Western Wonder from San Francisco

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Western Wonder from San Francisco

Trek of a lifetime

Reviewed December 2018

This is by far one of the best things I’ve ever done! It’s ticked off majority off my bucket list, it was just unreal! From getting to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, seeing las vagas (still unreal even if you are under 21) and seeing the Grand Canyon, it was all absolutely amazing it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite bit. I met some fab people and also had a fab tour leader who made the trip so fun.

Western Wonder from San Francisco


Reviewed October 2018

I love being on the road & I love camping - thus this was absolutely perfect for me. Especially that I didn't have to drive for a change....

Saw some wonderful places - things got ticked off the so called 'Bucketlist' - Made new friends.

If you're after a relaxing vacation - this is not for you. A few early mornings & long days are involved - but they are well worth it. Trust me.

Don't be scared to travel solo, you'll meet new friends, and there are many other humans that are in the same boat as you.

Super duper happy that I've actually done this trip. Will definitely be looking at similar trips very soon. Not too fond of being home and back to reality. Take me back!

Book the trip & you'll have the time of your life.

Western Wonder from San Francisco

Incredible life changing experience

Reviewed June 2018

This trek is a great mix of hiking and seeing natural beauty mixed with the camping style which lets you enjoy being in a group setting and with Las Vegas in the middle of the trek. Trek people are so open minded it is a great way for solo travellers to meet new people and travel.

Western Wonder from San Francisco

Absolutely amazing

Reviewed July 2017

This is one off the most amazing things I have ever done are tour leader was so much fun, helpful and knowledgeable. The tour was so packed with amazing experiences and brilliant people to travel with. There is nothing that I would change if I was to do this again.

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Western Wonder from San Francisco

Hit and miss

Reviewed September 2016

I'd already been out travelling alone for a couple of weeks before I joined the trek. The majority of the people in my group had come with friends so it was just awkward and there was a language barrier between myself and the few other people who had travelled alone.
The first day was supposed to be a tour of San Francisco but it was actually a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to get to the campsite. If you hadn't spent any time in the city before the tour I think you'd be really disappointed with this and that maybe the trek shouldn't be advertised as having a day in San Francisco because it's just not true. We also stopped somewhere in Yosemite to walk to where the are sequoias which was nice. The camp site was fine, we were lucky and got a new set of camping equipment.
Day 2 was spent in Yosemite which was beautiful but really awkward trying to get involved in groups of long time friends.
Day 3 was the drive to Las Vegas. Obviously no one had slept well in the tents but one member of the group decided that no one was allowed to sleep on the bus and was completely unreasonable about turning the music down. The van then ran out of petrol in the middle of death valley even though we had had a rest stop at a gas station maybe 45 minutes before. Just generally a crap day. The hotel you get to stay in in Vegas is really nice and not a hostel as I was expecting. There was a party bus that night with another trek group.
Day 4 was a free day in Vegas which I hired a car for and was great. I decided to leave the trek take the car for the rest of my time away.
Overall I think group travel is too hit and miss to be worth the money. I think you'd have a really good time if you weren't booked into a group which was mainly people who had come together or if you came with your own friends. It was really awkward being the hanger on to groups of friends who had known each other for years but this wouldn't happen if there was actually as many people travelling alone as they make out. The places you get to see are absolutely amazing but as you don't know what kind of group you're going to get it just isn't worth the money. You can hire a car and get a satnav and hostels for much less and not have to awkwardly linger around people you have no reason to include you.

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Western Wonder from San Francisco

Best experience of my life and met friends for life

Reviewed December 2015

I was so apprehensive about doing a trek america trip.. I couldn't decide whether to do it... the main issue being was I'd never flown by myself let alone fly to the other side of America. I booked 7 weeks before and I'm glad I did as soon as we set off from San Francisco everyone instantly clicked.. it was like we'd known each other for years. Honestly can say it was the best experience of my life. Vegas was just unforgettable especially as it was Halloween, having S'mores round the camp fire.. the campfire itself everything was just incredible. I know it sounds still but I really enjoyed being in the van.. listening to music and looking out the window. And the Grand Canyon, what an experience especially the sunset just incredible. You feel so care free and its the best feeling. Helen our trek leader was also incredible... we didn't have to cook once as she made us lovely meals. Already planning my next trek.

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Western Wonder from San Francisco

One of the best holidays EVER!

Reviewed November 2015

I still think about this holiday nearly 10 years on... and have only just booked my next one with Trek America! I have so many fond memories... I went out there on my own, and came back with a load of new friends, who I STILL keep in touch with. Our tour guide was brilliant. Let's hope the next one is just as good, because I don't think much could beat it!

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Western Wonder from San Francisco

A trip that will stay with you for eternity!

Reviewed August 2015


One of the most recent, but without a doubt the most memorable experiences of my life! People ask which bit was the best but it's difficult to say because this trek was like 10 holidays in 1!

Seeing and hiking beautiful Yosemite, taking once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like riding in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, making friends with truly awesome, having epic amounts of fun in Vegas and chilling at the Colorado River with great people - unbeatable.

Our tour leader (Jess Wray) was extremely knowledgeable and got us everywhere in good time and made tonnes of fun for us during the longer drives! Lots of fun had in the van and at the campsites and everyone got on so well.

I'll definitely do another Trek America again!

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Western Wonder from San Francisco

Experience of a lifetime!

Reviewed March 2015

I first went on this trek in 2008 and am now going back (but for an extra week this time) 7 years later and I have absolute faith it's going to be just as good. Met fantastic people, saw beautiful things and have memories that are irreplaceable.

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Western Wonder from San Francisco

Amazing, speechless, exciting, learning, awesome, lovely, wonderful, beautiful, crazy

Reviewed November 2014

This was truly an amazing trip and I don't regret it at all. If I could do this, exact trip again, I wouldn't even think a second about it. I would just do it. It was so much fun and we all got along together. It was freezing during the first nights, in Yosemite and Sierra Nevada, even in Grand Canyon. But why should I complain, we had so much fun anyways and we help each other to take our minds of the cold and laugh instead. Making the best out of everything. So if anyone is thinking about this trip, just go. But I would recommend to go during the spring or the beginning of the summer because of the cold weather we had.

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