Freedom Trail

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Freedom Trail

7 days of amazingness!

Reviewed August 2019

This trek was so fun! I was lucky I was with a group of only 9 people so it wasn't too big. Our trek leader Sam was so funny and chill and got along well with all of us which was great. We crammed in a lot of sight seeing in all the places we went to and I think it was enough time in each place to get a good insight of the cities. The bus trips were either a good place to catch up on naps or where we just chatted which was good. Honestly my favourite nights were when we set up camp and cooked dinner together and played games and had a few drinks. We all didn't want the trek to finish yet because we had so much fun. I would highly recommend doing a trek if you want to solo travel and make friends, and see a lot of stuff in a short amount of time! I would love to do another trek another time to places I haven't been to yet, because my trek leader Sam would tell us all the other treks and make us jealous that we haven't been there.

Chelsea Holt
Freedom Trail

Could have been better due to one tiny thing

Reviewed August 2017

The trip itself was good. Not great but good. The reason I wouldn't say great is due to our tour leader. He was moody and the whole group felt like he couldn't be bothered and I feel that because of this we missed out on stuff. He would decide that if he didn't like something, we would leave. Everyone on the trek at various spots would be having a good time then all of a sudden he would be like 'no, I don't like this, let's leave'
We didn't get a say in the matter.
On the bus when we're were driving he would slag off other trekkers from other groups. No one was allowed an opinion on anything but when he had one it was a different story. He was quite cocky, rude to the public. He offended the lady who was giving the Amish tour by asking her questions about sex that really he shouldn't be asking. I was embarrassed to be part of it. My group were lovely. I just feel that if we had a more respectful tour leader I may have enjoyed this so much more. I just eat uncomfortable around him the whole time.

Response from TrekAmerica:
Thank you for your comments. We recognise that our leaders play an important role in ensuring our customers' enjoyment of our tours, and while everybody's expectations are different, we are always disappointed when our leaders fail to contribute in this way.

This is Mike’s second year with us and typically he receives excellent feedback with an average score of 4.67 out of 5, confirming this feedback is entirely out of character for him. While he has been previously well received, we understand that this was not your experience with him.

Though Mike felt enthused by the group dynamics, his second full season has led to some fatigue that seems to have taken its toll on him throughout this tour. Leaders work incredibly hard and for the most part do an amazing job. It is regrettable that this fatigue was in evidence during your tour.

Mike is deeply sorry if any of his actions or comments caused you to feel uncomfortable and assured us this was not his intention.

We are working with Mike to decide what the best options are for his leading career going forward.

Past Trekkers Review
Freedom Trail

An amazing experience

Reviewed September 2015

this trip was the best holiday I've ever been on. I went by myself and I'm glad I did. this is defiantly a trek for some one who hasn't done any thing like this before. our trek leader was Anne and she was very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and fun to be round. the first day we went to Philadelphia. there we went to the rocky steps and the Liberty Bell after that we got some lunch and had a Philly Cheese Sandwich which was very nice but it wasn't any thing special. we then went to set up camp and there we got shown how to put up the tents and set up the camp site which was easier than expected. then that evening we went to Washington DC and we had pizza in front of the Washington monument which was pretty cool. we then walked around looking at all the Washington monuments lit up which was awesome. the second day we were taken back to Washington to do what ever we want, about half way though the day some of the group did a 3 hour bike tour which was pretty good. The 3rd day we went to an Amish market which was nice and one of the Amish folk took the group on a tour in his horse and kart around one of the farms and fields. Now on the 4th day be prepared to be in the van most of the day. its very boring but if the group plays a few games the time flies by. the 5th day was Niagara falls which was awesome but I think it was a little to touristy for me. the 6th day was Boston the freedom trail was ok but nothing special so I recommend that you get to the port and go on to boat tour which I didn't do that but the people who did say it was pretty good. this day is the only day that you don't camp and you stay in a hostel. so over all this trip was really good and the only down side was that between the destinations there was a lot of traveling in the van but its worth it when you get there that's why I gave it 4 stars. I will be definitely be coming back and doing another trek. Thanks trek America

Past Trekkers Review
Freedom Trail

Many great experiences packed into one week

Reviewed February 2015

This was a short but great trek. I had never camped before but loved the experience, the camp sites were all fine, though on the last night we were supposed to camp, we opted to upgrade to a cheap hotel, all our tents still being damp from a thunderstorm the night before (amazing experience watching lighting across Lake Ontario).

The end of the trek was over shadowed slightly by hurricane Irene moving into the area and cancelling my flight home! But that added even more adventure to a fun week of new experiences with great people and our lovely trek leader Christie.

