Southern Sun from New York

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Southern Sun from New York

I would press the button.

Reviewed December 2017

Honestly, if I could do this trip all over again, I absolutely would. I couldn't recommend it more. Our tour leader was brilliant and took us to interesting, lesser known locations during the long driving days that I never would have seen, experienced or known of otherwise. I met lovely friends who I have since stayed in contact with - you can't have the experiences you do together and not stay in touch to relive them! What a privilege. Trek America's support staff (the ones you talk to on the phone with your long list of endless questions, worries and problems) - I could not praise more. Each time I called, no matter whom it was I spoke to, they were friendly, patient, understanding and just all-round brilliant. I know it's easy to read these reviews and think 'yeah, they all say the same thing, what's new?', but if you're even considering doing this trip, the final thing I will say, is to just do it. Press the button. I can promise you that I didn't regret it.

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Southern Sun from New York

Unforgettable trip - have made friends for life!

Reviewed November 2017

This trip was my first time to the states as a solo traveler and I literally could not have asked for a better time. I was incredibly lucky to be in a group mixed with boys and girls who who were all completely different, but got along super well due to our common interest in travel.

Most of us were Brits (which I didn't expect!) and one from Aus. I had my apprehensions about coming on the trip as it is 21 days - but I couldn't have asked for a better group of people. We made the long van driving days fly by with lots of regular stops and each person took their turn at being Quiz Master (who knew Georgia is the Peach state?!) along with each of us channeling our inner DJ as we picked a new playlist each day.

There was so many highlights for me - My first would be finding out how beautiful and diverse America really is. Every state is completely different - seriously! Each has its' own quirks, however every American we met was super friendly and were so interested in all our individual stories.

My second highlight was camping in Utah with the Native American people (Navajos) it was the most breathtaking experience of my life. The views of Utah were unbelievable, and the food was to die for. Getting up at 5am to watch the sun rise was beautiful, and added so much to our already amazing trip.

My third and final highlight was Vegas with the group. We didn't just party on the strip, we were lucky enough to be invited to our Trek leaders' relatives house for a BBQ. I had never had an American BBQ before and I don't think anything could top the night we had.

Some final words I would like to add is DO NOT be afraid to take personal time to go and do what you want (where it is possible of course). I definitely left the group a few times of the trip because I just needed time t collect my thoughts and be able to join in again. There will definitely be times where you miss home and probably even some times where you bicker, but you WILL get over it.

We finished our Trek in July 2017 and not a day goes by where I don't think about that trip. We have actually made plans to visit Ireland for St. Paddy's day (one of our group was Irish) and even our leader is coming along.

I have seriously made friends for life, and would recommend anyone just to do it. It will be the best thing you'll do. I am planning on doing some more travelling with Trek next year.

Happy camping!

Southern Sun from New York

Incredible, lief-changing opportunity

Reviewed November 2017

The southern sun trek for 3 weeks has been the absolute highlight of my life so far, and I have traveled some bit before! The trek group of 13 are now my closest friends, I went alone and knew they'd be others like me doing the same thing. The good thing with a trek is the people on the trek love travel as much as you do! There were optional extra activities in every single state and all reasonably priced, our tour guide Blake was insane! He knew the good places to go, advised on anything we asked about and most of all became one of us- a great friend. Monument Valley was the highlight for me, we camped in the middle under the stars with the Navajo tribe which isn't something anyone else I know has done. Every day we were on the move, more driving than I expected but it was awesome. We'd play games, have a sleep, chat, and listen to music so the journeys felt like nothing...and anyway the scenery through the drives are incredible! I went for Trek because I wanted to jam everything into 3 small weeks and that's certainly what I got! I couldn't speak highly enough of this trek and my group, and it has provided me with very precious memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Southern Sun from New York

A freaking amazing roadtrip that I will never forget!!!

