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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

The best week of my life.

Reviewed September 2018

Jumping on a plane on my own to travel the west coast with a group of strangers was the best thing I ever did. Honestly places like Yosemite and Grand Canyon you really do have to see to believe how incredible they are, Vegas is a whirlwind and the party bus is hilarious. Our tour leader Bryson was both leader and a friend and made the whole trip way better. We went running into Colorado river at midnight on our first night together, we all gelled so quickly. The camp sites were amazing, the bus is really comfy, the feel of the whole trip is just fab. It was heartbreaking to leave the group- we're arranging a meet up next year for our 1 year anniversary!

Craig Robertson
Northern Trail from New York

trip of a lifetime

Reviewed September 2018

Awesome experience travelling across the continent with a great group of people.

We had an awesome trek leader! He took time to got to know each of us a little bit, and picked some interesting places to stop along the way (that werent in the itinerary) that people in the group were really interested in. He was also really great at giving activity ideas for the free days, and suggesting things at suitable fitness levels.

I was 34 - despite being a bit older, I never felt locked out or disconnected from the group - even when I was usually one of the first to bed every night.

Western BLT from San Francisco

I left my heart in (Western BLT from) San Francisco!

Reviewed September 2018

Looking at some of the other reviews people have written on here, this may sound like a bit of a broken record. But genuinely, this trip has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. If I could go back and do it again tomorrow, I would!

In terms of a USA West Coast experience, couldn't have asked for more. We walked the Golden Gate Bridge, hiked up and saw gorgeous views in Yosemite, hired a party bus in Vegas and explored all the nightlife Vegas has to offer (from shows, clubs, water-fountains - the lot!), explored the Grand Canyon and finished up in LA. It was a jam-packed itinerary for sure, but we made every moment count. I knew it sounded good on paper and looked good in pictures before I left, but it's honestly 100% better when you are actually there, experiencing it for yourself.

Like a lot of people, I was nervous about travelling on my own, but after about 5 minutes I realised there was no need to be. The beauty of this type of trip is that you meet and spend a week with a group of people who are all in exactly the same boat as you. Plus there's plenty of time to chat / bond in the van, in fact a couple of my favourite memories from the trip were from some of the great times we had on the drives! I was very lucky, my group were all wonderful people and I have made some amazing friends.

So basically, if you want a trip where you get to see amazing places, meet new people, and make some great memories - this is it :)

Liam H
Westerner 2

Best way to see West Coast USA!

Reviewed September 2018

My trek tour left June 7th 2018 and was my first time experiencing travelling alone at the age of 18. I highly recommend pre-accommodation with trekamerica. They had us stay at Aloft, the hotel right next to the Fairfield; which in my opinion was much more modern.

My tour guide, Anya, was so incredibly knowledgeable of the geographical locations of each of the cities we visited, I still can't believe it was her first time! As for my trek group, it was fantastic traversing the west coast with a bunch of outdoor-oriented and adventurous souls. Being 18, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to include myself in the activities that the 21+ year olds would be able to do, but my group made sure (when necessary) that we went to bars suitable for all ages and found activities that were also age inclusive.

I could not have asked for a better experience travelling alone in California, Nevada and Arizona. I'm so glad I decided to this tour and I'm so happy with the friends and memories that resulted from me going on it!

If you're heading to work at USA summer camps, I highly recommend booking with these tour providers as the dates they offer for tours can work around camp start/end dates.

Westerner 2

More incredible than I ever imagined!

Reviewed September 2018

So you’re gonna read a lot of reviews about how apprehensive people were to book and how glad they were that they did. I read a lot of similar reviews before I booked and was probably as skeptical as you are reading mine but it’s impossible to put into words how utterly incredible this trip is you just have to give it a go and see for yourself! I had the most amazing 2 weeks everywhere we stopped I was convinced it couldn’t get more beautiful and nothing else could surprise me but every time it did! From trekking the Grand Canyon to sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset I couldnt quite believe I was really there. Our trek leader Steven was so helpful and just felt like one of the group. I made great friends and loved getting to know everyone.

I’ll leave you with a quote I learnt along the way “freedom awaits you on the breeze in the sky, you ask what if I fall but oh my darling what if you fly?” And so if these reviews are to be believed surely that’s worth taking a chance and booking cause I guarantee you’ll be flying the whole time!

Southern Sun from New York

Incredible experience, amazing locations and people but disappointing trek leader.

