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Westerner 2

Best trip ever

Reviewed February 2019

So I had already done my first trek which was in canada. In the Rockies. My god I didn't think anything could come close to that... westerner 2 was in another league of its own. The hike and helicopter tour over the grand canyon was just absolutely incredible.. getting stuck in the Arizona desert in the sweltering heat was not amazing... but it was amazing too haha. Honestly it was the best tour and I had the best leader. I only hope I can get 3rd time lucky as I'm off doing the best of the East trip July 2019!!

jess b
Westerner 2

The absolute best way to travel the west

Reviewed January 2019

Westerner 2 was honestly the best trip I've ever done. I've made friends for life and visited so much in such little time. The memories, trek jokes and experiences I had with on W2 were indescribable. If you are considering this trip then go for it because you won't regret it. The itinerary was jam packed with things to do, the accommodation and camping was great and the west really is one of the coolest places to visit. There was so much to do and see and even driving from place to place in the van was thoroughly enjoyable. Chatting round the camp at night was so much fun and I wouldn't of changed a single thing about my whole experience. I loved it so much I'm sure I am going to go again. Walking to Plateau Point in the Grand Canyon was a crazy experience and camping under the stars in Yosemite is going to be a hard experience to beat. W2 is a trip of a life time. Go Go Go!!

Liam H
Westerner 2

Best way to see West Coast USA!

Reviewed September 2018

My trek tour left June 7th 2018 and was my first time experiencing travelling alone at the age of 18. I highly recommend pre-accommodation with trekamerica. They had us stay at Aloft, the hotel right next to the Fairfield; which in my opinion was much more modern.

My tour guide, Anya, was so incredibly knowledgeable of the geographical locations of each of the cities we visited, I still can't believe it was her first time! As for my trek group, it was fantastic traversing the west coast with a bunch of outdoor-oriented and adventurous souls. Being 18, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to include myself in the activities that the 21+ year olds would be able to do, but my group made sure (when necessary) that we went to bars suitable for all ages and found activities that were also age inclusive.

I could not have asked for a better experience travelling alone in California, Nevada and Arizona. I'm so glad I decided to this tour and I'm so happy with the friends and memories that resulted from me going on it!

If you're heading to work at USA summer camps, I highly recommend booking with these tour providers as the dates they offer for tours can work around camp start/end dates.

Westerner 2

More incredible than I ever imagined!

Reviewed September 2018

So you’re gonna read a lot of reviews about how apprehensive people were to book and how glad they were that they did. I read a lot of similar reviews before I booked and was probably as skeptical as you are reading mine but it’s impossible to put into words how utterly incredible this trip is you just have to give it a go and see for yourself! I had the most amazing 2 weeks everywhere we stopped I was convinced it couldn’t get more beautiful and nothing else could surprise me but every time it did! From trekking the Grand Canyon to sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset I couldnt quite believe I was really there. Our trek leader Steven was so helpful and just felt like one of the group. I made great friends and loved getting to know everyone.

I’ll leave you with a quote I learnt along the way “freedom awaits you on the breeze in the sky, you ask what if I fall but oh my darling what if you fly?” And so if these reviews are to be believed surely that’s worth taking a chance and booking cause I guarantee you’ll be flying the whole time!

Westerner 2


Reviewed September 2018

Where to begin.. I was apprehensive of booking this trip, partly because it would be my first solo flight, partly because of being in an unknown territory! But oh my, I am soooo very pleased I did it! Honestly, from the minute I booked it right away through to the end of the tour to now, I have loved it! Meeting the very best friends ever and being able to share the most magical experiences and adventures with them was just incredible! Being taught and shown around places I would never have even known about by the very best tour leader, just helped to make the adventure magical! I've seen the best sunsets and sunrises, slept under the stars, found the most quaint spots in the most idyllic spots. Conquered fears, achieved things I never thought I would ever do! Hiked longer than I thought I could! And learnt so many things about myself and the world! I know its a cliché, but you really do change when you go travelling and see the world! "Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not things to show." I would 100000000000...% recommend booking a trek America tour- especially a westerner 2 tour! Although its only 14 days, you see soooo much!!!!!!

Charlotte Sloan
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Westerner 2


Reviewed August 2018

Had the most amazing trip and made amazing friends! Our trek leader Andrew really made the trip special and stress free! Only wish I could've stayed longer and let the adventure continue!

Westerner 2

Absolutely incredible!!!

Reviewed July 2018

I cannot recommend this trip enough, it was the perfect trip and one that I know I will never forget. I met some incredible people and life long memories. The trip takes you across the West Coast and most of the driving is done at night or early in the morning so you still have most of the days to explore and do individual activities if you want. The highlights for me were definitely Vegas, San Diego and Yosemite, All the stops made were completely different giving the trip a variety of experiences from challenging hikes, some painful hangovers and just relaxing on the beach. Some of the activities are rather expensive such as the helicopter tour, but if you want the full experience, I would advise saving so you can afford them all. You wont regret it. I went in June and it was a lovely time of year, make sure you bring lots of sun cream for the treks though! There is a lot of camping involved in the trip, something I wasn't used to, but all the equipment is clean and modern. The assembling of the camp each night really helps the camp bond, and there are lots of chances for late night bonfires!

My only warning is that it is an intense trip not leaving much time for a lot of rest if you are not the most active person. But you can catch this up on the mini bus. My group were all really fun and the time in the bus passed very quickly considering how far you go. Also, my tour involved a lot of home cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners so we didn't have the option to eat at some of the local restaurants that we passed (aside from when we were overnight in the city). But this might be because our tour guide was super healthy!

All in all this was well worth the money. I have some amazing memories that nothing can replace and I thank Trek America so much for that. Don't worry if you are solo traveler, I just called up and ensured I joined a group where everyone booked on their own. By the end of the trip it feels like you have known everyone for a long time.

P.S. Look out for the whale on the San Francisco boat tour at sunset!

Westerner 2

Overwheming Experience!!!

Reviewed July 2018

I travelled from LA around the West Coast from the start of June 2018 and I enjoyed every single minute of this wonderful experience, especially treat myself to fly over The Grand canyon which was brilliant! I felt lucky to travel with fun lovely people who made me feel part of the journey and the camping experience has helped me learned a lot.

I like to thank Brian Eyler who has been an exceptional tour leader especially when I courageously reveal my Autism to him and he though I was an inspiration to everyone during the trip. I wished that memorable journey would never End.

Thank you Trek America for making my money worth while

Westerner 2

Adventure, memories for a lifetime

Reviewed April 2018

One of my best decisions so far that I booked this trip instead of travelling alone. I had an awesome 2 weeks with a great group! I experienced an adventure for a lifetime, ticked something from my bucket list literally every day. Thanks for this adventure TrekAmerica, hopefully see you soon!

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Westerner 2


Reviewed February 2018

My god where do I start? Being a nervous traveller isn't what its all cracked up to be... I was petrified. No this wasn't my first trek, but I was still as scared as the first. It wasn't the meeting new people and visiting new places that bothered me (thats why I wanted to go on the trip) it was the flying part. But hey, if I hadn't have got on that plane, I wouldn't have got into a Helicopter and flew over the Grand Canyon, got stuck in a Sand Dune desert in Arizona in 50 Degree Celsius for 3 hours and would not have experienced Vegas in all of its glory. My god this trip was certainly memorable... even getting stuck in a sand dune desert in Arizona - not planned, but if I had to do it all over again.... I would!!

With massive thanks to Katie, she was an amazing tour leader and she was so loveable!!!!!

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