Reviewed October 2017

If you are thinking about going this trip, stop thinking and just book it! It might be a lot of money, you might need to work extra hard and save up for a long time but it is totally worth it! I would do the trip all over again if I could! This trip will be an experience of you life time trust me! You start in New York, you go to Philly, you get to see all the monuments and famous buildings in Washington DC, white water rafting in Appalachian Mountains, you get to line dance in amazing Nashville, walk around in Memphis, eat some southern food in New Orleans, eat a hell lot of meat in Texas and you get to keep Austin weird! And to not even talk about running where Forrest Gump ran and sleep under the stars in Monument Valley and after you wake up from your night under the stars you get to watch the sunset over Grand Canyon! From the great Grand Canyon you go creek walking in Zion National Park an hike the Angels Landing trail. And from Zion you go to the weirdest place on earth, Las Vegas! And as you know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! And then after three weeks on the road you finally make your way to the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles! Even though this is the end of an amazing trip and you might be very sad that it's over, you will still have all amazing memories and a bunch of new friends! There is no way to describe how awesome this trip is, you just have to experience it your self! So all I can say is, just go! There is no way in the world that you will regret it! The only thing you will regret is if you don't go and then you see what an amazing time everyone else had! If you want to you can watch my video 'Trek America - Southern Sun Road Trip 2017'

Sean Stringer
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Southern Sun from New York

Amazing life experience and memories that will last forever

Reviewed July 2017

It was a great experience from start to finish was lucky enough to have travelled with a nice group of people that I'm now made life long friends with
You do have to make the most of your time seen as though 2 days is the most you have in one place but all in all would recommend it to anyone

Southern Sun from New York

Best time ever! What an adventure!

Reviewed April 2017

I loved the Southern Sun tour! It was one of the most popular treks for a reason! There is so much to do and see and somehow we managed to fit it all in in 3 weeks! Every place is amazing and everywhere and everything exceeded my expectations. I especially loved Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Texas, Vegas and basically everywhere else too. I made some really amazing friends (who I am still in touch with now) and have so many fun and happy memories from this trip. I actually extended my trip as I did not want to go home, plus I have just booked another trek for this summer!
My trek leader Peter O'Donnell was brilliant and definitely made sure we all had an amazing experience, going out of his way for all of us!
Definitely recommend this trip to all!

Southern Sun from New York

Wouldn't change if for the world!

Reviewed January 2017

This trip was such an amazing experience and i would recommend for anyone and everyone to experience it, even if you are travelling by yourself!
The trip itinerary is amazing and you get to really experience so many states and different activities (white water rafting, monument valley, line dancing, hiking the grand canyon, swamp tours, philly cheese steaks, venice beach, lake powell etc). However, it could be tough at times with some looooong drives. Although, in order to see so many amazing sights it is neccessary and well worth it. All the van games we played helped us get through the long drives and brought the group closer!
This really was one of those 'life changing' experiences for me and my boyfriend. We made so many awesome memories and experienced so many amazing things that it is something we will remember forever! Not to mention, the life long friendships we forged on this trip with some amazing people!

Definately do this trip and make sure you camp! It makes the experience so much more special and unique!

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Southern Sun from New York

best 3 weeks

Reviewed August 2016

would definitely recommend this trip and trek america in general. everything we did was so much fun but i especially loved that we were camping. I've done a few different tours similar to trek America and that's what made trek stand out for me. other passengers on the tour were all there just there to have fun which is so good, you get so close to people after spending 3 weeks together. also our leader felt more like a friend than some guy in charge of us which was pretty cool. there was a lot of driving but i loved that side of it too, we played loads of car games, slept and blew up the aux. all the activities organised by the tour are great and optionals are also fun. only downside is i still have "post trek depression" over a month afterwards, everyday wish i was back in the US on the bus with everyone or putting up our tents or toasting marshmallows on a campfire! already planning next summers trek trip with a girl who i met on this years.

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Southern Sun from New York

Life changing experience

Reviewed August 2016

This trek was the most incredible experience of my life and I have absolutely no regrets! If your not sure about this trip please just do it! I met some friends for life, visited the most beautiful places, was surprised ALOT (mostly by Texas) now one of my favourite places ever (Austin I love you), I have grown as a person and had my eyes opened to a different world. This trip has everything you could ask for from white water rafting in Tennessee, partying in Vegas and relaxing on Venice beach. 11/10!

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Southern Sun from New York

Be careful who you meet!

Reviewed June 2016

Firstly you can see from the date that its been nearly 8 years since i did the Southern Sun from NYC to LA, but after recently following Trek America on Twitter a host of memories have come flooding back. If anyone is seriously thinking about seeing america in this way then do it you will have the time of your life and meet some amazing people, most people i am still in contact with, especially in contact with my Wife who i met on trek who we now have a 16 month old son. so yes be careful who you meet!
Only downside was our trek leader "Dave" whilst nice enough felt a bit forced that he was there and was going through routine, but maybe he just got annoyed at us wanting to party all the time!
Anyway do it do it do it. if i could go back 8 years and do it all again i would in a instance!

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