The night tour of Washington was really interesting, the monuments looked amazing when illuminated. We went to see a baseball game the next night which had such a great atmosphere.

The camp site, lake and area where we camped in 'bear country' was beautiful. Luckily didn't see any bears!

Niagra Falls was stunning, we got slightly damp getting up close.

Boston is a really cool city with lots of history, the Freedom Trail was really interesting. We spent the evening in a Sports Bar behind the baseball stadium (watching the Red Sox lose!)

There were a couple of long drives but the scenery was stunning.

If you're short on time, I would definitely recommend this short and sweet trek.

Past Trekkers Review
Freedom Trail

Great way to see lots of places!

Reviewed January 2015

Freedom Trail was a really great way to see so much in so little time. Yes there is a lot of driving but I found the van to be really comfy and actually enjoyed the time in it! For me there were lots of highlights, definitely including Washington DC and Philadelphia, both places that I will return to. However, the trip wasn't without its disappointments. The tents were old and smelled awful. And the cooking equipment and eating utensils weren't clean enough for me. We had to wash them in cold water from an outside tap and it was off putting. For these reasons I won't use Trek America again for a camping trip, but would do a BLT trip. Other disappointments were finding out that Gettysburg had been removed from the itinerary and replaced with a trip to an Amish museum, and when I asked when we would be doing the DC night illuminations tour, we were told that that had also been removed from the itinerary, but our tour leader agreed to take us anyway. The group as a whole felt that our tour leader wasn't completely honest with us at times, and got the impression that she would tell us that we could no longer do something because she simply couldn't be bothered to do it. She also made sure that all of us gave her full marks in the end of trip survey. She was a really nice girl and we all got along great, but I can't help but feel that older, more experienced tour leaders would greatly increase the value of these trips. Another piece of advice would be if you book onto a trek with friends, you might not end up on the same trek. I booked with two other friends and was split up from them and sent with another group of people. When I called Trek America to try to rectify this I was told "We're just the UK booking office, what they do with you when you get to America is out of our hands."
Other than those things though, I would recommend taking a Trek America trip, the amount of places you can see in such a short period of time is incredible. The camping is cheap and nasty, but you get what you pay for, and it is worth it to see the places!

Past Trekkers Review
Freedom Trail

Amazing Trip Amazing Sights

Reviewed November 2014

Wanting to try and see as much of the US in the short time away from work I could get this trip looked like an ideal one and it really was. From the History of DC to the Power of Niagara then to the European feel of Boston and with everything in between this was a great way to spend a week. Even the camping was fun (not always a fan in the UK) thanks to a good group and a great leader (Tim really knows his stuff!)...West Coast next year

Past Trekkers Review
Freedom Trail

Brilliant experience, one of my best holidays yet!

Reviewed September 2014

There is a lot of driving involved in this tour, that much is obvious, but it's to be expected when covering so much ground in such a short period of time. Spending the time in the van wasn't bad though, since I was part of such a good group with an awesome leader!

Didn't spend too much time in Philadelphia or with the Amish (in a town hilariously called Intercourse) but a whole day in each of Washington and Niagara was just about enough to see the main sites. Boston was great though I want to go back & spend more time there. The Berkshires are stunning, but staying in a forest which has bears was a little bit terrifying, haha.

Definitely recommend doing this tour if you're short on time/money - it's given me the travel bug! This was my first trek and I fully intend to do another :)

Past Trekkers Review
Freedom Trail

Great fun with great people!

Reviewed September 2014

The trek was a lot of fun, and we went to some really awesome places. The trek leader (Rachel) was brilliant and really got involved. However I do feel maybe this package could stand to be a day or two longer, as it was a lot of driving and I would have liked to spent longer in certain places. Great fun though! :)

Past Trekkers Review
Freedom Trail

a great experience

Reviewed August 2014

This was the first trek I've been on and it lived up to all of the previous reviews. There is a lot of time spent travelling but you see a really diverse selection of stuff and you are guaranteed to meet awesome people and have a fantastic tour guide!

Past Trekkers Review
Freedom Trail

Amazing! Awesome place, Awesome company #JammingMuppets

Reviewed July 2014

I can't really do it justice in a review. This was my first trek and it did not disappoint. I would defiantly recommend this trek is done at some point. Saw so many amazing sites/places and spent 4th July in Boston Epic. Had one of the best weeks of my life and met some awesome people. The tour leader was an absolute legend. My only regret was not planning on staying longer in New York. It went way to fast!!! :D

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