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Best of the East

Briliant but had to be creative

Reviewed August 2019

This was my 3rd trip. I was excited and nervous just like the others. Once i arrived at my gateway hotel i was able to relax unload grab some food and take a shower to get the plane off me. The next morning like always, we met downstairs in the lobby awaiting for our tour leader. What helped was that i had already spoken to a few trekkers on my tour before hand so saying hello again was like i already knew them. Once i found out who my tour leader was, we sat down together did our introductions and hit the road. My leader had a lot of expectation to live up to as my previous tour leaders were incredible!! Our first day was hitting Philadelphia and Washington DC. Wow. What an amazing couple of days. On my previous tour the first night my leaders cooked for us... on this trip my leader didnt. So he set out a schedule for us and wanted us to cook. Not a huge problem but a little disapointing as most of us were still jet lagged, didnt know each other and were still getting used to how trek worked. (I was the most experienced and probably told the group more info about how it works than my leader). As we moved on throughout the week as a group we all bonded and got on very quickly. Often we would sit by the campfire and eat smores and deink while our leader was on another campsite with another group enjoying their company insyead of ours... again not a huge problem but disappointing as you would have thought he would have wanted to get to know us as the trip is only 12/13 days long? As we moved through into the second week we really bonded together but had to rely on wifi and someones GPS to get us information about places and things to do. Overall, there was times we were waiting around to waist time to get to our next destination instead of finding something to do and ther wasnt a lot of knowledge known about each place from our leader until we got to his homeland in NYC. It was only until the last 3 days where we would camp together, eat amores together, drink together etc. and i think by that point i was really tired of the 4am wake up calls and overall couldnt be bothered making effort with the leader by this point. As always, i was polite and engaged with him but would always go on about leaving tips for him at the end something he really pushed us for.

Jess Allen
Grand Trek

The Grandest Trek There Ever Was - First Solo Travel Experience

Reviewed August 2019

On the 12th June 2019 I embarked on my first ever solo travel experience having chosen Trek America as a safe, reliable and exciting company to go with. I had heard about Trek America from friends but also seen a lot of their and their travellers content on social media which inspired me further!

I had always wanted to travel America but needed to find the best way to do so. I had a few discussions with friends about travelling but it never amounted to anything, therefore I just decided to go for it! If you wait for the right person to go with, you’ll never go! I was nervous about meeting a bunch of entirely new people and to spend so long in their company... I had absolutely no need to worry as everyone was so friendly and like minded so we all instantly clicked. So many different personalities, stories and experiences to learn from. I made a point of getting to know everyone as I thought this to be really important on how my trip was going to go. I had 2 groups as my trip was made up of 2 x 3 week trips (Northern Trail & Southern Sun). I also had 2 different guides. There were 6 consistent people (myself included) doing the whole trip. Each and every person offered something different to the group and was part of our little Trek family.

Both of my guides felt like friends to us all, maintaining a professional level of experience and guidance throughout. If you wanted to do something, they ensured it was done! I felt my first guide had better organisation skills and time management and so it was difficult to adjust initially on the second part of my trip, but I soon did and it all ran just as smoothly.

The majority of my trip we were camping, I always camped as a child but only in a caravan. I only had camped in a tent on a weeks school trip, so I took a risk by choosing this option. However, I would not have had it any other way! This allowed us to all get closer as a group by contributing to the cooking, cleaning but also spending time around the fire whereas I imagined on a trip including more hotels people would retire to their rooms and browse their phones etc. I have not done a BLT trip so I can’t really speak on this however. I personally would choose a camping trip again, it felt it has really opened me up to the outdoors and I went from a girl that likes her little comforts in life, to sleeping on just a tarpaulin under the stars (In monument valley). Something I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing a year ago, but what a wonderful experience! Put me there right now and I’d be happy.

The campsites we stayed in for the most part exceeded my expectations (Praise for KOA’s!) Yes there were some questionable bathrooms and more basic sites, but who cares when your surrounded by and there to experience the sights and nature around you! I found myself just ‘getting on with it’ and having the best time.

