Rocky Mountain High

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David Clarke
Rocky Mountain High

A hikers paradise - Non Stop National Parks

Reviewed December 2018

I joined this trip in July 2018 on the back of a trek I did 2 years previous. I feel in love with the National Parks and I needed to go back for more.

Rocky Mountain High offered non stop National Parks and the sense of being emerged in the Wilderness. This trip is a hikers paradise as you will spend more time trekking the mountains than being in small towns and cities.

You get to spend the night camping in some of the most beautiful National Parks in the country and also get to live with and see so many diverse animals in every Park

Rocky Mountain High

Great if you love hiking and camping

Reviewed July 2018

Saw lots of amazing national parks and natural areas - for me the highlights were Glacier, Monument Valley and Zion.

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Rocky Mountain High

scenery was jaw dropping, The Tour Guide and trekkers where amazing

Reviewed September 2017

Absolutely Incredible trip, cant believe all the stuff we managed to cram into the 20 days, made all the more better by our amazing tour guide Kieron. Would highly recommend this trip for anyone.

Rocky Mountain High


Reviewed September 2017

The Rocky Mountain High trip has been absolutely incredible, allowing me to visit places and do things that would never have been possible otherwise. Our tour leader, Kieron was fantastic, and I loved the way that, although the itinerary was initially set, it allowed us some leeway to do things our own way and tailor it to suit our own interests.

Samantha V
Rocky Mountain High

saw the best of America's West in 3 thrilling weeks

Reviewed July 2017

If you're like me and you've never been to the west coast and are looking to visit the highlights but don't have the means of doing it on your own, TrekAmerica's Rocky Mountain High is the trip for you! I went with my best friend and was amazed to see that everyone else on our trek was traveling solo. It made for a really fun group dynamic. Although I am an American (which is apparently uncommon among trek trips) I had to opportunity to become friends with peers from all over the world (which I loved!). This trek will show you the extremes of America's vast and diverse land. Starting in the Pacific Northwest, you'll see snow & lots of it. By the time you make it through the desert locations near the end of the trek, you'll be wishing for A/C and cold water. The change in climate made things interesting and allowed us to fully appreciate the geography of America. My favorite parts of the trip included the Grinnell Glacier hike in Glacier National Park, waking up to snow covered trees in Yellowstone, white water rafting the Snake River in Jackson, WY, driving I-70 through Colorado, hiking to Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain National Park, waking up at 4 AM to hike into the Grand Canyon, watching the sunrise over Monument Valley, and essentially everything about Zion National Park. You'll see it all during this trip (or close to it). A lot of the hikes we did were challenging but worth it for the views. Although we didn't stop long at each park we certainly had time for the highlights and I never left the park feeling like I was gypped of an experience due to time constraint. If you're not a fan of camping don't do this trip because you'll be sleeping outside in all types of weather which is not for the faint of heart...however the camping is a means to an end and the experiences you'll have in the park are worth it! My Trek leader, David, was great at answering any questions or concerns, I or my group members, threw his way. In general, Trek America staff are really passionate about nature and their jobs and work hard to make sure their passengers are getting the most out of their trip. They may even surprise you with a couple of surprise stops along the route!

Past Trekkers Review
Rocky Mountain High

Out of this world!

Reviewed August 2015

This trek is absolutely incredible. If you love hiking and out door activities this is the trek for you. Words and photographs can't do the places on this trek justice. The trip was jam packed, just the way I like it. Visiting so many national parks was fantastic. Each was so beautiful and unique. So many times on this trip I literally welled up out of sheer happiness after seeing the outstanding beauty. Accompanied by a fantastic trek leader who was very knowledgeable helped to make this trip one I will never forget!

Past Trekkers Review
Rocky Mountain High

Awesome trip, incredible views and great people!

Reviewed July 2015

Could not recommend this trip enough to people!
I went by myself and could not have been made to feel more welcome and part of a group, total cliche but we started as strangers and definitely ended up as friends with an amazing shared experience :-)
We completely lucked out with our tour guide as well, the amazing Kayla, she was a bundle of energy from start to finish, full of great ideas, hidden gems to take us to and just generally an all round great person!
I've been lucky enough to go on some great holidays in my time but I would def class this as the best, great company to go with as well, my customer care experience was great from start to finish so like I said, could recommend it enough, get booking people!!!

Past Trekkers Review
Rocky Mountain High

Amazing, Challenging, Life Changing.

Reviewed February 2015

This was my second trek, but first camping, and once again I loved it. Each of the national parks are stunning and you have so many choices on which hike you do. I had a fab group, and learnt a lot from them all.

Mt Rainer is an awesome start to the trip with a touch hike, as the difference in altitude hits you straight away.
Glacier is stunning and you get the chance to do at least 2 hikes. I even went canoeing with some of the group.
The ranch stay is a welcome break and the food was amazing, especially as we didn't have to cook it.
Yellowstone lived up to everything I thought it would be, especially getting to climb into the trees for a better look at Grand prismatic. And a dip in boiling river!
Grand Teton & Jackson was beautiful (I didn't know what to expect). Good hikes, white water rafting and a western night out!
Rocky Mountain NP represents the name of the trip well! Hiking at 12000ft is hard work! (its also cold, don't wear short shorts like I did)
Telluride (Colorado) was a welcome break from hiking, and the mountain biking was so much fun. As well as an 80s party.
Monument Valley was fab again, along with the forest gump stop and a detour to four corners!
Grand canyon was stunning (again) do hike in if you can, even if you only go to the first stop. But take plenty of water.
Zion is my fav. The narrows are difficult but stunning, with different views every corner. And angels landing didn't disappoint once again. It is a must if you can.
Ending with Vegas, the perfect way to see off the end of your trip.

Past Trekkers Review
Rocky Mountain High

Awesome trip - amazing nature and coolest people!

Reviewed December 2014

Loved the trip! Itinerary is great as travel through so many places in the US and see how landscape changes. You also see some very popular places such as Grand Canyon and other, not that well known and more difficult to get to like Glacier NP (which is amazing by the way!)

3 week trip also brings you close to your trek mates (not so much internet on the way works miracles for group dynamics haha. Don't worry there was enough internet on the way though!). We got to be very close as a group and still keep in touch, even after a few months after the trip (isn't it great? :)

You'll be cooking together, so bring along recipes of your favourite dishes back home, it's so much fun when everyday you experience different cuisines! And then it becomes a journey not only through the US, but also through other languages and cultures. And it's so much fun:)

Past Trekkers Review
Rocky Mountain High

Brilliant trip - can't believe how much I saw!!! (3 weeks)

Reviewed October 2014

My leader was Jay Burleson and I had a great trip and I made some great friends, saw so much awesome stuff and would recommend it.

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