Southern Sun from New York

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Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

Amazing Sites With Amazing People

Reviewed September 2013

If your reading this you have either been on a tour and will agree that you made the right decision or your thinking about it ..... In which case your doing the same thing I was. However I decided to take a leap and just book it! By far the BEST decision I have ever made.

Having worked for the summer I knew I wanted to travel across America. No doubt the best way to do it. From white water rafting, Swamp Tour, Carlsbad Caverns, Navajo Overnight, Helicopter Ride to Grand Canyon. These 3 weeks are probably the most action packed youll do and tiring but by the end of it you just want to go back and do it all again! I have no doubt I made the right decision! Best way to see America and this tour gives you lots of major activities you can only dream about doing!

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York


Reviewed September 2013

Had an amazing time, so many highlights, made great friends, a good mix of camping and hotels in cities.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

An awesome experience i will never forget

Reviewed September 2013

I headed in to this trip with extremely high expectations from enjoying my previous tour so much, I am happy to report that they were exceeded and i really cant wait to get back on the road with trek. The Southern Sun provided the best of the Big Cities as well as the beautiful landscapes of the National Parks - (Some Amazing Views that i will never forget!)

Our Tour guide was brilliant (Adam) - he done an excellent job organizing everything and made sure that we made the most of our time in the States. He also provided us with lots of great local knowledge and expertise as well as making us laugh all the time. It was much appreciated! (especially during the long days traveling in the van)

Deciding to go on this trip was the best decision i have ever made. Thanks Trek!!!!!

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

An amazing experience that kept me laughing

Reviewed September 2013

I booked this trek as a single traveller as trying to organise my group of friends to go on a night out is hard work, let alone a holiday. I was slightly apprehensive about being stuck in a van full of people who were not my cup of tea, however I kept telling my self that these treks seem to attract the same type of people. I was correct!

I had an absolutely amazing van load of folk and after the three weeks in each others company we still like each other and miss the company. Not sure if I miss the van yet, although I still have not got used to driving about with no one in the car to chat to.

When I told people about this trip I always got the same look and reply "You're going yourself"... it was a mixture of shock and sadness, as though you had no friends. However would advise that these treks are best done as a single traveller as you get to do what you want, not what your friend wants, and you come home with a whole new set of friends who have shared in the same experiences as you.

I chose this trek as it seemed to stop at a lot of the places I wanted to visit, although not necessarily book a holiday to, so it fit the bill. Once you have experienced this trek it is not hard to see why it tops the charts. Every day was something new, a new city, a new state, a different kind of rain.

On the morning of the Trek we all met in the Hilton lobby. We all seemed so organised as groups started to congregate together in their treks. This gave people the chance to start to get to know each other and discuss what they are looking forward to. I always thought that the first time in the van would be awkward, I was wrong! After your tour leader introduces them selves and everyone gives a little introduction paper work need to be done so every one starts chatting away so by the time everything is loaded and you are in the van we were all still chatting.... or was that me just gabbing away??

Our tour leader and been with Trek a number of years so some of our itinerary was slightly different to what was on the website, based on his knowledge and what the group enjoyed doing. It wasn't thrown on you as it was up for discussion as to what we would prefer.

One of the changes to the itinerary was White Sands National Monument. This seems to feature on everyone's top three moments. The sun was scorching, there was gypsum as far as the eye could see and we had sledges. I would probably say that sledging on the sand is better than snow - apart from sand getting everywhere and sticking to your sun lotion! We camped without under the stars that night leaving the tents in the trailer. Although that night had to be cut short as the most amazing thunderstorm rolled in. We watched the thunder for an hour or so debating about heading back and our tour leader took the executive decision to pack up and take us back to the van. Just as well, because as we started to head back to the van the wind picked up and we could not see from the flying gypsum - that stuff hurts when it whips off your bare legs!

I could go on for ever about my experience on this trek, and I know reading the reviews means you want all the details. Honestly everyone's experience will be different and they will all be amazing. I think you will be hard pushed to find someone who didn't like the Trek. I'm not saying you won't have a bad moment, everyone does. My bad moment was the day we arrived at the Grand Canyon and my camera wouldn't work (I told you gypsum gets everywhere). I had my phone so I made do until my camera miraculously fixed itself a few days later. The good and the bad make the experience.

All I can say is book this trek, its worth every penny.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

Amazing people and amazing places BOOK IT NOW

Reviewed August 2013

I'd been hyping myself up for months and months after finally taking the plunge and booking my trek. I was nervous about so many things: "Would I be able to save up enough spending money in time?" "What if people didn't like me?" "What if I can't handle the hikes and I get stuck in the Grand Canyon!?" But as soon as I stepped through security and met up with the first 3 people from the trek (we were all on the same flight) the fears melted away. Everyone was keen to chat about what they were most excited about and their own travel plans after the trek was over.

The morning of the trek we were all congregated in the lobby of Hilton Newark, awaiting our tour leaders. We were being split into 2 vans and I was a little apprehensive about being placed in the second van, when the tour leader was running late...