We also stayed in some hostels in cities, all of which were comfortable and had lovely common areas and facilities, I had not stayed in a hostel before but feel I have been spoilt for the quality in the ones we stayed in! But maybe these were jut a welcome break from camping? Still great.
We also had some hotels, all of which, again I have nothing bad say about. Great locations and comfy beds (And that’s all you need right?).

The food kitty worked well for camping and we had some lovely scenic lunch stops whilst on the road, we took turns in cooking dinner and both of my groups were adventurous in our meal choices which was great! Lots of veg. I am gluten free also and everyone was very accepting and accommodating of this, both of my guides also went out of the way to ensure that whatever restaurant we went to had GF choices and any pizza opportunities for that matter also (Gluten Free Grand Canyon Pizza? No problem!).

We laughed, we cried (Happy tears), we danced, we sang (a lot), we hugged and were there for each other whenever needed. And we found friends, hopefully for life.

Trek America has assisted me in reaching one of my dreams and has given me more to aspire to also.

Can I just start all over again please?

Thank you Trek America! And thank you to my guides Brandon and Leo!

Lily Andrews
Westerner 2

fun, hardwork, unmissable

Reviewed August 2019

Wonderful and lovely tour leader (Erin Rowland), fun group and fantastic route and sights

Jarrah Bevilacqua
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Atlantic Dream

Atlantic Dream was a dream come true!

Reviewed August 2019

Being a solo traveller I was keen for some adventure but I also wanted to find a gang. The Atlantic Dream offered the perfect itinerary for what I was after & the thought of camping plus a smaller group really excited me.
I was lucky enough to have an amazing group & we became fast friends. Cohesion was no problem so our team work was evident from the start which is really important with campsites/cooking/chores etc. camping was great fun! We also stayed in hotels & airbnb in Orlando due to the heat, it was great.
Being a small group, everyone really bonded & there was a sense of family within the gang which was nice. We spent alot of quality time together & it was great getting to know everyone & becoming friends plus sharing incredible experiences together. We made memories that we won’t forget!

Our tour leader Taylor was one of the greatest people I have been lucky enough to meet and hang out with - he is now a friend for life. He was knowledgeable, hilarious & always up for a good time. We spent alot of time together in the van & around the cities & he was the best tour leader I ever could have expected. He took us around even on his days off & we really appreciated all the efforts he put in for us. Even after a long drive day he would be tired but always happy to help us if we needed anything. We were really lucky to have Taylor around.

The trip itself was unreal! It was moderately fast paced but I felt we had enough time in each city. I absolutely loved the white water rafting! Nashville was so much fun, we danced the night away. It was a great city to explore with the rich country music history. New Orleans was beautiful, it was everything i hoped it would be! I loved getting lost in the beautiful French Quarter, I cannot wait to get back there. Universal Studios was one of the funnest days of my life!!

The food in the south needs to be experienced, it was delicious. The scenery on our drives was amazing so being in the van for hours wasn’t a bad thing, in all honesty you need the rest time from all the walking & exploring that is packed in.

I would highly recommend this trip, it was a dream. I want to do it all over again!

Aidan Crowley
Southern Sun from New York

If you are thinking of doing it, do it.

Reviewed August 2019

If you are thinking of doing it, do it. It’s as simple as that. It suparsted my expectations in every way: the people, the places and the experiences.

Every place you go to is different and amazing in its on way (Nashville, Zion, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas were my favourites), you will walk away with the best memories and stories.

Also do it from New York to LA, that way you gain time going through all the time zones. Whereas you will lose it the other way, meaning even earlier starts and less time in all the amazing places.

Pacific Dream

Time of my life!!!

Reviewed August 2019

This was honestly the best month of my life! I met great people who I will know for life, I saw amazing sights, I had a fantastic tour guide. Can't fault the trip at all! It's the perfect length of time to give you a pod feel for America.

Alex Morris
Atlantic Dream

A combination of History, Music and Sun - winning!

Reviewed August 2019

This is by far the best tour I have done so far; the way it is set up you get to experience 3 completely different parts of America in 2 weeks which I think makes this trip so good.

Starting in new York, Philly and Washington we experienced American History and the early American architecture, which was beautiful in it's own right.

