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Westerner 3

Too many incredible wonders & places to even comprehend!

Reviewed June 2018

I did this trek as 3 week part of a 7 week solo trip. My reasons for booking it were:

1. I wanted to see the national parks of the USA and this was near impossible to do for me as i dont drive. A tour like this is the best way to see them.

2. The other 4 weeks of my 7 week trip were spent alone. Im happy being alone, however i wanted to spend some time with others and make new friends.. and i was hoping that would happen on this trip (it did!).

3. It is a great use of time. You see a ton of places in the 21 days!

The first day was a mix of nervousness and excitement, but a few hours after meeting each other we were all getting along well. Everyone was around the same age and all had similar personalities.. everyone who goes on a trip like this will have an adventurous soul.

The locations we visited were all incredible. Although time was limited, the only places i really felt like we missed out on by not staying longer were San Francisco and San Diego. But seeing any city in 1.5 days is near impossible, and this trek was more about the outdoors anyways!

The national parks are really something else. From Yosemite to the Grand Canyon,, there was a great mix of places that were seriously awe inspiring. There were some great hikes (Angels Landing was the best!!), but some of the best moments were just appreciating the beauty. Watching the sunrise in Arches NP, gliding over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, riding a horse through Bryce.. (i didnt do that but i hear it was wonderful).

The van was nice! I was worried about getting road sick but it was pretty smooth and comfortable. We only had 7 people (van holds 13), so it was pretty comfortable. Not sure i'd like to be in it with 10+ people though. It was fun getting to move around seats, talk to people, and hear the music everyone played (person up front is DJ!).

The van had 3? power outlets. With 3 double chargers, that is 6 usb sockets. We got by with 7 people, but again with 10+ people wanting to charge multiple devices each, it would be a struggle. About half the campsites had power outlets, but again they had to be shared. Keeping your devices charged can be a difficulty and was one of the biggest downsides for me as i liked taking photos.

Camping was also pretty fun! Putting up the tents and taking them down was fun, although could be a pain when you're tired in the morning. Everyone gets into a routine which is nice. I was lucky enough to get my own tent but most people share one. Its not comfy but it's not awful. They say a pillow is optional.. but a pillow is not optional. Bring a pillow. Or put money aside to buy one on the first Walmart stop.

The campsites were all quite nice, no complaints there. Always had nice showers, and most had laundry facilities and a store for snacks.

When you're stuck with the same people for 21 days like that, it is natural for people to get upset and frustrated at each other. It will happen, it did happen. But overall we all got along really well and there was plenty of tears on the last day. You miss the excitement and the travelling, but you really miss the people. You'll make great friends on this tour. :)

The food was a lot healthier than i am used to.. but i got to try plenty of new stuff at least! You get put into groups and have to cook meals for everyone, the other groups do dishes. I.. am a hopeless cook, so i was little help, but i assisted where i could. There's also daily stops at gas stations and such, so you can stock up on snacks if needs be! Food was not a highlight for me though if i am honest.

The tour leader was with us most of the time, however we did get time to just ourselves. It is the same as i said before, people can get frustrated with each other when they're around each other so much, and that happened a bit between the group and the tour leader at times, but i imagine it's completely normal. He was obviously very experienced and was able to take us off route to places not on the itinerary! Places like dinosaur tracks in the desert, hot springs, and cliffside lunch spots! He went out of his way for us many times... one time resulting in him getting pulled over for doing so..

The tour leader is sort of like a parent. They drive you around, make sure you know what you're doing, and make sure you're safe. But they're not a butler or a chef, you do need to put in a lot of work yourself to make the tour work. Teamwork!

My only real complaint is in regards to the optional activities offered. There is a ton on this website, but on our first day we were handed a list of what we could choose from.. and there was maybe half of what was on this website. I mean if you think about it, when you have 1 day in MOAB, how can you go mountain biking, on a float trip, go on a hummer tour, and go canyoneering? You can't. We only got offered the hummer tour, which was a shame as i was looking forward to the mountain biking & canyoneering. Even paid extra on my insurance so i would be covered for them :(

But apart from that, it was a really incredible experience. Definitely a trip of a lifetime. One of the parts to not look over is that you will make great friends and have some great experiences with them. A trip like this is a lot more than just seeing pretty places and doing cool things. It is an incredible adventure and social experience.

As for the title of this review.. it is true. When you see Yosemite, you are in complete awe. A couple of weeks later when you see the Grand Canyon.. you are just like "Oh cool its the Grand Canyon". You really do get spoilt and stop appreciating it all in a sense.

Nicola M.
Westerner 3

Experience of a lifetime!

Reviewed January 2018

I meant to give full stars in my review!! Not sure why it didn't work, please match this rating with my written review!

Nicola M.
Westerner 3


Reviewed December 2017

Nothing I can say in this review can ever begin to tell you how amazing this trip truly was! From the strangers I travelled around with for 3 weeks to the phenomenal places we were lucky enough to find ourselves in, this was totally unforgettable! Drew, our trek leader, was literally the best I could have hoped for booking onto this trip, he made everything so easy for us and just made everyone so happy! Honestly have never met a more positive or enthusiastic person in my life and I’ll never forget him for making this trip so amazing! I can’t even pick a favourite place because each and every one had something totally different to offer. I have to say though the greatest feeling ever was completing the hikes, it was seeing everyone in our group make it to either the top of a mountain or the bottom of a canyon and sharing that experience with those people, it’s a feeling which can’t be compared to anything else! It’s out of this world!

