Westerner 2

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Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2

F***ing Awesome

Reviewed August 2014

So much to say that words can't describe. You really have to live the thing to realize how awesome it is. Best experience in my life, great tour leader, great people, great country. So many things to see and experience. I'm looking forward to book another trek next year.

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2

It was awesome

Reviewed July 2014

This is the best thing I have ever done in my life. I met some great people from all walks of life who soon became great friends. The trek leader (Andy) was so nice and made us all have a relaxed, chilled out trip. The best thing about this trek is the mixture of cities and chilled out places. You get a great variety and it really gives you a good overall look of the West Coast.

Things not to miss are; everything in the Grand Canyon, seriously do it all- the helicopter and the hikes, you can't truly appreciate its vastness until you've see it from all angles (and I still don't).
Yosemite- my favorite place on the trip- it was stunning I have never seen a place like it and would definitely go back. Again make the most of it as you can see some amazing lakes and waterfalls in all areas of the park.
San Francisco- full of weird and wonderful people and places, it's easy to get around and great for shopping.
Vegas was like another world where nothing is too big.

The experience as a whole was fantastic, embrace everything you do and put yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone. You get out what you put in.
One final thing I would note is that our group was very small (there were 5 of us) I don't think this is very common and for our group it worked out well- more room in the van more places to charge your stuff but if you are going on it expecting there to be 12 people there might not be. Don't let this hold you back though the less of you there are the less restricted the itinerary is.

All I can say is do it! It's proper awesome.

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2

So good

Reviewed July 2014

Good surprise, perfect if you can't drive in USA. If you wanna meet people of all over the world !
Every place we've been we're beautiful and exclusives !

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2

An amazing two weeks, unforgettable!

Reviewed June 2014

I booked this trip as it was something I always wanted to do and it was not a let down! The trip was amazing from start to finish.

I traveled alone which was such a good experience and had a great bunch of people in my group which made the trip even better.

One of the best things about this trip (other than the amazing stops highlighted in the itinerary) are the stops you make along the way. You get to visit parts of America you never would have imagined exist. We stopped in the boiling heat to visit a Town called East Jesus where people just build things and live in the desert. We also stopped at a ghost town and met the people who look after it, we also took a trip in the middle of the night to some hot springs which was great but a little cold once you got out!. These are just some of the amazing stops you don't know about but what you will see whilst there. A side to America you wouldn't see if you was just going to visit Vegas.

Talking of Vegas....AMAZING you just cannot prepare yourself for it. San Diego was one of my fav places the lifestyle the beaches. Grand Canyon, do the helicopter ride, once in a lifetime experience. Venice beach, such a crazy place but loved it, wish we had longer there. San Francisco, Pier 39 is a lot of fun, lovely restaurants, lots to do, make sure you go see Alcatraz but 100% book before you go! Yosemite, such amazing sites to been.

Overall I can t say a bad word about the trip. The camping was so much fun, setting up tents were easy, sitting round a fire at night, making smores was good fun! Hotels are a nice break from camping and gives you some space to unpack and repack your bags.

It was such a good 2 weeks and I wish I had longer out there. I highly recommend anyone to do this trip.


P.s. while your out there just do everything and anything you can and enjoy every moment!

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2

Let me re live it again and again !!!

Reviewed June 2014

Trek America has been one of the best things I've done in my life.
There's so many things that make it so special that you wouldn't expect,
I wouldn't change anything on the tour, the bus size was great, wifi available,the food kitty
Is way better then I thought it would of been for $10 a day you live like
Kings and queens for your trip, and there's always plenty of options for fussy eaters or people with dietary requirements.
Our tour leader DEVON B was so good
It made your trip so much fun always made us laugh and always made sure we got to do what we wanted
In areas, he was very informative and not in the boring way, where your sitting
In the car and he's talking at you, no he was a great tour leader where he told things
In interesting ways where you would want to listen and not go to sleep.he was alway flexible with our needs and always in a happy postive attitude which made your tour more enjoyable, he always made sure everybody was included in everything.if I was to go on another tour I would want Devon to be my leader again where you are he alway makes sure you have fun.
The Grand Canyon was undescripable it nothing like it, our tour group was really good we all got along and
Were all around the same ages but all from everywhere South Korea,Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Australia.

The way the have spaced the tour out is amazing you never feel too rushed and you get enough time to see everything.
And for you first time campers out there don't worry the tents are very easy to put up and down,
The equipment they provide is quality and you have sleeping mats, cooking equipment and the camping grounds you go to are really nice lots of ours had spa and hot tubs nice toilets facilities, which makes it comfortable

And you meet people that you would love to keep in contact with, at the end of our tour we all found it had to leave each other you all really do became a tiny family unit with so many memories.
For the money you spend in the trip you get your money's worth plus more I couldn't of asked for a better tour
Our tour leader took us to slab city which was one thing I didn't expect with the tour but it was a pleasant surprize.

The Grand Canyon we did hikes, Las Vegas we had a party bus got access into the best club for free and had free drinks,
Saw Alcatraz in sanfrasico

If your with a friend or by your self I recommend this tour 100%

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2

Amazing, fun, above expectations, brilliant tour leader and group!

