Grand Trek [CLOSED]

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Past Trekkers Review
Grand Trek [CLOSED]

Worth every single penny, experience of a lifetime!!

Reviewed January 2015

Im going to try my best to sum this experience up in words but its difficult. This trip makes you so grateful to be privileged enough to partake in such an incredible experience. to see so much of America in such short space. Something that most Americans won't even get the chance to do in their lifetime. Please if you're considering it, take out that loan book it and go. Worry about the consequences after, I promise you its worth every single penny.

Past Trekkers Review
Grand Trek [CLOSED]

Surreal, mind-blowing and unforgettable

Reviewed October 2014

Just unbelievable from start to finish. The thought of the long drives was a concern but in truth they're all part of the fun. Have met friends for life, seen places I will never forget and have had an unforgettable time

Also a special mention to our first tour leader, Ryan Martin. Was faultless throughout the trip, continually going that extra mile and always positive when situations dictated otherwise

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