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Jayne Rose

Best time of my life! Absolutely fantastic experience!

Reviewed July 2018

Wow - where do I start! At first, when I booked this trip, I was terrified about travelling alone for the first time but it was something that I had to do for myself. There were times when I wanted to cancel due to my worrying but I'm so glad I didn't as it was honestly the best thing I have ever done! This honestly was the best time of my life, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment in Canada and met some incredibly amazing people! They were my Trekfam and still are, we have all kept in touch and I can truly call them lifelong friends. Our tour leader Andrew was absolutely awesome and one of the happiest, most passionate people I have met and he made the tour what it was. He took us to some outstanding places, some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Canada is truly amazing and I can't wait to go back. None of us wanted to leave by the end and it was so sad saying goodbye as we became such good friends. I'm quite a shy person and was worried I wouldn't fit in but it only took a couple of days to settle and we all clicked and ended up becoming the best of friends. Every day we were up and out early to make the most of the day, we saw so many different places and I think the best of Canada really! The food was great - breakfast and lunch was lovely and every night we took in turns to cook delicious meals. I have never laughed so much! I would recommend this trip to everyone and to use Trekamerica as I will definitely be travelling with them again as it's such a great idea for solo travellers and a great company to use. The whole trip went so smoothly which was great for a first timer so nothing to worry about! We were really lucky with the weather too, only 1 day of rain at Lake Louise. If you're thinking about booking, don't hesitate just go for it, you won't regret it! Thanks Trek for giving me the best trip of my life and for some incredible memories that I will forever cherish!

Westerner 2

Absolutely incredible!!!

Reviewed July 2018

I cannot recommend this trip enough, it was the perfect trip and one that I know I will never forget. I met some incredible people and life long memories. The trip takes you across the West Coast and most of the driving is done at night or early in the morning so you still have most of the days to explore and do individual activities if you want. The highlights for me were definitely Vegas, San Diego and Yosemite, All the stops made were completely different giving the trip a variety of experiences from challenging hikes, some painful hangovers and just relaxing on the beach. Some of the activities are rather expensive such as the helicopter tour, but if you want the full experience, I would advise saving so you can afford them all. You wont regret it. I went in June and it was a lovely time of year, make sure you bring lots of sun cream for the treks though! There is a lot of camping involved in the trip, something I wasn't used to, but all the equipment is clean and modern. The assembling of the camp each night really helps the camp bond, and there are lots of chances for late night bonfires!

My only warning is that it is an intense trip not leaving much time for a lot of rest if you are not the most active person. But you can catch this up on the mini bus. My group were all really fun and the time in the bus passed very quickly considering how far you go. Also, my tour involved a lot of home cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners so we didn't have the option to eat at some of the local restaurants that we passed (aside from when we were overnight in the city). But this might be because our tour guide was super healthy!

All in all this was well worth the money. I have some amazing memories that nothing can replace and I thank Trek America so much for that. Don't worry if you are solo traveler, I just called up and ensured I joined a group where everyone booked on their own. By the end of the trip it feels like you have known everyone for a long time.

P.S. Look out for the whale on the San Francisco boat tour at sunset!

Amy C

11 Days of Bucket List Goals!

Reviewed July 2018

I had been looking forward to this trip for a long time and it was totally worth the wait, all thanks to the amazing people I was lucky enough to meet on this trek and our awesome tour leader Chelle who knew everything there was to know about BC and Alberta, and made sure our bucket lists were ticked off!

Westerner 2

Overwheming Experience!!!

Reviewed July 2018

I travelled from LA around the West Coast from the start of June 2018 and I enjoyed every single minute of this wonderful experience, especially treat myself to fly over The Grand canyon which was brilliant! I felt lucky to travel with fun lovely people who made me feel part of the journey and the camping experience has helped me learned a lot.

I like to thank Brian Eyler who has been an exceptional tour leader especially when I courageously reveal my Autism to him and he though I was an inspiration to everyone during the trip. I wished that memorable journey would never End.