I shouldn't have worried at all though, Jimi James Garland was the best tour leader we could have asked for. He put up with us pestering him to stop for fast food and winding him up about his fondness for earthy toned clothing! He was there for us when we wanted to party and when we needed to go to the doctors/pharmacy (we were unlucky, you'll most likely be fine!).

If you have any fears about the group being too big if there are 2 vans - don't. We may not have seen them all day every day but spending the time in the evenings and on free days with the parallel van was so much fun, and I feel like I got more for my money as I'm coming home with an extra van load of friends!

If you're undecided, just go for it. Leave yourself plenty of time to save up and you'll have a blast. Just be warned that there'll most definitely be tears when it's time for you to leave, but that's the sign of a great holiday and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

Most amazing time of my life!!!

Reviewed August 2013

This three weeks have been absolutely amazing!!!

It was my first time doing a roadtrip with a group of people i never met before and I am now so glad I did it!

Even if it was a lot of travelling nearly each day it was really worth the money! We saw so many amazing places and our tourguide could tell all the special local things you had to do - thats why we had a firework in Tennessee, went to a drive in movie theater (watching World War Z), got to see the most amazing sunrise and sky full of stars I have ever seen in Monument Valley, had a BBQ in the memorial park of Washington DC, got a hotel directly at the Strip in Las Vegas, had a lodge in Cowboy Camp and our own house directly at Bourbon Street in New Orleans!!

Our group was perfect and I really liked the internationality of it - thats why we got not only American Burgers and Steak to eat, we also had English Breakfast and a Korean dinner as well as we listened to so many different types of music - german, korean, british, scottish, country, rap, pop, charts,...

I never expected that you could get used to a couple of people in that short time - we got friends, and i mean really good friends - we spent every single minute on our trip together - we even shared our beds in the hotels since we couldn't seperate anymore! The goodbye was one of the hardest I ever had - but at least we promised to meet again - and that is exactly what we are going to do next week - some of us are meeting again in Great Britain!! ((:

In the beginning I was worried about sleeping on a thing sleepingpad every night, cooking dinner, living on campgrounds, putting up tents every day: but i would not want to miss it! That cooking got us together as a group and I really enjoyed our food we had!

And you also really get used to putting up a tent - by the end of the trip you could really deal with doing it within 5-10min.! Sleeping on the sleepingpad was hard in the beginning - since it also was really humid and hot in Washington DC, but from time to time it was easier - you just didn't care anymore since you were just really tired or sometimes drunk that it didn't matter where you slept on!

Thanks to TrekAmerica - I am now able to sleep whenever I can and most of all: wherever!! (:

Since that was the best vacation I have ever had I am currently looking on trips I can to next year!

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

AMERICA! Hell yeah! Do it! Don't even question yourself. AMAZING.

Reviewed August 2013

Re-posted under my account, so I can get the 300 points! ;) haha!

Okay, so where do I begin!? This trek was just fantastic. It's an excellent choice for first-timers, like myself, and it's also great for people who have done Treks before. You see so much in a short space of time!
So I did New York to LA.

New York- It rained. But still the sights were pretty awesome. I was there a few days beforehand. Went on the hop-on hop off bus around New York, which is great as it allows so many sights very quickly! MAKE SURE YOU GO UP THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING! The views are mind blowing. The boat ride is also fantastic! Central Park is brilliant and thankfully the sun was out! We went on the chair things that are attached to a bike and someone cycles you around.... make sure you barter, and don't believe a word they say on the tour! ;)
TIP- if you intend to see New York before or after the Trek, book a hotel closer to the city as the gateway is aaaaaaages away!

Washington- We were there on 4th July. Brilliant. If you have the opportunity to be there, do it. You can join in the parade or sit and watch. The Smithsonian museums are free and really good! Would recommend the American History Museum and the National Air and Space museum. Fireworks- I was so grateful to be there, they were awesome!

I didn't do white water rafting, but everyone else did, and they all loved it!

New Orleans- By far, one of my faves! The atmosphere is brilliant! Get to do Karaoke! Once you've sung in N'Orleans, you've made it, right?!

Texas- I loved Texas. Probably cos it was hot ;) We went to Barton Springs- so so nice there! It has a diving board so get ready to show off your inner 'Tom Daley!' McDonald Observatory is fantastic, make sure you take a special camera for taking pictures of stars if that's what you want as I ended up with a black screen :P

Roswell- hilarious! Wrap yourself up in tin foil to protect yourself!

Cowboy Ranch- Loving life there!!! :) Have the steak. It's divine. Go horseback riding. I am petrified of animals, but was determined to do this, and I am so glad I did! And the plus, well they're real live cowboys! ;)

Monument Valley- Another fave of mine! It's lush there. Do the Navajo thaaaaang! Channel your inner Indian. Take some awesome photos. Camp under the stars.... or in our case, a picnic bench as it began raining at 2.30 am! Get up for that sunrise, and just take it all in.

