Coast to Coast North from New York

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Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

I'm lost for words!!

Reviewed December 2015

I was a little apprehensive about booking a second trip with Trek America... for the simple reason that I was worried it wouldn't live up to the awesomeness of the first! But I most certainly did! My group and tour leader were just perfect and I had an amazing month travelling across the USA and Canada. Yes, the drives are long and there are a lot of early starts (pre 6am), but you can't expect to do a cross country trip and not spend a lot of time in the van.

I was most looking forward to seeing Lake Louise and it certainly lived up to the dream views... we did the best hike here too. Lake Moraine if you get the chance to go was even more beautiful... I have never seen such blue water before! I didn't quite expect the cold weather in Canada.. I think I refused to believe it could be so cold in August when everywhere else we had been to previously had been so warm! The walmart stop to stock up on thermals, hoodies, blankets etc was defo appreciated by all of us!!
Favourite place - Banff... It had the perfect combo of town life / comforts and the beauty of the scenery.
Favourite city - Chicago. I didn't think any city could beat NYC but Chicago topped it for me! The bike tour of the city at night was just stunning.
Best nights out - Chicago and Cody.
Best experience - seeing a bear in one of the campsites! White water rafting is always a winner!

There were so many awesome places we visited and I had the absolute time of my life.... I'd love to do it all again!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

Hot and cold but awesome

Reviewed June 2015

It had been a while since I had been camping but the tents were easy to set up. I would definitely recommend taking your own mattress. It felt like I was sleeping on the ground for the duration of the trek, and it wasn't comfortable.
The food kitty is a great idea but we did eat out occasionally and so remember to take money for snacks I the van and for a few meals out. There was also a coffee stop in the morning too.
The weather wasn't what I was expecting for USA in May. I saw a lot of snow and went through a few thunderstorms. Camping in the torrential rain wasn't the best and a few people got flooded in their tent. So prepare for all weather!
Also some of the optional activities weren't available because of the time of year. I didn't realise this so was a bit upset. I totally recommend doing the white water rafting in Canada, that was lots of fun. I'm glad that Alcatraz was included in San Francisco, another highlight of the trip for me.
Other than that I had an amazing time, meant some great people who I'll hopefully keep in touch with.

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

I only get 10 words? I need a thousand more!

Reviewed October 2014

Coast to coast north, what an experience. From Yellowstone to Chicago, from San Fran to Yosemite... My goodness! So much driving, so many photos, 9 new life friends. Absolutely rocked my word for 4 weeks! It went so quick, if only it could of lasted forever! Best 4 weeks of my life!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York


Reviewed October 2014

Well Coast - Coast north, where do I start?
This trip was the most amazing experience of my entire life!
From big cities to national parks you get to see everything,
It was worth every penny and I recommened it 10000000000%!
The tour leader and my group were the best!
The tour leader also helped make the trip!!
You won't regret it and I can't wait to return to the U S of A!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

The most amazing experience of my life!

Reviewed October 2014

Coast to Coast, where in the world should I start? From start to finish it was the best summer of my life! You see so many incredible things and meet some of the most amazing people that are guaranteed to be friends for life! From cities to national parks, what more could you want from a trek?! Our tour leader Was incredible as well, he is also what made the trip!! I could relive this summer over and over again!! It is a guaranteed must and I cannot wait to go back again!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

you will never forget this trip!

Reviewed September 2014

This trek was amazing. It is a mix of well known cities and beautiful national parks. Loads of optional activites to do. I recommend doing as many as you can, you are only going to do this trip once! I recommend the White Water Rafting on the Kicking Horse River and canoeing on Lake Louise so much! Most people in the group were travelling alone so don't worry about going alone as the group of people you will be travelling with will become your family for the next month. Just a warning, saying goodbye to everyone at the end is tough!!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

Time of my life! City, sun, friends and fun!

Reviewed July 2014

I had an amazing time on this trip! This one had a perfect mix of national parks and big cities. The timing might have been a little early, some things up north were closed because of the amount of snow that was still around, but our guide always thought of something for us to do! I've done a lot of travelling and I think that this is the best way to travel the USA! There are so any places I never would have thought to visit, but were absolutely amazing!!

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

Sleeping under the stars, meeting new friends, visiting great places

Reviewed June 2014

This is not a review of a particular trip.

I did a lot of traveling in my life, but the treks with Trek America special to me they were truly unlike any of my other trips.

I remember sleeping op top of the van, playing fun games by campfires, doing excellent hikes, meeting people from around the globe. I'm still in contact with most of them.

I can really recommend going on a trip. If u are afraid of going to be a part of a group of strangers, than trust me: don't doubt, book and you will have the time of your life.

I did 4 treks with Trek America so far and I hope to be able to do more in the future.

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

Too much to sum up, in 10 words. Full stop.

Reviewed September 2013

From start to finish, it has been a worl wind experience. So much to see and take in, so a few highlights being the city stops, national parks and meeting the best group of people ever. I am sooooo happy I booked this trip and would even consider doing another in the near future.

Tip: bring more money so more activities can be done and bring some party games for those long bus rides.

Past Trekkers Review
Coast to Coast North from New York

Amazing sights, great experiences, fun times, lots of driving.

Reviewed July 2013

I had a great time on C2C North, saw some amazing sights and had some unforgettable moments, but as I'd expected there is a lot of driving involved. A lot.

It's mainly on the eastern half of the trip though and as such, if you don't take anything else from this review take this, I strongly recommend that you start this tour in New York and not in LA.

As such the drives aren't too bad as you're still getting to know the people on Trek with you so the time passes a bit quicker.

Without going into details about every day on Trek you drive (including lunch and snack/coffee/toilet breaks) about seven hours to Niagara and about the same to the Ohio camp site. This left us plenty of time to explore the Falls and to go to Cedar Point in Ohio.
The drive to Chicago from Ohio is about six hours with the worst drive the day we left Chicago which must have been about 11 hours, possibly 12.

After that it's not as bad because while you don't ever really get to a campsite until 4pm or 5pm you're stopping to do activities or walks or look at things along the way. Once you reach the western half of the States things are a lot more action packed and you only spend maybe 4 hours a day in the can.

One of my highlights of the trip we the two and a half days in Banff. One of these days we spent hiking around the Lake Louise which is just amazing are and the other was a free day where you can organise to do all sorts in Banff including more hiking, horse riding and canoeing or in our case because it was wet we were shopping, drinking and movie going.

There's also a full day to explore Glacier and Yosemite (you can in particular pack a lot into the Yosemite day because of the free buses around the park) which are both amazing places to experience.

The only downside to the itinerary was with Vancouver and Seattle. We didn't arrive in either city until about 1pm which doesn't give you a lot of time to see things and I had to miss out stuff I'd wanted to do. In contrast you we got into Chicago and San Fran each at about 2pm and so had that afternoon and then an entire free day the next day to explore.

I was going to New York anyway so wanted a coast to coast trip back to LA but if you're main interest is in the western part of the States and you're not too fussed with missing Niagara, Chicago and South Dakota (which are all locations I loved) then perhaps this isn't the trip for you. However if you want a cross country American road trip I think this itinerary beats anything else Trek offers.

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