Then as we made it through the Virginia mountains you make it to the Deep South, where culture and music is rife, as well as the food, man the food is good.

Towards the end of the trip moving into Florida, chilling at the beach (watch out for sun burn even in May!) and visiting Universal Studios was a really great way to end the trip, and some downtime as a group in Miami 'celebrating' our Trek was the best way to end the trip.

All in all great fun and would hugely recommend to anyone who wants to see more than just the 'classic' tourist spots!

Atlantic Dream

A life changing experience I’ll treasure forever

Reviewed July 2019

I can’t even begin to put into words how incredible this trip was. Before the trip even began our group had all found each other on social media, so had been talking for a few months. When we finally met in Newark, it was like we’d always known each other. Our tour leader was Taylor and right from the first meeting he clicked with our group and what followed was nothing short of a trip of a lifetime.
Philly and Washington DC were both interesting, though for our group we felt like half a day in Philly would have been more beneficial - to see the Rocky Steps and then to get a Cheesesteak, we could have given Independence Hall a miss, but that was just our group! DC was amazing, and the Bike’n’Roll guide was great - the heat can be a bit much at times though so take water! The museums in DC were all free, and all amazing, but we wish that we’d have had an extra day to explore all of them!
Shenandoah was STUNNING and the hike up to Stony Man was gorgeous. We had to alter our itinerary slightly to accommodate whitewater rafting as Occoee was booked up, but Taylor took us to Adventures on the Gorge in WV and we all had an absolute blast.
Nashville and New Orleans were highlights for most of our group - Nashville was unreal and we wish we could have stayed longer! Memphis was interesting, and the Civil Rights Museum is a must if you’re in Memphis - Graceland was awesome and well worth paying extra money to see the cars and outfits. New Orleans was crazy and the vibe from the French Quarter is unlike anything else. If you get the chance, get Beignets from Cafe du Monde - they are hands down the best in the city!
We stayed in a place called Navarre instead of staying in Destin, and the beach was beautiful! Destin boardwalk was interesting, but most of us were pleased we stayed out of Destin!
For Orlando, our group chose to stay in an Airbnb rather than camping, so we all paid money for that. Most of us chose to go to Universal Studios and we had the best time smashing through as many rides as we could - Taylor came with us to Universal and we had the best day!
The drive to Miami was stressful for traffic reasons, but Miami Beach itself is beautiful. Most people flew home the next day so we had one last group meal out with Taylor before we all said our goodbyes. Saying goodbye to everyone was hard, but I’ve made lifelong friends on this trip, and it’s been an experience I’ll never forget!
Taylor made the whole trip as enjoyable as he possibly could and he’s become a friend to us all. We all bonded during the two weeks we were on the road and I shared this experience with some incredible people. I have 0 regrets about booking this trip, and there was never a day that I felt was wasted. I had the absolute time of my life, and I can’t wait to do another trip!

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Amazing experience, scenery and activities

Reviewed July 2019

Glaciers and Grizzlies is an excellent introduction to western Canada; you visit all of the iconic national parks such as Jasper and Banff, and sights such as Lake Louise and the Icefields Parkway. The trip is fast paced and action packed, you see and do so much in the 11 days! The activities on offer are excellent, such as rafting in Jasper, the Athabasca glacier walk, helicopter ride and zip lining - I would definitely recommend doing as many of the activities as you can, as Trek America have tried and tested them all and they are really brilliant companies and experiences! Our tour guide, Jen, was really enthusiastic and knowledgeable, she gave us so much insight into the local area and wildlife, and recommended some excellent hiking, such as the hike that we did at Lake Louise!
The accommodation was of a really high standard, especially in Banff; good location for going into town in the evening and the views of the surrounding area are amazing.
Overall this trip is absolutely amazing, the accommodation was great, itinerary was well planned and our tour guide went above and beyond for the group!

Southern Sun from New York

Can’t wait to do it all again

Reviewed July 2019

Amazing trek to get a taste of the south. Each state was incredible and gave something completely different and the tour leaders too things to the next level everywhere we went. Incredible.

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