Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

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Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Compacted beauty

Reviewed December 2019

I’ll keep it short and simple, brilliant tour across a wonderful landscape, seeing a handful of beautiful and interesting locations along the way!

For how vast it is The tour Guide and mini bus make travelling across the west coast incredibly easy and fun, no need to book extra taxis or coaches to and from places (I.E. Yosemite from San Fran) makes it suuper easy to enjoy!

I’d 100% do the same tour again

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Great trek covering West coast gems

Reviewed October 2019

Loved this trek. Great way to see fantastic national parks (Grand Canyon <3) and some fun cities in a short space of time. If I could suggest one improvement it would be the accommodation in Yosemite, but the rest of the stops more than make up for it.

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Great whistlestop tour through west coast national parks

Reviewed October 2019

Fantastic week, mainly thanks to a great tour leader, Jessie, and a fun group with a mix of different nationalities and ages (19 to 35). Great way to see and enjoy three national parks (Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree). Quality of accommodation was surprisingly good (apart from Yosemite, which was poor in comparison). It would have been great to have more time at Grand Canyon and less time in Vegas. Tour leader Jessie's fun extra stops showed us some hidden gems and surprise highlights, and her choice of podcasts to listen to during the long drives about the destinations we visited really enhanced the trip. If you're looking for a short tour in this part of the US, I would definitely recommend this one!

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Fantastic time with a bunch of awesome tour companions

Reviewed March 2019

This is by far one of the best short term trips that I have been on. Our tour leader, Mark Page was simply awesome. He brought about fun and excitement throughout the trip, along with a sense of tranquility.

I believe great trips are made up of great people, and I had that priviledge this time around.

This tour covers some of the major attractions on the west coast. My personal favorites were Yosemite and Grand Canyon, so do make the most of those destinations.

I will certainly consider Trek America for future trips!

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Best thing I ever did

Reviewed February 2019

I had always wanted to go to America, I never had anyone to go with but came across Trek America and I booked onto this tour in June 2018.
It was literally the best thing I ever did. I still reminisce about it now and look back at my photos. Everything was organised well and the tour leader Eliott was fantastic. It was jam packed don't get me wrong, I saw a lot in 1 week, with early starts to get on the road and a lot of travelling but it was worth it. It wasn't so much a holiday because you are on the go but it was great in the fact I saw some of the best places. Great way to see some highlights of America for the first time. Make sure you read the itinerary as you get some free days so make sure you use these well - for example you get a free day in Vegas, I booked a show in advance to see in the evening.
I'd recommend staying over a few days before the trek and after to really get a great experience of the beginning and end locations which all the trekkers did except me and i'm gutted I didn't.

I would highly recommend this, especially if you're like me and want to get away/have an adventure but you want some company and to know you're in safe hands. I'll be looking to do another tour at some point.

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Amazing people, incredible places. Trip of a lifetime.

Reviewed November 2018

This tour was the most unforgettable week, not just because of the places we visited but also because a group of strangers became so close it was like we'd known each other for years.

The destinations of the tour are the reason I chose this one and every place we visited was truly amazing, all for different reasons. From walking the Golden Gate Bridge to hiking around Yosemite, touring the Vegas strip in a party bus to sunrise at the Grand Canyon, this trip had so many incredible places.

Our tour leader Charlie was such a cool guy and knew everything about where we were going. He made us feel totally at ease and gave us a lot of freedom when possible.

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

I left my heart in (Western BLT from) San Francisco!

Reviewed September 2018

Looking at some of the other reviews people have written on here, this may sound like a bit of a broken record. But genuinely, this trip has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. If I could go back and do it again tomorrow, I would!

In terms of a USA West Coast experience, couldn't have asked for more. We walked the Golden Gate Bridge, hiked up and saw gorgeous views in Yosemite, hired a party bus in Vegas and explored all the nightlife Vegas has to offer (from shows, clubs, water-fountains - the lot!), explored the Grand Canyon and finished up in LA. It was a jam-packed itinerary for sure, but we made every moment count. I knew it sounded good on paper and looked good in pictures before I left, but it's honestly 100% better when you are actually there, experiencing it for yourself.

Like a lot of people, I was nervous about travelling on my own, but after about 5 minutes I realised there was no need to be. The beauty of this type of trip is that you meet and spend a week with a group of people who are all in exactly the same boat as you. Plus there's plenty of time to chat / bond in the van, in fact a couple of my favourite memories from the trip were from some of the great times we had on the drives! I was very lucky, my group were all wonderful people and I have made some amazing friends.

So basically, if you want a trip where you get to see amazing places, meet new people, and make some great memories - this is it :)

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

The time of my life!

Reviewed September 2018

This is a great trip which offers a lot of variety. From walking up trails in beautiful Yosemite and Grand Canyon, to being on a party bus, seeing shows and drinking in Las Vegas. That's why I choose it and it delivered!

If you're after a relaxing week this isn't the Trek for you. It involves a lot of early mornings and long days, but packs in some amazing things in to a week.

The people I toured with were brilliant and I made some great friends along the way. If anyone is concerned about travelling alone don't be, people are in the same boat as you and you make friends through your experiences together.

I had the time of my life on this trip and I'm gutted to be home and back to reality. Would definitely use Trek America again in the future!

Anna L
Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Terrible experience

Reviewed April 2018

Fantastic advertised company on internet/social media what makes you think you will be going on the trip of a life time. However, the reality is that you are paying a lot of money for a dodgy, unsafe accommodation located in the suburbs. Unfriendly driver and few American highlights. The company offered “professionally-trained tour leader” and free wifi on the van but in my opinion that wasn’t the case. The “tour leader” had very poor knowledge about the places we were visiting and didn’t help me much after I had a thief in the hotel room. I am frequent traveller who consistently use many travel companies along with organising tours on my own and I have never experienced such a poor service. I would have never picked any of Trek America accommodation myself what would have saved me from being robbed and stressed on my holidays. Read all small prints before you decide to go on the trip because as soon as they have your money customer satisfaction & your enjoyable experience doesn’t matter what they have clearly showed after I have raised my concerns upon my return.

Reply from TrekAmerica:
Hi Anna - thanks for leaving a review. We are certainly very sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your experience travelling with TrekAmerica. We receive very few complaints regarding our tours, but take any that are received seriously. I understand that you have been in touch with our product team already about your experience, which has been thoroughly investigated. If you would like to follow up, please contact us at [email protected]

Western Wonder Plus from San Francisco

Amazing life changing trip

Reviewed March 2018

This was the most amazing trip through three states on the west coast. I was slightly nervous initially about booking alone but actually about 70% of the tour were individual travellers. So do not worry about that.

Vicky - our tour guide was absolutely amazing and had so much experience, knowledge and expertise of the states/country and could literally answer any question we had. She was so friendly and approachable - a real asset to Trek America!!

The coach journey was a great time to catch up on lost sleep after the madness of Vegas. There are lots of breaks and time for food.

My main advice would be to check the weather for all of the places you are going - we had rain in San Fran, hiking in the freezing snow in Yosemite and then hot weather in LA. So bring a mixture of outfits. Also don’t forget to bring an outfit for Vegas - party party!!

Completely recommend the trip and don’t hesitate to book!

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