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Deep South Plus

This trek has everything! Full of Fun, History, Music and Hiking!

Reviewed April 2019

I did this trek back in 2016, not only did I have an amazing time and made life long friends but I also had a blast! There was a lot of history (mainly civil rights and music history), there was music and dancing (NOLA, Nashville and Memphis), Hiking in the Smokys and just a a lot of adventure! My favourite parts were New Orleans so much so I’ve been back twice since and the civil rights history. I made friends for life on this trip and two friends that live across the world from me who I now see at least once a year on a new adventure each time!

Deep South Plus

Deep South BLT- Loved it

Reviewed November 2018

Just back from the most jam packed 9 days with the Deep South BLT. Seen so many things in so many different places. Never traveled myself before and never done anything like this before so was terrified before I went. I am 100% glad I done it and would do it again in no time.
Really think this is the best way to make the most of travelling around America, we seen so much you would probably miss doing yourself. Had the best time with the best people. Would totally recommend.

Deep South Plus

FUN! Saw some amazing places and had some great experiences

Reviewed November 2017

Had the best trip on the Deep South BLT, Gatlinburg, Nashville and New Orleans were the highlights of the trip but it would not have been the same if it wasn't for the great group of people I was with and our amazing tour leader Christine!
There was not one bad point in the trip at all, I just wish we could spend more days in some of the places we visited.

Book this trip, you wont regret it.

Deep South Plus


Reviewed January 2017

This was my first trip to the USA, and I went with my sister who has done 2 previously and has always raved about it. 3 months later, and I'm still not over it! It's true that your most memorable moments will be the unexpected (usually silly ones). ...Like playing crazy golf in Gatlinburg for a good 3 hours, long after the complex had closed and the lights went off; being chased by zombies and clowns in Birmingham (google Sloss Fright Furnance!); ignoring all the famous Blues bars on Beale street and instead doing the macarena in a crazy 70's disco club...

Meeting up with a bunch of strangers can be nerve-wracking, but after a day or so we had already made a tonne of memories, inside jokes and had the odd existential crisis (I'm looking at you, Gary!). Our trek leader, Glen was brilliant. He had a great sense of humour and put up with our weirdness pretty well.

The only fault I can find with this trip is that it simply wasn't long enough. I spent one day before the trek started exploring New Orleans, but 9 days wasn't enough. I definitely recommend booking extra time either end - NOLA is the perfect starting point for the trek, there is so much to see and do. I recommend taking a Voodoo tour and partying in the Cats Meow Karaoke bar (try the hurricane).

This trip was absolutely incredible, I made brilliant friends and we have spoken nearly every day since we parted ways. I miss you guys!

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Deep South Plus


Reviewed July 2016

This was my second time away with Trek America and both times have been awesome.

Day 1 - left New Orleans to drive to Birmingham. Most of our tour group had been chatting on Facebook/Whatsapp before the trek so we all seemed to get on well. Our tour guide was lovely. Visited the Civil Rights Institute before heading to our hotel. Not much going on in Birmingham on a Tuesday night but we managed to get some great food in and then we visited a bar that had Frank Turner and Gogol Bordello performing. Amazing!

Day 2 - Gatlinburg. On our way from Birmingham to Gatlinburg, we drove through the most bizarre town of Pigeon Forge. Gatlinburg is a lovely place, very tourist-y and everyone was so friendly. Our first night was spent having gorgeous dinner and sampling moonshine. Watch out - you get to try 128% proof! Some of the group went on the chairlift that goes up and down a hillside but I gave it a miss as I don't like heights. Hotel was good too, clean and comfortable.

Day 3 - Gatlinburg. Time for our hike into the Great Smoky Mountains. We drove to Clingmans Dome and had to walk about a mile to the highest point of the mountains. This is all up hill so take your time. The view is worth it once you get to the top. We also took a hike to Laurel Falls which was beautiful. Beautiful scenery. That night was spent sampling moonshine again and befriending handsome waiters!

Day 4 - Nashville. On our drive to Nashville, we stopped and had our photo taken next to the Dollywood sign. We were lucky to be in Nashville while the CMA Fest was on so the city was full of people. We laughed about our hostel being like a prison but it was clean and comfortable and all the staff were friendly. Due to the CMA Fest, we did not get the chance to have line-dancing lessons. Instead we checked out the local bars. I felt really safe in Nashville with all the people around. We had breakfast in a buffet restaurant which was delicious.

Day 5 - Memphis. Before we arrived at our hotel. we visited Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. I have to say it was a surreal experience walking around there. Our tour was quite rushed I felt as we got there quite late, all the gift shops were shutting so I couldn't buy many souvenirs. That night was spent on Beale Street which again was full of people. Amazing atmosphere. We went into BB King's Blues Bar and watched an incredible covers band called the King Beez.

