Northern Trail from New York

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Craig Robertson
Northern Trail from New York

trip of a lifetime

Reviewed September 2018

Awesome experience travelling across the continent with a great group of people.

We had an awesome trek leader! He took time to got to know each of us a little bit, and picked some interesting places to stop along the way (that werent in the itinerary) that people in the group were really interested in. He was also really great at giving activity ideas for the free days, and suggesting things at suitable fitness levels.

I was 34 - despite being a bit older, I never felt locked out or disconnected from the group - even when I was usually one of the first to bed every night.

Northern Trail from New York


Reviewed October 2017

I really like the Northern Trail as you get to see more National Parks than the cities in the north! Mostly it was sunny with few clouds while travelling and only had like 2-3 days of rain while travelling! Visited Canada for couple of hours while touring in Niagara Falls in the US side! Tour leader was brilliant! Yellowstone is worth to see.

Past Trekkers Review
Northern Trail from New York

Loved this Trek! Have already booked another

Reviewed January 2016

I had the best time on this trek, I wasn't too sure about booking with Trek America for a second time as I had had a great time on my first trek but wasn't 100% happy with the group I travelled with however I couldn't be more glad I did as I had a fantastic group of people on this trek, who I am still in touch with 8 months later, and yet another fantastic tour leader!
I enjoyed his trek as there were more cities I hadn't been to which I loved however there was a lot of nature visiting a few national parks which I was looking forward to but I soon learned I am definitely a city girl!
I really enjoyed camping as I did the BLT tour the year before and the people on my camping trip were much more down to earth and there was more time to bond as a group as we were working together to do the shopping, cooking and cleaning and there were more group activities in our spare time
I would definitely recommend the company and the tour if you enjoy hiking and nature! I am already booked on my third trek!

Past Trekkers Review
Northern Trail from New York

An experience you will never forget!

Reviewed August 2015

It was two years ago, but I remember everything about my trek. It was my first time away from home for so long and what a way to do it! The people In my group were great! We became like a family and we all played our part in making the trek very enjoyable! I was only 18 so I was the youngest, most people were in their early twenties and were coming from camp America. So everyone had great stories to share. The camping was great, although I did have a nightmare about a bear one night! I loved making s'mores and talking around the campfire. Every day was fun and eventful. Even when we were on the bus for ages we still kept ourselves amused by playing games and talking or sleeping! From Niagara Falls to Santa Barbara every day was worth every penny. And I'm in the process of picking my next trek now! :D

Past Trekkers Review
Northern Trail from New York

An unforgettable experience

Reviewed May 2015

After doing the Southern Sun in 2013 I knew that the Northern Trail had to be my second trek, as the mix of National Parks and cities offered was brilliant, and sounded even better than the Southern Sun (which was immense).

This trek is very different from the Southern sun as much of it is spent in more rural areas and National Parks. These were WITHOUT A DOUBT the highlight of the trip. There were some very long drives but the places I got to see were so worth it. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Badlands were all incredible. Yosemite has to be my personal favourite even though it had a hike that almost killed me. It was so beautiful and whilst the hikes are very challenging, you've not come all this way to look up at these things when you can spend a few hours sweating to look down from them! Lake Tahoe, Niagara falls were also highlights...we even crossed into Canada, although not all of our group could do this due to their passports.

Chicago became my new favourite U.S city, I absolutely loved it! We did a bike ride around the city before heading to a bar. Our free day was jam packed full of stuff, I crawled into bed that night! It's a beautiful city, I could have spent a good more few days there. San Francisco was brilliant, the boat tour and getting to see the golden gate bridge over a few drinks was amazing. Again, our free day was spent going to the pier and having a good walk about, exploring.

There were many optional activities throughout - some were brilliant like the bike tour in Chicago, rafting in Grand Teton, boat tour in San Fran. There were a few I didn't enjoy as much, but that's to be expected.

All in all, this was a top class trip, although very different from my first trek. My Southern sun trek was quite rowdy with lots of drinking and hangovers, whereas this was a lot more chilled out. The only gripe I do have is that there were some days where the drives were stupidly long and this was made worse by the 'silly' stops we had to make to break the day up. We stopped at Michael Jacksons house, a random sweet corn place plus a few others. I would just say that I'd much rather get to camp and spend the time there rather than at some naff random place, but this is just my opinion.