Grand Canyon- MIND BLOWING. It is freaking huge! The helicopter ride- expensive but soooo worth it! Do the hike! But make sure you do what you can do. It's a really hot place, and whilst going down is optional, coming up is mandatory. I did the mile and a half of the Bright Angel Trail and it's blinking hard getting back up! Also did the rim-to-rim hike, which has shuttle busses as well so it's perfect for those who feel less fit than others! The sunset is gorgeous.

Lake Powell- Gorgeous. A bit of a hike to get in and out, but its worth it. Very deep!

Zion NP- again, stunning. Did the riverside walk which is very pretty. I didn't do the hike the following day as I thought I basically wouldn't be able to do it due to being tired, but the people who did, said it was pretty awesome.

Vegas Baby- The best most amazing place and I have every intention of returning! Rounded off the trip perfectly! It certainly helped being $230 up in the Bellagio ;) Make sure you see a show! Go on the New York New York rollercoaster! Gamble! You cannot come to this place and not gamble! The fountains are so perfect. I loved them. Vegas, it's freakin' Vegas baby!

LA- stayed a few days in LA afterwards. The gateway hotel is a bit out of the way again.... Hollywood is awesome. Do the Grand Tour, you see everything you need to see :)
We booked a baseball game- fantastic! DO this if you can!! Wooo Dodgers!
Went to the Getty Museum, again excellent! Very nice for some quiet, trek comedown time! It has Monet and Van Gogh as well :)

Overall, it was bloody brilliant! Made some amazing friends! Had an awesome Trek leader (Sean Horvath)! He was very laid back and up for a laugh! Saw some fantastic things! Life was simply perfect for that month. And I'm gutted it couldn't continue.

Don't be worried about being a lone traveller- the group click straight away and you begin having so much fun!
I was concerned about travel sickness as I'm very prone..... I was fine!!! YAAAYYY!!!!! :D

Buy cold water at the gas stations- I drank so much waterrrrr.
Buy alcohol when and wherever you can - I drank so much alcoholllllll
Buy a pillow straight away! And sleep on the bus!
Nick the blanket from the plane! The bus can get chilly from the Air con! And there were a few cooler nights so the blanket on top made the difference!
I was fine without taking an extra mattress! I was so tired and/or drunk by bed time, I didn't care where I slept :P
The tents are very easy to put up!
Make sure you do everything!
Enjoy yourself!
Get a mascot!
Get a Group theme song!
Get a Group name!
Be prepared to tip ALL THE TIME! Even if the service wasn't brill :/

Just do the trip!

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

Best decision I ever made!

Reviewed August 2013

From the get go this trip was incredible! I had tried & tried to organise a summer trip with friends, but to no avail. I had friend who did this exact trek last summer, and loved it. So, with no friends from home interested, I decided to look into it by myself! Booking was easy, I did it all over phone and the lady on the other end of the line was lovely and very helpful. In the end it ended up being a very spontaneous decision, I had decided & put my deposit down within a few days upon it coming into my head, in fact I was one of the last people to fill a place in the group!
The trek itelf is inredible, you get to see soooooo much over such a short space of time! If I was to feel anxious about going alone there was absolutely no need as I gelled with my group very very quickly, and soon, our tour leader included, we became a little trek family. Our leader, Spenser was great, he was so chilled but still managed to get the job done. He felt just like another member of the group most of the time! As I said, we covered so much ground in those 3 weeks, about 4500 miles, across 16 (approx!) different states. I loved it because everything was organised for me so I never had to worry, and I got a sneak peak of so many parts of America (now I have an idea of where I want to go back for longer visits!). I've made friends for life from this trip, so much so that a few of us are even talking about doing another trek together next year.
An amazing trip, I would definately recommend it.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York


Reviewed August 2013

From Day 1 the Soutern Sun (NY to LA) trip was everything I wanted and much more! From walking in the 4th July parade in Washington, local Tennesse bars, New Orleans Karaoke, drive in movies, tin foiling it up for alien spotting in Roswell and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas to mention just a few...not forgetting the completely mind blowing experience that is WALMART!!!
Our tour leader Spenser (with a 's') Widen went above and beyond to give us an unforgettable trip and never let his enthusiasn drop below 110% Amazing Guy!!!!!!

TREK AMERICA is a must do!! won't regret it!

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

People should definitely book this!

Reviewed July 2013

This was a brilliant 3 weeks spent in the States! I'd never done anything like this sort of holiday before and I wasn't disappointed one bit loved the travelling even the odd long drive between places. The trek leader (Sean Horvath) was great always up for a laugh and looked after our group really well, camping was simple and easy and I wouldn't worry about it even if you've never camped before it adds to the fun of the trip!
The variety of places you visit are there from city centres to the more secluded areas and hikes in Nation parks. I would definitely book again and do other treks with them and even feel confident doing one under my own steam.

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