Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]

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Toni-Louise Turner
Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]


Reviewed September 2017

After finishing 10 weeks working at an american summer camp over on the East coast with a week to do some sightseeing I wanted to see the West coast before having to go home. So when I saw this trek and what it had to offer; ticking off the top places on my bucket list, I knew this would be the perfect trip. The group I travelled with were great and our trek leader Emily was friendly, approachable and full of knowledge, cannot say one bad word about her.

I have never been a massive camping person so was a bit sceptical about camping for 2 nights, but I have to say it wasn't as too bad and was actually quite fun. The first stop over was at Lake Havasu and WOW what a beautiful camp site we stayed at. Right next to the waters edge (perfect for a cool down), camping under the stars.

We then hit Grand Canyon and words can honestly not describe how AMAZING it is. It honestly looked like a backdrop when looking out from the rim. Our trek guide highlighted some areas around the national park, told us a time and place to meet (to set up camp) and left us all to explore. After exploring and setting up camp our trek leader then took us up to a spot on the GC rim to eat pizza and watch the sunset.

Last stop over was Las Vegas; not going to lie I wasn't too fussed about it at first but Emily told me about everything that Las Vegas had to offer (other than drinking and gambling) and on arrival till the time we left I was memorised by it all. Our hotel was AWESOME; great location, clean, big rooms, lots to offer and a stunning pool (with a water slide that goes through a shark/fish tank). The party bus was so much FUN and stopped off and the famous wedding chapel and sign.

I had the best time on the trip and made so many unforgettable memories. Can't believe all the things we did and saw in just the 4 days we had!

Past Trekkers Review
Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]

Creating memories that last

Reviewed August 2015

This was my first experience with Trek 5 years ago - that little spontaneous last minute decision which resulted in 3 return visits so far, seriously I think I'm addicted.

I already had booked time off work with no plans made, nobody available to holiday with as it was last minute, but I had previously lived in Australia backpacking for a year so I wasn't phased about travelling alone. Then I came across this itinerary 1 week prior, all these places to tick off my bucket list I was set :p

The funny bit is the airline lost my bags so that was an interesting start, but it was happy days because I just talked with the tour leader and when we stopped off at walmart for food I picked up some cheap shorts and shirts and the ugliest pair of shoes for the coming night out in Vegas so I was good to go. One of the guys on my trek was asking how I could be smiling without my bags - and the answer is quite simple, the group I was with, the phenomenal locations we were seeing and the tour guide were so spot on I was too busy having the time of my life to really give it much thought.

So we hit lake havasu for our first night, a quick dip and some good food, we didn't even bother with the tents and just snoozed under the stars. It was a nice steady introduction in a really beautiful spot.

Travelling route 66, it is a long drive sure, but felt like an adventure giving that real road trip feel. Stopping off at a really bizzare cafe and getting fat on some serious milshakey goodness before continuing to the GC. They don't call it grand for nothing! It's so true you can't capture it in video or photographs, when you first see the grand canyon, that feeling alone is unmatched. The Trek leader gave us great info advising us however long it takes to walk down into the canyon it typically takes twice as long to walk up. Very important if you want to keep time, which was a factor for us because he also told us one of the best places on the rim to see the sunset so time was a factor, I can't express how valuable that sort of knowledge is as it can really define your trip.

The next morning we all did the helicopter trip through the canyon, personally I thought it was so worth it. Then we headed off to Vegas, what a night and I don't want to give any spoilers!

When we got back to LA it was surprising that it had only been 4 days because it feels so much longer, and at the same time very sad to part ways which is testament to a truly great time.

Past Trekkers Review
Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]

Totally awesome!!

Reviewed August 2014

This is probably the best trip I have taken so far! Everything was well organized and our tour leader was very knowledgeable and fun. Camping was a great experience and definitely one of the highlights of the trip. I totally recommend it.

Past Trekkers Review
Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]

great trip!

Reviewed July 2014

The trip was awesome! If you only have a couple of days at the West Coast but still wanna see all the highlights this 4 day trip is great. Camping is a lot of fun and everything was well organized. I wold totally recommend it!

Past Trekkers Review
Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]

Tonnes of fun!

Reviewed June 2014

This trip manages to get so much in to a few days. Not only did we visit Lake Havasu, Grand Canyon and Vegas but there were a few other mini stops to add to the fun. Trek leader Melissa was great too. If you've only got a few days for travelling then you should sign up for this.

Past Trekkers Review
Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]

So much fun!

Reviewed October 2013

We had a great time! This is a great way to travel:

- Everything is sorted out for you leaving 100% of your time and energy to discover and enjoy rather than plan and arrange
- You are able to compress a lot into a limited time
- You meet people and make friends. This is the best way to travel if you're going solo, cause you're not any more
- Camping is fun!

We had a blast, we had a great guide that made everything easy. And the Grand Canyon and Vegas are amazing places you have to visit!

Past Trekkers Review
Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]


Reviewed September 2013

Ahh, I had the best time ever on this trip. We fit so many shenanigans into a small space of time and saw so many things! Camping was really fun and everything was super organised - the whole experience was just really easy and great. I still can't get over how amazing the Grand Canyon and Vegas were. I want to go back and relive the tour on repeat forever. (But really). Haha. My group was so lovely and we had the best leader, too.

Past Trekkers Review
Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]

Once in a lifetime experience

Reviewed September 2013

This was an awesome tour with some fantastic highlights. In such a short time we crammed in a lot, Lake Havasu was gorgeous to wake up to and the BBQ on the side completed it. The Grand Canyon was spectacular and I would definitely recommend the helicopter ride.... It's expensive but the best way to see the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas was jaw dropping, our leader showed us how to play simple games so we were able to give the casinos a bit of a go, the party bus in Las Vegas is one hell of a party!

Past Trekkers Review
Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]

Vegas baby!!!

Reviewed August 2013

Best money I have spent in a long time got to see all the highlights without the hassle. As a lone traveller made the trip very easy. Met a great group of people from all walks of life, Trek leader Nick Previn was great!!!

Past Trekkers Review
Los Angeles to Grand Canyon Mini [CLOSED]

Awesome, Amazing, Informative, Fun & Hot

Reviewed July 2013

My trek was a great mix of sightseeing and downtime and in 4 days, there was so many great things to see and do! Our tour leader Caitlin was a very positive, fun and kind leader - always willing to help with any problems etc. Pictures that you see of these famous landmarks really don't do them justice, they're so much better in person. I still can't get over the size of the West coast of the USA and how we managed to see everything. The tour was very well planned and I loved every minute of it! :)

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