us all stronger as a group, and every destination which we thought we couldnt top just kept getting topped by the next one making us all unable to pin point what our highlight of the trip was, from the grand canyon helicopter ride being insane, to then monument valley being a truely memorable experience, then leaving those destinations and heading for the likes of new orleans and memphis and line dancing in nashville was just amazing.

We ended up having a lot of time on the bus due to the weather and delays, but honestly thats what made out trip so so fun, a 12 hour journey seemed like nothing at the end of the 21 days, we managed to laugh, joke and sleep ALOT. from that and I can honestly say it was the most funniest time I have ever had on a bus!!!!

I will always remember the experience I had, you were able to be so carefree, and just enjoy the moment as the tour guides help and organisation was just truely amazing and guided you the whole way with you just being left to enjoy the experience, it was like being on a school trip but for adults!

I met some amazing people, saw some incredible sights, experience some hilarious moments, laughed till it hurt and most of all made memories I will never forget.

So if your thinking of doing a trek and not sure wether to or not, DO IT. you wont regret it. From the people to the places you see it will be amazing for you!!!!!!

Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Best 3 weeks of my life

Reviewed November 2017

I booked the southern sun trip as a solo traveller for September 2017 after spending the summer working on the east coast.

I picked southern sun over the northern route as there were more cities involved and there would be more variety in culture, people and scenery in the south.

Our tour leader Drew was amazing -he's exactly what you want in a tour leader. His passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of where to go, what to see, what to eat made this trip.

I would highly recommend this trip and doing all the optional activities such as the helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, the hiking (no matter how hellish, it was worth it), the night in the monument valley and white water rafting.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

amazing experience!

Reviewed September 2016

I`ve never experienced more than in those three weeks. From unique landscapes to big cities, we could see everything. Sometimes we had long days of travel, sitting in the van for a long time, but I can`t complain on that, because I knew in advance what I am going to see. I really enjoyed being to all the great nationalparks as well as going out in the big cities ( Nashville, New Orleans...Jazz it up!!!) .
One of my most favorite things was the Amarillo STEAK-CHALLENGE, where our fabulous tour guide, Chadwick Kieser, managed to eat a 72oz steak!!! in less than an hour.

My tops are the tour through Monument Valley and the white water raft-
I would totally recommend doing the Southern Sun and I am sure that I`ll come back for another tour once....I am not done with exploring the US yet.

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Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Great Itinerary! .. however a few things let down the trip.

Reviewed July 2016

This is my second trip with Trek America. The itinerary was fantastic, we saw some amazing places and the rafting was awesome. It exceeded my expectations.

However ... we had a small group of 6, and found two individuals appetites were considerably larger than the rest. They ate everything. We got through several boxes of cereal bars, doughnuts, crisps, bananas ...etc. Only, I (and the others) only saw 5% of this food. You blink and you miss it. Also, in the first week these two individuals drank all the beer my tent buddy and I purchased, while we were asleep. They didn't replace it - so we decided not to buy any more for the rest of the trip as we weren't flushed with cash. We didn't make a huge fuss over it at the time, as it was the beginning of the trip and didn't want to create any awkwardness. However, it was clear we were confused about where our beer went and weren't overjoyed that it had suddenly vanished.

It would have been helpful for our tour leader to step in at some point, and try to even things out in terms of food and perhaps set ground rules for beers kept in the coolers. I appreciate it's a difficult situation to approach, but the tour leader seemed to turn a blind eye.

Ultimately, it left me feeling resentful that I paid a lot into the food kitty only to get a fraction of it back. I would have been better off paying for my own breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Dinners were less of an issue.

That being said, I maintain the fact that the actual trip provided an amazing experience. It's a shame about the gluttonous individuals within the group. The food-kitty situation makes me think twice about booking a 3rd trip.

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Southern Sun from Los Angeles

wild, fun, full, awesome, awesome, awesome

Reviewed November 2015

I did my last trekamerica trek, the southern sun, three years ago. I wanted my last one to be special, and fun enough so that I would never forget it, and I havnt. Kyle was an awesome trek leader, new, but full of energy. We only got lost once, but that wasnt her fault, and we did get to take in the scenery that is new Jersey because of it. Book it, go on it, have a blast like I did, like we all did on it. There was a good, varied group of us. Makes me wish I could be ten years younger and do another 18 to 38 age range one.

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