Thank you Trek America for making my money worth while

Rocky Mountain High

Great if you love hiking and camping

Reviewed July 2018

Saw lots of amazing national parks and natural areas - for me the highlights were Glacier, Monument Valley and Zion.

Western Wonder from San Francisco

Incredible life changing experience

Reviewed June 2018

This trek is a great mix of hiking and seeing natural beauty mixed with the camping style which lets you enjoy being in a group setting and with Las Vegas in the middle of the trek. Trek people are so open minded it is a great way for solo travellers to meet new people and travel.

Amy-Lauren Esposito
Western Wonder from Los Angeles

The honeymoon of our dreams!

Reviewed June 2018

We chose to do the Western Wonder tour as part of our American adventure honeymoon because it incorporated our main interests in the American West - LA, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Travelling in a small group and with our wonderful leader Julie, we were provided with everything we needed to survive the 'wild' - and given lots of useful tips on how to get the most out of our short time there. The tour went above an beyond our expectations - we took in the open desert and canyons in a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. We partied HARD in Las Vegas. We were drenched by the Mist Trail hiking up to Vernal and Nevada Falls at Yosemite. We saw whales flip their tails under the Golden Gate Bridge. We were humbled by the beauty and vibrance on America, and the people who call it home. We left slightly heartbroken and exhausted, but inspired to visit again.

Westerner 3

Too many incredible wonders & places to even comprehend!

Reviewed June 2018

I did this trek as 3 week part of a 7 week solo trip. My reasons for booking it were:

1. I wanted to see the national parks of the USA and this was near impossible to do for me as i dont drive. A tour like this is the best way to see them.

2. The other 4 weeks of my 7 week trip were spent alone. Im happy being alone, however i wanted to spend some time with others and make new friends.. and i was hoping that would happen on this trip (it did!).

3. It is a great use of time. You see a ton of places in the 21 days!

The first day was a mix of nervousness and excitement, but a few hours after meeting each other we were all getting along well. Everyone was around the same age and all had similar personalities.. everyone who goes on a trip like this will have an adventurous soul.

The locations we visited were all incredible. Although time was limited, the only places i really felt like we missed out on by not staying longer were San Francisco and San Diego. But seeing any city in 1.5 days is near impossible, and this trek was more about the outdoors anyways!

The national parks are really something else. From Yosemite to the Grand Canyon,, there was a great mix of places that were seriously awe inspiring. There were some great hikes (Angels Landing was the best!!), but some of the best moments were just appreciating the beauty. Watching the sunrise in Arches NP, gliding over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, riding a horse through Bryce.. (i didnt do that but i hear it was wonderful).

The van was nice! I was worried about getting road sick but it was pretty smooth and comfortable. We only had 7 people (van holds 13), so it was pretty comfortable. Not sure i'd like to be in it with 10+ people though. It was fun getting to move around seats, talk to people, and hear the music everyone played (person up front is DJ!).

The van had 3? power outlets. With 3 double chargers, that is 6 usb sockets. We got by with 7 people, but again with 10+ people wanting to charge multiple devices each, it would be a struggle. About half the campsites had power outlets, but again they had to be shared. Keeping your devices charged can be a difficulty and was one of the biggest downsides for me as i liked taking photos.

Camping was also pretty fun! Putting up the tents and taking them down was fun, although could be a pain when you're tired in the morning. Everyone gets into a routine which is nice. I was lucky enough to get my own tent but most people share one. Its not comfy but it's not awful. They say a pillow is optional.. but a pillow is not optional. Bring a pillow. Or put money aside to buy one on the first Walmart stop.

The campsites were all quite nice, no complaints there. Always had nice showers, and most had laundry facilities and a store for snacks.

