Western BLT from Los Angeles

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Western BLT from Los Angeles

Made memories I will keep forever!!

Reviewed February 2018

Our tour guide was Chris and he was the most fun person I've ever met!! On this trip we packed soooo much into only a week and it was tiring but oh so worth it! There were no dull days on the trip, even the long van drives (one day I think was about 8 hours) which I was worried about were made fun with stops in quirky places, lots of food breaks and fun games in the van. I honestly can't recommend this trip more, I got to see everything I wanted to see which I probably wouldn't have been able to do travelling alone. I made some amazing friends that I'll keep in contact with for years, and I saw incredible things I'll never forget. The one thing I was worried about was the hostel stay in Yosemite, which we all shared a room between our whole group, but it actually turned out to be the most fun experience which we definitely all bonded over!! If you're thinking about booking, please do!! It was honestly the most fun I've ever had, and I can't wait to book more!!

Western BLT from Los Angeles

Experiences to last a lifetime

Reviewed January 2018

This trip was great experience. There are so many sites to see. The tour guide was brilliant and knew where to go. Grand Canyon was the highlight of the trip for me. You cannot comprehend how awe amazing it truly is until you are there. The transport was very comfy and spacious. Overall great trek.

Western BLT from Los Angeles

So much more than what I expected!

Reviewed December 2017

When I booked the Western BLT, I expected it to be a point to point trip with not much in between. The devil is in the details though. Our Guide, Alex, was amazing at seeking out and making sure we had time for all sorts of mini stops along the way! Route 66 had so many weird little places that I never would have gone to (or known to go to) otherwise.

The main stops were incredible as well. I have to go back to the Grand Canyon to do more hiking and some water rafting on the Colorado River. Vegas is also well worth the trip, of course! Seeing the giant Sequoias at Yosemite was an unexpected surprise as well!

On top of all this, the time spent in the van and at each stop was excellent time to get to know everyone on the tour. Our group was small but I appreciated how we rotated seating each time in the van to shake up who we sat with/talked with.

To quote a fellow passenger: 10 out of 10!

Western BLT from Los Angeles

It's a nice way to see America

Reviewed October 2017

For first time travelers to the US, the tour provides a nice way to see the Grand Canyon, Vegas and Yosemite. But, because the tour is short, it's more like a "drive-by". Vegas was nice because we spent two days there. Snow disrupted our first day at Yosemite as we couldn't access it. Otherwise, we'd have had two days there.

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Western BLT from Los Angeles


Reviewed August 2016

Myself and my boyfriend booked this trek as a 'good' way to see the sights included- however it was much more than just that! We saw the sights and words can't even be used to describe how breathtaking they were (my personal favourite being Yosemite and the Grand Canyon) We also spent lots of driving time in our trek van- 14 of us in total including our great tour leader Tyler! We all came from different lives at home (Irish, English, Australian and American) sharing stories, getting to know each other, listening and singing to great music and playing games along the roads! our family from this week have become lifelong friends.
Now into some of the tour info I was looking for when reading reviews! Our accommodation was hotel nights and 2 hostel nights- all of these were great and very clean with some including pools and I was able to stay with my partner for the whole trip bar the hostel nights as it was spilt boys and girls which was totally fine! Those who came as single travellers normally stayed with another person of the same sex or in a room by themselves- although we created a whatsapp group to make sure when we got to our own rooms we could all stay in touch as to what everyone's plans were- we normally explored on our free days as part of a group which was great! This type of tour can be quite expensive for food as we always stopped at outlets with food options suitable for everyone and because in America tipping is such a big thing! We didn't mind as we had budgeted for this and the food was always good! The wifi on the bus/van wasn't always great as quite often we were driving in out of range areas through mountains etc.. No one seemed to find this an issue though because in my opinion your not there to look at your phone.. Looking outside is more beneficial :) also all our accommodation has wifi to contact home- although in Vegas you did have to pay for it if you really wanted it!
This trek was part of a longer trip to the USA where I spend a few days in LA before- I would recommend seeing Venice beach and Santa Monica pier- we also spent a day at universal studios and at the Griffith observatory which was great. Also after the trek we hired bikes in San Fran to cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge which I loved. Union sq is great for shopping if people like that. We unfortunately didn't get to Alcatraz as it was sold out so book a few months in advance!
Hopefully this review is helpful.. we both had the best time!

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Western BLT from Los Angeles

The most unforgettable trip with awesome people

Reviewed October 2015

I knew I'd have a great time on this trip, but hadn't quite realised just how amazing it would be. I keep thinking I got lucky as I was with a really great group of people... but then I suspect people on other trips probably feel the same way too. I went as a single traveller, but never once felt I was on holiday on my own, I was amongst friends right away.

I was worried I would feel I wouldn't be in each place long enough to see everything I'd want to, but our trek leader made sure we saw the best bits and timed it perfectly so it didn't feel rushed. Some of the drives between stops were long (9 hours one day!), but again- with plenty of stops, fun music, amazing scenery and great company the drives flew past.

This trip in particular packed in so many sights and experiences in a week, I'd recommend it to anyone who fancies a shorter trip. I've only been back a week but am already looking for my next trek!

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Western BLT from Los Angeles

Best Week

Reviewed October 2015

If you're unsure about this tour don't be. There are no dull days and something for everyone. From the get go our group bonded and we had the best tour leader in Shawn. Now suffering from the worst post-trek Blues known to man and looking to book another. This could be a very expensive addiction

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Western BLT from Los Angeles

This trek was life changing for me

Reviewed October 2015

I loved every part of this trek due to this being my first eperience abroad. The tour leader was amazing as well as the group I had the pleasure of trekking with.

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Western BLT from Los Angeles

Great short tour to see Western USA!

Reviewed July 2015

This tour is packed full of activities. In such a short amount of time, I got to experience some of the best things I have done so far in life. Highlights definitely must include Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Vegas. The accommodation was also very good even (mostly hotels) though they were advertised as budget lodging! This tour is for those who are time limited and would like to experience places that they will most likely return to. I will definitely be coming back to these places later in life!

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Western BLT from Los Angeles

Perfect trip !

Reviewed May 2015

This trip was AMAZING ! I don't regret my choice . I thought that we won't have enough time to see everything in just one week but it was perfect . No need to stay a long time in the same place . If you are alone , don't be afraid , you will meet kind people . Everybody is here to enjoy the trip . The hotels were very clean and comfortable , more than I expected . Our tour leader ( Jeremy ) was so nice and funny , it was a pleasure to have him with us .

You don't have to take care about something , just enjoy the road . I definitely recommend this trip ! I will do an another trip with Trek America , that's for sure

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