I would also add that camping is brilliant, don't be worried about it if you've never done it before, it becomes very easy. It can become intense after a while as you are spending 24/7 with people and it can get a little heated at times. That said, there were some fantastic laughs, games, meals made and it was wonderful to meet people from so many countries.

If you want some truly beautiful National Parks, really cool cities and a don't mind a few long drives then I would definitely recommend this trip.

Past Trekkers Review
Northern Trail from New York

it was absolutely awesome and I am so glad to do trek again

Reviewed February 2015

it was a genuine life changing experience, I was able to visit places I wouldn't normally think of going to on a holiday.

Past Trekkers Review
Northern Trail from New York

A crazy, magical, awesome, ridiculously fun adventure

Reviewed July 2014

This was my first trek although i had been living in Chicago for a year before this so quite used to America. Without a doubt i am so totally happy i chose to finish my time off this way!! The Northern Trail goes through an amazing list of must see places and activities all wrapped up in a nice package that includes a group of like minded people who want to experience and get involved as much as you and a tour leader who brings it all together.
Our tour leader Mike was incredible ... i honestly don't think it would have been the trip it was without him. We got the chance to see places that i would never have known about had i been planning this myself and we got information and inside tips everywhere we went. We had a favourite couple of songs we couldn't stop playing and an evening camp social life that bonded us all together over s'mores.
We saw bears, moose, bison. Ran into a freezing cold lake, went to the SPAM museum ;), did thrift shop outfits on a night out in San Fran, did a 7 hour hike, and cycled round Chicago. The list is endless down to playing stupid hilarious games in the van to pass the time and all of it was awesome.
I encourage everyone to go on this trip ... see new places... meet some amazing people you know you'll see again and have three unforgettable weeks!!! Best trip ever!!

Past Trekkers Review
Northern Trail from New York

Unbelievable, amazing and a once in a lifetime experience!

Reviewed July 2014

This was my 2nd Trek with Trek America and it was perfect.
Our trek leader Kyle Albini, was an amazing Trek leader and made it extra special - especially when we went to his home town of San Francisco.
The national parks were truly amazing...I'm not often lost for words...but seeing a Grizzly Bear in the wild in Yellowstone was unreal.

Book this now and you'll boring your friends with stories of the Trek for years to come!

Past Trekkers Review
Northern Trail from New York

What an experience!

Reviewed July 2014

This trip was awesome. One day was hot, one day was heavy snow. But it's great to have a whole mixture of weather... Makes it a bit more exciting.
I like having the city stops to get back to the real world and do some touristy things, but nothing compared to camping out in such amazing places of natural beauty. It was nice to have camp fires and everyone bonded a lot more on these nights.
The first night we spent on Lake Ontario overlooking Toronto was my favourite, and I loved the national parks, especially Yellowstone when it was snowing heavily... So pretty!
This trip for me had a bit of everything, which is what you can expect from a cross country US trip
As a first time camper back then, it's really not as bad as it sounds!!
Definitely recommend, great taste ot America!!

Past Trekkers Review
Northern Trail from New York

Amazing cross country adventure

Reviewed October 2013

what an amazing trek, this having been my 3rd trek I knew what the treks were like having an adventure of the life time.

Meeting everyone at the Hilton in Newark from my fellow trekkers to our great trek leader Ben i knew we would going to have a great time.

Total there were 14 including Ben our group was made up of 12 girls and 2 guys, 3 of use were doing the Northern Trail the rest the Grand Trek.

We visited the Big city's(saw transformers 4 been filmed and walked up the set and saw the cars) and small out of the way places, went to place you've never heard of and once you have, visit the National parks saw wild animals, white water rafted, saw the stars played in the ocean.

I would recommend this trek to anyone even its your first or tenth, there is something for everyone.

I cant pin point one fav part as every moment was magical and each trip is so different.
Life is an adventure and i would say trek america is the best way to live and see the USA and beyond.

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