When you're stuck with the same people for 21 days like that, it is natural for people to get upset and frustrated at each other. It will happen, it did happen. But overall we all got along really well and there was plenty of tears on the last day. You miss the excitement and the travelling, but you really miss the people. You'll make great friends on this tour. :)

The food was a lot healthier than i am used to.. but i got to try plenty of new stuff at least! You get put into groups and have to cook meals for everyone, the other groups do dishes. I.. am a hopeless cook, so i was little help, but i assisted where i could. There's also daily stops at gas stations and such, so you can stock up on snacks if needs be! Food was not a highlight for me though if i am honest.

The tour leader was with us most of the time, however we did get time to just ourselves. It is the same as i said before, people can get frustrated with each other when they're around each other so much, and that happened a bit between the group and the tour leader at times, but i imagine it's completely normal. He was obviously very experienced and was able to take us off route to places not on the itinerary! Places like dinosaur tracks in the desert, hot springs, and cliffside lunch spots! He went out of his way for us many times... one time resulting in him getting pulled over for doing so..

The tour leader is sort of like a parent. They drive you around, make sure you know what you're doing, and make sure you're safe. But they're not a butler or a chef, you do need to put in a lot of work yourself to make the tour work. Teamwork!

My only real complaint is in regards to the optional activities offered. There is a ton on this website, but on our first day we were handed a list of what we could choose from.. and there was maybe half of what was on this website. I mean if you think about it, when you have 1 day in MOAB, how can you go mountain biking, on a float trip, go on a hummer tour, and go canyoneering? You can't. We only got offered the hummer tour, which was a shame as i was looking forward to the mountain biking & canyoneering. Even paid extra on my insurance so i would be covered for them :(

But apart from that, it was a really incredible experience. Definitely a trip of a lifetime. One of the parts to not look over is that you will make great friends and have some great experiences with them. A trip like this is a lot more than just seeing pretty places and doing cool things. It is an incredible adventure and social experience.

As for the title of this review.. it is true. When you see Yosemite, you are in complete awe. A couple of weeks later when you see the Grand Canyon.. you are just like "Oh cool its the Grand Canyon". You really do get spoilt and stop appreciating it all in a sense.

Lucy Morley
Mexican BLT

A true insight into what Mexico is really like

Reviewed June 2018

I have just come back from 2 weeks in Mexico, of which my first 8 days were comprised of the Mexico BLT. I have done 2 previous Trek tours (Southern Sun & Hawaii) both of which were camping so budget lodging was like luxury compared to that.
It was my friend who chose Mexico as a destination as she was getting married on the Caribbean coast later in my holiday. Seeing that I had travelled all the way I thought why not do a tour?! So there I was.

We were a group of just 6 (it could have been a max of 10) from across the globe, plus our fantastic tour guide Dalai, a true Mexican so he was able to give us all the information we wanted about the country.
The tour was a good mix of history (which I’m not a major fan of) and the environment (which I love), but I learnt a lot about the country of Mexico, it’s environment, histroy and culture.
If you want to see the true Mexico (rather than spending 2 weeks in 5* luxury like my friends did and get bored) I would highly recommend this trip - but if you’re like me and desperately need a holiday for the relaxation I would recommend booking some time in one of the lovely hotels for afterwards to recover as the tour is full on (just like all of the tours are).

Tour Positives:
- great mix of culture, environment and relaxing
- fantiastic experiences and activities in every location on the tour
- lovely hotels to stay in

Tour negatives:
- lots of driving, including 2x 6hr drives (even though it was worth it, it was long at the time!)
- lots of mosquitos! Take repellent!

Trip highlight:
Walking, swimming and jumping down a waterfall!

White Christmas New York New Year

Really amazing time, great locations and great people!

Reviewed May 2018

This trip was highly enjoyable, it was the right mix of planned activities and time for fun along the way. It is truly one of the best trips I have ever been on. The trek leader was invested in everyone’s time being the best possible. I think its a really good time to tour that part of the country and Times Square for New Year finished the year off in the greatest way possible. I would highly recommend.

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