Top 10 Instagrammers to inspire your North American adventure

Instagram may have only been around for five years, but we can't imagine our lives without it. There's nothing better than snapping away, choosing filters and sharing our fab photos. It's also a great place to get travel inspiration. But with 400 million monthly users it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we've put our top ten faves into this handy list.


1. US National Parks

The USA has 58 national parks – whoa! And you can take a look at photos from each and every one of them on the National Parks' Instagram account. Pay attention, you might be quizzed on which ones you want to visit later.


2. Travel Alberta

Alberta Instagram

How many pictures of snow can you look at before it gets boring? No we haven't found the answer yet either, as we could sit and scroll through Travel Alberta's Instagram all day. The land that is home to the Canadian Rockies sure is pretty.


3. Tommy McNamara

Tommy McNamara

Wanna know which state is best? Ask a man who has been to all 50 of them. Or just look at his photos instead and decide for yourself. Tour guide, photographer and all round awesome guy, Tommy will show you what's what.


4. New York City

New York instagram

Is there actually anything better than ogling over photos of New York City and imagining that you live there?! Lap up moody shots of the iconic skyline, Central Park in fall and familiar buildings taken from unusual angles.


5. Camp Leaders

Been thinking about combining your trip with working at a summer camp, but don't know if it's for you? Check out Camp Leaders' Instagram page and decide if goofing around with new-found friends, experiencing the great American outdoor lifestyle and seeing the sights looks like fun.


6. Alice Waters

Alice Waters Instagram

We all love to travel via our taste buds and Alice Waters is where it's at when it comes to Californian cuisine. We dare you to look at her pics without your mouth watering. See, impossible!


7. Brooke Willson

Brooke Wilson Instagram

Not gonna lie, we want Brooke Willson's life. At least if her Instagram is anything to go by. She's based in the Rocky Mountains and loves the great outdoors and it shows. If anyone is an advert for getting out and enjoying nature, it's Brooke.


8. Travis Burke Photography

Travis Burke Instagram

Is it cheating being on Instagram if you're a pro photographer? If it is, we'll let Travis off, since his shots are just so damn good. Travelling around the USA in his grandmother's old van, he knows how to have an adventure or two and document them so we can come along for the ride.


9. Oregon Explored

Oregon instagram

From the tiny details to the lofty trees, prepare to be seduced by photos of the incredible state of Oregon. Mother Nature got it right when she designed this place. We wanna stand under that waterfall, swim in that lake and hike that trail.


10. TrekAmerica

TrekAmerica Instagram

Check out what we've been up to, with images put up by our tour leaders, Trekkers on the road and generally awesome shots of the US of A and beyond. Our Instagram account is a great way to see what a TrekAmerica trip is all about and the fun you could be having.

Main image: Shutterstock

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