Day 6 - more Memphis. We checked out the Peabody Hotel to watch the duck parade, seriously check it out! 11am and 5pm. Then some of us headed to The Rock N Soul Museum. Unfortunately, as it was a Sunday, there was no point visiting the Gibson factory as there was no production line on. A lot of the group went and watched a baseball match while the rest of us went and had Thai food. That night was spent playing Cards Against Humanity by the hotel pool.

Day 7 - Natchez - this was a long drive, about 5 and a half hours, but our tour guide made sure we took food and toilet breaks. When we got to Natchez we took a driving cemetery tour. We were given a CD to play and followed the instructions. This was our only rainy day and that twinned with the long drive, we were getting pretty tired and grumpy. Dinner was spent at a restaurant called Roux 61 where we tried alligator bites (recommended). We then got to visit Wal-Mart and then spent another night playing cards by the pool.

Day 8 - Our last day. Some of the group went on a tour of an old Antebellum house while the rest of us had an extra hour in bed. Had a bit of a drive to New Orleans, it was overcast but hot and very humid. We stopped and went on an alligator swamp tour which was interesting and fun. Once we had checked into the gateway hotel (all of us were staying that night) our tour leader actually took us out for dinner which she didn't have to do. All of us got on so well. The food was lovely, the French Quarter was something else. I flew home the next day so I did not have time to explore.

I highly recommend this tour especially if you love music and great nightlife.

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Deep South Plus

Incredible trip!

Reviewed June 2016

This was my first ever Trek America trip and I'm already planning my next, it was an incredible experience.

The highlights of this trip were:
- Going to a Frank Turner and Gogol Bordello gig in Birmingham
- Moonshine and wine tasting in Gatlinburg
- Clingmans Dome and hiking in the Smoky Mountains
- Being in Nashville during the CMA (great atmosphere!!)
- Nightlife in New Orleans, Nashville and Memphis
- Stanton Hall
- Cards Against Humanity on nights in
- Swamp tour
- Baseball game in Memphis
- Graceland
- Sun Studio
- Natchez Cemetery tour
- ♥ ♥ My group and tour leader ♥ ♥

I seriously recommend this trip - book it!

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Deep South Plus

Awesome, Hurricanes, Smoky, Proof, Ribs, Jokes, Tornado, Laid-back, Inspiration

Reviewed October 2015

The most awesome time was had, particularly in the Smoky Mountains, Memphis and New Orleans.

Past Trekkers Review
Deep South Plus

Live music, great food & a real good time!

Reviewed September 2015

This was my first trek with Trek America and I really enjoyed it. Starting in New Orleans, we got to visit all of the great cities of the South and even spent some time hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Line dancing in Nashville was one of my trek highlights, the bar we went to had a fab atmosphere and we could have had dance lessons all night if we wanted to. The live music in both Nashville and Memphis was great, especially the band we saw at BB King's in Memphis. Graceland was fantastic and it was even better that it was included in the tour. The mansions in Natchez were so impressive and visiting Natchez was like taking a step back in time, it was so nice to see so many original buildings!

Just a few bits of feedback as to why I didn't give this 5, in Nashville we were left to our own devices a bit, despite the fact that it wasn't a free day and it meant to see the Grand Ole Opry, we had to take a taxi over there and back which worked out being 12-14 dollars each. As a group of us wanted to see it, it would have been better if we had been dropped off at the Opry and it be a more important part of the tour.

Also, we didn't get an included walking tour of Memphis as it says on the Trek website.

Despite this though, I did really enjoy Trek and I thought the tour guide made effort with my food requirements and the fact I was under 21. A great group of people and a great time, I definitely recommend this tour!

Past Trekkers Review
Deep South Plus

Music, Food, Line Dancing and Moonshine

Reviewed September 2015

So, I headed to the Deep South to experience live music, BBQ food and try out some of Bourbon Streets most 'deadliest' cocktails - and boy did I do this and much much more. From the hand grenades in New Orleans to the Antebellum Mansions in Natchez, Swamp Tour in Louisiana and the Peabody ducks in Memphis; I have experienced so much and have memories that will last a life time. Our tour leader took us Line Dancing in Nashville! It was so much fun! We visited Sun Studio in Memphis and stood exactly where Elvis sang his first ever song, then visited Graceland and walked around his house and garden. We went moonshine tasting in the Smoky Mountains, as well as hiking through the beautiful forests. The culture in the Deep South was nothing like I expected and I would go back in a heart beat. Our tour leader was amazing and always gave us ideas on where to go and what to do, as well as joining in with us and having fun. Thank you Trek America!

Past Trekkers Review
Deep South Plus


Reviewed March 2015

If you love fantastic food, amazing music with some history thrown in then this is the trip for you!
From Civil Rights to snow tubing, fried pickles to beignets, country music, rock 'n' roll and soul.
This was a fantastic week with a fabulous leader and an amazing gang. New Orleans has gotten in to my soul and I am desperate to go back.
Don't even think about doing this tour, just do it!!!!

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