Coast to Coast North from New York

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Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

Best Experience Of My Life

Reviewed March 2013

I was originally scared of signing up for a tour as long as this one, but im glad i did.
Our group named ourselves the Ninjas, and off we went! I have never been more happy in my life to sit in a van with such
a lovely group of people. We would take turns in playing each others music, dancing, having pun competitions and general discussions about everything! All the national parks we saw on this trip we're absolutely stunning. Camping under the stars, away from the city lights was my favourite thing to do, along with sitting around a campfire playing songs on a guitar our amazing trek leader had. From cooking amazing meals, to dancing in the streets of San Francisco, this tour has everything.

I highly recommend this tour, combined with a sense of adventure, you won't look back!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

Amazingly awesome in every way

Reviewed November 2012

This trek is amazing and I would recommend it in a heartbeat. From the big cities to the national parks, everything is so beautiful. I took on most of the optional activities from bike rides through Chicago to white water rafting in British Columbia, from the rodeo in Cody to hiking up a glacier, I loved every minute of it all. I'm so glad that this trek takes you to Canada as well, as it is a beautiful country. I met amazing people who will be friends for life.

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