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Gwen Hoogendijk
Mountain Trail

From nature to the big city

Reviewed September 2019

It was Awesome. From the beautiful Rocky Mountains to bright lights of Las Vegas.
It was 2 great weeks in West coast of the us. I have seen bears , bizons, and the beautiful nature.
One awesome road trip it was!

Mountain Trail

Amazing trip, with so many great locations

Reviewed July 2019

From sleeping under the stars in Monument Valley to the lights of Vegas, this trip offers so much. Wildlife of Yellowstone, rodeos in Jackson, sunrises and sunsets over the most amazing landscapes, the list goes on. Stop thinking about it and just book it!

Mountain Trail

The most incredible trip.

Reviewed September 2018

This was my second trek america trip, but doing this trek is the best thing I've ever ever done. Every single part of the trip was incredible, from Yellowstone to Arches National Park. It really is a nature lovers dream. Our tour leader Nicole was amazing and she worked so hard to make the trip life altering for all of us. Our group was amazing and most of were solo travellers. If I could do it all again I would.

Amy Tasker
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Mountain Trail

Experience of a lifetime, loved every second

Reviewed July 2018

I loved this trek from start to finish and highly recommend to anyone! If you love national parks, hiking and seeing the most stunning views, then this is the trek for you! Becca was an absolute star and made everything we wanted happen! 10/10 and a lifetime of memories.

Mountain Trail

Most memorable trip of my life with JD & others

Reviewed January 2018

To start with we were so lucky to have JD has our Tour guide. He is a human encyclopedia with full of information on every subject you address him with. His meticulous planning based on evolving situations was epitome. I must admit it was not that easy job to group up 12 different people coming from different countries with 48 different ideas to have such a unified, wonderful and fun-filled tour experience. The trip is well organised and at the same time gives you good sense of liberty to explore the nature at its best. We were one among few groups who sighted wolves, bears, bison, moose and elks and all in wild. Not to miss the shooting star experience at Dead horse point, grooving like a cowboy at Jackson, early morning safari at Yellowstone and rafting on snake river. Thanks to the professionalism, patience, knowledge and passion of the tour guide JD which enabled us to have one of a few life time experiences. Cooking, sharing responsibilities and camping together with such lovely people made the trip so personal to me. Hope to have many more such trips with Trek America.

Mountain Trail

Fantastic trip with great people and amazing scenery

Reviewed September 2017

Firstly our tour guide JD was amazing, made an effort to get along with everyone, extremely knowledgeable about the national parks and gave great advice when it came to depart and explore Los Angeles and San Francisco.
By far the best travelling experience I have had, you get to meet great people from all over the world and breath taking scenery along the way. An interesting camping way of life, with cooking, cleaning and washing up duties shared. Meeting other groups travelling across the country. I would recommend this experience and company to anyone and everyone. It has truly opened my mind about the need to travel the world and experience different places in the world.
Trek America I will be back!

Sim Sui
Mountain Trail

Great nature

Reviewed May 2017

This trip is less focused on cities and I saw amazing nature and wildlife (the latter in Yellowstone). My personal highlights were Yellowstone NP, Arches National Park and the Grand Canyon. I really enjoyed the walks we went for in the different places.

Past Trekkers Review
Mountain Trail

Phenomenal. It just got better every day.

Reviewed August 2016

If you enjoy being outdoors and want to see the best highlights of the US West coast, this is the trip.
Crossing over 8 states and experiencing a range of activities in addition to the national parks from the Rodeo to Vegas. It was better than I had anticipated. The tour leader was phenomenal and the group was great fun.
You'll just wish 14 days lasted longer

Past Trekkers Review
Mountain Trail

Great, amazing, best time

Reviewed July 2016

The best trip I could have taken. I had the best time with the others in the group and our tour leader Jessica Wray made the trip even better. We saw some amazing places and got to see so many different things. From places where the native Americans live to Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Past Trekkers Review
Mountain Trail

Breathtaking landscapes. Challenging hikes. Nice people. Party in Vegas.

Reviewed July 2016

With this trek I definitely made the right choice. To experience the most wonderful and diverse landscapes of the Westcoast and end the two week experience with an unforgettable party night in Vegas, was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

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