Reviewed September 2018

Booking the trip was so easy and I loved the pre-departure tips and checklist as well as being able to speak to people on my trip beforehand! Although the trip was really expensive, it allowed me to travel hassle-free after camp and pick a trek that suits me. The trek itself was incredible! I visited 15 states in 21 days and was lucky enough to have a great group of people. I chose a camping trek which suited me and thought the idea of the food kitty was perfect. The campsites were all lovely (bar one, which we only stayed in for one night) with showers, wifi, laundry and sometimes pools. We had a lot of free days to choose what we wanted to do, which was great since we didn't have to follow the group. My biggest let down was the tour leader. He focused a lot on drinking, making sure we always bought alcohol and sometimes left activities earlier than the group wanted so we could go back to the hostel/campsite and drink. The food kitty was not used how it was described to us- we were not given a choice whether to use food kitty or eat out or even a choice on where to eat out. Meals became very expensive since he chose very nice, but very expensive restaurants and we only made 5 dinners for the whole 21 day trek. There were many other complaints including unacceptable relationships with trekkers, staying up late drinking then driving us early in the morning, leaving drunk people on the floor to look after themselves, texting while driving and giving us very little information on things to do locally on our free days, particularly free things to do. The trek leader on the other group also regularly got lost (despite using google maps), got stuck in the sand (so the trekkers had to push the van out and lost an hour and a half of their day) and spoke badly about the other group. This review is not to put people off the trip, which was INCREDIBLE. I line danced in nashville, hiked the grand canyon, went on a party bus down the vegas strip and spent many evenings playing cards and drinking by the fire. This review is to make people aware of the negatives of my experience so they can consider it before booking. When reading reviews I found that people only included positives, whereas I wanted to have an inclusive review to consider before booking. Also, I hope that this review, and my complaint email will make trekamerica train/hire staff with more care.


Response from TrekAmerica:

Thank you for reviewing this tour. I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed the itinerary and were able to make the most of your time in the amazing locations visited on the Southern Sun. It is disappointing to hear that your tour leader did not provide the level service we expect at TrekAmerica.

Our expectation is that our tour leaders will help enhance the tour with the knowledge of the places visited, as well as suggestions for optional activities on offer in each location. It is good to hear that your tour leader chose to include themselves in activities in their free time but it sounds like, at times, they took this too far.

Please note we take any allegations of driving under the influence or driving dangerously very seriously.

The food kitty is managed by the tour leader and offers value by splitting the cost of communal meals across the tour. I am sorry to hear you felt this was not managed correctly and you had to eat out on a number of days.

It is good to hear that, despite the performance of the tour leader, you were still able to take wonderful memories way from the Southern Sun tour.

Western BLT from San Francisco

The time of my life!

Reviewed September 2018

This is a great trip which offers a lot of variety. From walking up trails in beautiful Yosemite and Grand Canyon, to being on a party bus, seeing shows and drinking in Las Vegas. That's why I choose it and it delivered!

If you're after a relaxing week this isn't the Trek for you. It involves a lot of early mornings and long days, but packs in some amazing things in to a week.

The people I toured with were brilliant and I made some great friends along the way. If anyone is concerned about travelling alone don't be, people are in the same boat as you and you make friends through your experiences together.

I had the time of my life on this trip and I'm gutted to be home and back to reality. Would definitely use Trek America again in the future!

Mountain Trail

The most incredible trip.

Reviewed September 2018

This was my second trek america trip, but doing this trek is the best thing I've ever ever done. Every single part of the trip was incredible, from Yellowstone to Arches National Park. It really is a nature lovers dream. Our tour leader Nicole was amazing and she worked so hard to make the trip life altering for all of us. Our group was amazing and most of were solo travellers. If I could do it all again I would.

Westerner 2


Reviewed September 2018

Where to begin.. I was apprehensive of booking this trip, partly because it would be my first solo flight, partly because of being in an unknown territory! But oh my, I am soooo very pleased I did it! Honestly, from the minute I booked it right away through to the end of the tour to now, I have loved it! Meeting the very best friends ever and being able to share the most magical experiences and adventures with them was just incredible! Being taught and shown around places I would never have even known about by the very best tour leader, just helped to make the adventure magical! I've seen the best sunsets and sunrises, slept under the stars, found the most quaint spots in the most idyllic spots. Conquered fears, achieved things I never thought I would ever do! Hiked longer than I thought I could! And learnt so many things about myself and the world! I know its a cliché, but you really do change when you go travelling and see the world! "Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not things to show." I would 100000000000...% recommend booking a trek America tour- especially a westerner 2 tour! Although its only 14 days, you see soooo much!!!!!!

Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Best week ever!

Reviewed September 2018

This trek was amazing! We had Jordan as a trek leader and she was fantastic! She knew everything about everywhere and more importantly she put up with us lot for a whole week! I joined the Trek as a solo traveller and despite only being with some of the girl for only 7 days, it felt like I had known them 7 years! My original thought was that it was quite expensive, but I was proved wrong. We did SO much during the week and getting to all these places alone would probably be impossible without a car. The food they got was amazing and it was just such a fantastic experience. My highlights were definitely the party bus in Las Vegas (that was amazing) and camping in the Grand Canyon during a storm! I have met friends for life and have amazing stories to tell thanks to Trek America!

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