Westerner 3

This trip will be the highlight of your travels!

Reviewed September 2017

If you're even slightly interested in seeing the West Coast's National Parks, book yourself on this trip immediately! It has such a great mix of parks, cities, and small town stop-offs along the way. Nothing felt rushed, although I could have easily spent way more time in some places, it always felt like we had a good amount of time to see not just the 'highlights' but a bit more.

The hikes were incredible, nothing can prepare you for the beauty you will see. We always had recommendations from our trip leader for which hikes were great to do in a day, which was always helpful if you weren't sure what you wanted to do.

The camping was great, tents super easy to put up/pack down. Cooking meals together and sitting around a campfire means you make better connections with the other people on your trip, instead of all disappearing into your hotel rooms.

Our trip leader Jen is the ultimate MVP. She is down to earth, helpful yet encouraged everyone to dig in and get out of their comfort zones. Special mention to the fact she drove that silly stretch of road between the Grand Canyon campground, and the helicopters, back and forth six times to make sure we made it on a flight. It must have been so frustrating but she was very upbeat and never made us feel guilty for doing so. She was always genuinely searching for ways to make our experience incredible.

Westerner 3

An incredible adventure that I'm so glad I did.

Reviewed September 2017

This trek had a great variety, from cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas to a variety of national parks such as Yosemite and Zion. I was new to hiking but found each hike to be an incredible experience. I saw sights that no camera would do justice for and pushed myself further than I could have imagined. Climbing Angel's Landing in Zion especially was an unforgettable moment and a real highlight of the journey. You're given free rein to explore the cities at your leisure (although you get good advice from your tour leader on where to go) and you and your trek friends will get into all kinds of adventures together. You will find yourself coming back home with a lot of stories to tell.

Our tour leader was Jen who always looked out for us and went out of her way to set up some amazing surprises for us. She was really knowledgeable and knew a lot about the history of each of our destinations. She was also really great about my allergies, whenever our group had a pizza night or ate out at a restaurant she would always make sure I had a gluten free option sorted. There were a lot of fun and interesting stops off the beaten path and we saw some incredible wildlife at all of the national parks such as chipmunks and elk (and briefly on one of the drives, a bear!)

Saying that I recommend this trip would be a huge understatement. If you're in need of an adventure this trek will not disappoint!

Becky Robinson
Westerner 3

The perfect way to see the west, stress free!

Reviewed September 2017

This was my first trek and it exceeded all expectations! Jen, our tour leader, was incredible - she did so much for us and could probably drive the van and trailer with her eyes closed if she wanted! I was amazed with every place we visited and each day got increasingly better. I made some awesome buddies from all over the world and had so much fun hiking, exploring cities, cooking and camping with them all. The time we spent at each place was just right and I felt like I got to see everything I wanted to, and more! Hiking Angel's Landing in Zion was incredible and staying in Monument Valley was a crazy experience, I would definitely do it all over again.

Jeremy Baynham
Westerner 3

Hands down the best thing I've ever done!

Reviewed September 2017

Attention anyone that is "umming & ahhhing" about doing a Trek............. do it! Hands down the best thing I've ever done. Your tour leader takes care of all the important things and leaves you to enjoy the sights, have fun and make new friends!

21 action packed days with a great mixture of cities and National Parks and each day just got better and better! Jen, my tour leader, was fantastic and did everything possible to make the Trek a memorable experience. We had lots of quirky stops while on the road breaks which helps break up the longer drives and creates many funny moments to look back at. My Trek experience was sooooo much more than what the brochure suggested and I can't wait to get back travelling with my fellow trekkers!

Westerner 3

Absolutely the best thing I've ever done. Jen is a leg-end

Reviewed September 2017

Crazy action packed 3 weeks, so much value for money. Jen deserves a fat pay rise because she is undoubtedly the best. Drove us back and forth from the helicopter centre at the Grand Canyon 6-7 times over 3 days to make sure we caught a flight up. Interesting taste in country music but can't stop listening to redneck yacht club since I've come back. Coincidentally I have a red neck because I didn't listen about sun cream :S the trip itself was action packed and ticked off everything I wanted to do on the west coast. Luckily all the other trekkers were sound and we all got on which was great. Honestly the best way to see America for the best price, companions and memories. Trek 2k18 I'll be back for you.

Westerner 3


Reviewed September 2017


This trek is the perfect amount of city tours and national park hikes.

Every destination is just as good as the last, time on the road is short and sweet and the experiences will stay with you for life.

The friends you make are life long and our tour leader done everything in her power to make sure we had a unique exciting experience.

Jen was a perfect leader, taking us to awesome destinations and cool, qwerky places along the way. She gave us a push in the right direction and advice on the best best things to do in her experience but also let us make our own choices and helped us do things catered to our own individual preferences.

Trek is great, this trek is great and our tour leader is great. It honestly feels like magic.

Westerner 3

Amazing experience

Reviewed March 2017

Great trek with great group of people. Amazing trip for national parks.

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