Reviewed May 2014

So this 2 week trip was something I booked on somewhat of a whim. Turns out to be one of the best decisions I have made!

I was travelling alone so looked forward to the group . I found the travel company to be organised and efficient and returned any calls prior to departure.
On the trek we had an amazing tour leader, Laura who must be one of the best (slightly biased)!

We efficiently set up camp each night and not normally being a big camper I have to say I loved it, it was a great atmosphere with the group too, I did appreciate the hotels when we were in them (hotels were all nice especially the Gilden Nugget in Vegas) but there was defo a more group morale and just humble time playing camp fire games and eating dinner together that we all cooked.

The drives had plenty of stops and Laura gave us lots of info on each place. Yosemite was beautiful, Grand Canyon was incredible very high and I'm by great with heights! We had plenty of options to suit individuals but our group generally stayed together. Vegas Party bus down the strip was the nuts and we made sure to be out early on free days to get it all in!

Food kitty was great and well organised, we all are well and must have saved so much money from not doing restaurants all the time.
Camping equipment was all good and plenty if room in the trailer. I bought a pillow on the first day and it was a god send!
Campgrounds all has electric points to charge and were all clean and in good places.

I took my backpack but I think I could have got a small suitcase, only 2 from our group had a backpack.
Also I had a 3 season sleeping bag and was fine.

I have been so impressed with Trek America and plan to do another everything was great!

Enjoy your travels! X

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2


Reviewed May 2014

This trip was amazing, it had all the best bits of the west coast wrapped up in two weeks of travel with new friends. I was absolutely in awe of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite national parks. The helicopter flight over the canyon and the 6 hour hike were two of my favourite memories from the trip. Vegas, san diego and San Francisco were dream cities. I had a dream group and an even better tour guide. Thanks Justin!

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2

2 weeks of beauty and awesome people

Reviewed April 2014

What a great way to see so much of the West Coast.
I loved the trek, met some great friends and had a fab experience.

This is definitely more of a party tour, budget lodging was good, all clean hotels/ hostels. Saves time packing up tents everyday which means more time exploring.

We had a mixed bag of people who wanted to party and wanted to take the more chilled route.

You have plenty of time to explore on your own so make the most of it, do your research.

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2

A Dream Come True

Reviewed February 2014


What an incredible 14 days on my Trek 'Westerner 2' with the amazing Trek America.

I had booked my trek last minute as I was in camp but didn't know how to travel the West Coast in a budge.
But, then I had just remembered Trek America from my agency.

The whole booking process was so easy and the staff were excellent.

So, after 3 long hard months at Summer Camp I was ready for a break.. (Oh wait)..
This wasn't a break, it was "an incredible jam packed dream trek"

An ambition and goal of mine is too always be yourself and travel to experience the world and people.
& I got to do this with Trek America.

So the trek....

I arrived at the Hacienda Hotel in Los Angeles 2 nights before so I could prepare and get to sightsee before the best 2 weeks.
I was nervous but you just cant wait to expect the unexpected in a good way.

So on the 5th September, we all met around 7/8am in the Lobby and all got to know each other by doing an Ice Breaker.
This was a great activity and instantly we all got to know fun facts about each other and have a laugh.

The bond and relationship we all created was great.
There was 9 of us altogether and still, we all talk months after the trip.
You will gain new friendships and learn new ways of people after spending time driving in the van to each location.

As your in the van, it can be a long drive so "its your chance" to experience and get to know and play games with your friends.
The friendship is one of the highlights of the trip and where the laughs and memories were made.

I don't think I need to explain the places we visited but to only say "WOW"
No joke, every place we went to created a new memory and experience that I will take with me in life.


You have to accept that you only have 2 weeks, so take in the scenery and amazing views from the big cities to the national parks! It really is a picture.

I think I've said enough haha, but from reading this I can tell you this trek creates true friendships and memories you can take forward in life and appreciate what life can offer you.

Go out and explore & catch this Trek.

I'm happy to be booking the "Atlantic Dream" with Trek America (same dates again as my previous trek) this summer to expand my travels in America and to also be booking with this company due to their excellent Customer Service and services they offer.

Go out and enjoy, you only have one shot in Life. Achieve it!

Thanks to Trek America and their team.
Can't wait to do my other trek this summer with you guys.

Hope you all enjoyed my review and I cant wait to attach my photo's and show you my adventure in the Westerner 2.

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2


Reviewed February 2014

This was my first ever trip to America, and what a way to travel, I saw some of the most amazing sights and experianced things I will never experiance again, LA was superb, San Diego beautiful, Lake Havasu small but stunning, Grand Canyon the most amazing place you will ever see, I reccomend the helicopter ride, Vegas well its the party capital and lived up to be everything i imagined and much more, Yosemitie very beautiful and picturesque, San Fran walking the golden gate bridge is a must as is seeing Alcatraz, and all the other little stops we made where just as amazing and beautiful, the final half a day was spent at Venice beach and Santa Monica and it was the best way to end our trip.

We had a fantastic group all varied nationalitys and our leader made it even more enjoyable, I can def recommend this tour I would do it all again if I could..looking to book for 2015 this time New York to Miami

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