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Past Trekkers Review

Surprising, great variety, great leader, great new mates

Reviewed February 2014

This was my second Trek America tour. I was really pleasantly surprised by the variety of climates, accommodation and group diversity. Our tour leader, Amanda, is a legend. She went to incredible lengths to ensure we had a fun, exciting and relaxing journey. All this resulted in a great group dynamic.

A real Navajo guide took us through the amazing Monument Valley, a really moving experience capped off by a night in a traditional Native American hogan.

Vegas was, well, Vegas. Surprising and wicked good fun.

Past Trekkers Review

Team Extreme living the dream

Reviewed December 2013

It's hard to find a fault with trek.

Good people (Team Extreme). Good leader (organised, focused). A full spectrum of weather from shorts and t-shirts, to snow and -9C. Much banter, much fun and good times.

San Diego (good cycle and a laid back place), Cowboy camp (steaks, horses and banter), Monument Valley (cold outside, stunning landscape, warm hogan), Grand Canyon (helicopter and hike), Vegas (speaks for itself), San Francisco (Alcatraz and cable cars), and the Pacific Coast (nice drive)...check 'em out.

Past Trekkers Review

wicked brilient awsome

Reviewed December 2013

The Trek was wicked the group and leader got on really well we all worked together ,
and done activity together which made us bond together
doing the westerner in the winter is diffent to the summer you see more sights,
as snow on the grand canyon good for photos
las Vegas the group by then was bonded so we just partied hard in the limo and club
over all a very enjoyable trek and group.

Past Trekkers Review

Exciting, exhausting, comprehensive, challenging, whistle-stop-tour

Reviewed December 2012

The content of the trip was great. It was only a short trip and a vast distance, but a good introduction and ticked off the must-see sights.

As with all group holidays, it was our group that enhanced and 'made' the experience. I loved dinner in Little Korea in San Francisco with my new friends from South Korea.

Unfortunately our tour leader was disappointing. It was an all-girl group, and our leader was immature and inappropriate. He found it difficult to communicate with us, resulting in flirtatious behaviour which was unnecessary. He snapped at different members of the group. Drove over the Hoover Dam without even mentioning it. It wasn't the level of customer service that I was expecting.

This wouldn't put me off travelling with Trek America again. I thought that the Trek was good value for money and I had a great time. I've been on many group holidays and have learnt not to let one person spoil the experience. I've found that you can put up with almost anyone for a couple of weeks!

Past Trekkers Review

Exemplary, exhilarating, incredible, cherishable, perfect,

Reviewed November 2012

I couldnt have asked more of this trek.
To see as many places we see and do within the two weeks was sensational. We saw a lot more in two weeks of America than people have seen in their lifetime.
The time in each place was just right to experience what place had to offer.
The food was great and the travelling time was good as that sometimes can be a drag.
It doesnt matter if you go in summer or winter as you will still see the same beautiful places.
More than ample time for free time.

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