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Past Trekkers Review
Best of the East

Best Holiday ever!

Reviewed November 2012

Best trek ever- really good experience if you want to see a lot of America in a short amount of time :)

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

The most incredible experience of my life.

Reviewed November 2012

I flew to New York alone from London, I was 18 years old. I had no sense of direction but a huge chase for adventure. I arrived in NY the night before my trek departed. The morning of my trek was both awkward and comfortable, I met a few of my trekkies in the lift on the way down to the lobby, the big cases, shorts and sunglasses gave it away, (it was raining) We all met out front, there was 24 of us, we were put into two groups. Team Vanessa & Sweaty Love we soon became.

Raine my trek guide was both crazy and grounded, she was amazing and made the entire first few days awesome. We started in Washington DC, the first evening setting up my tent was a challenge, my tent buddy and I went about 7 days without our rain cover on properly, we didn't know quite how crucial tent pegs actually were! In washington DC we took in some great sights, the white house, museums.

As our journey continued we grew stronger as a group, swapping hair spray and neckerchiefs along the way. We white water rafted together, fell out together and laughed together. Reenacted famous Forrest Gump moments EVERYWHERE.
We bought an Alien in Roswell, a chilli pepper in Louisiana, and witnessed a car chase in Washington DC. In monument valley we slept out under the stars, we watched the sunrise. We all hiked the grand canyon and ate copious amounts of pizza afterwards, In Vegas we rode roller coasters through buildings and paddled in fountains in hotel lobbys, we drank vodka on the tour bus, and didn't take a single sightseeing tourist photo. We sat by the camp fire, and played stupid games, we had races to put our tents up in the rain. We went to the movies and ALL fell asleep. We shared stories, we laughed all day in the van, we experienced new things, we danced till the sun came up at Eastons Place. We became the best of friends, we all cried like babies when we left each other in Los Angeles.

We all still keep in touch, and have had many reunions, don't even think about booking a Trek with Trek America. It was the time of our lives.

Past Trekkers Review
Western Wonder from San Francisco

Amazing experience!

Reviewed November 2012

This trek is amazing. I thought Grand canyon would be the best of this trip but honestly, Yosemite is breathtaking. A little cold in october but beautiful and not too many people. Just loved it there and I want to go back one day. Las Vegas after that is perfect, felt so good sleeping in a bed and the limo ride was so much fun. I really recommend this trip if you don't have much time and want to see the best of the west.

Past Trekkers Review
Best of the East

Best time of my life

Reviewed November 2012

Had a blast! If you're thinking of booking just do it!

Past Trekkers Review
Northern Trail from New York

Trip of a lifetime!

Reviewed November 2012

My fiancee and I went on the Northern Trail trek from New York. We arrived 3 days early so we could spend some time in NY which is definitely worth it!

This trek was amazing and we got to see so many things! Niagara Falls was spectacular - The Maid of the Mist cruise is fantastic. Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse are also epic!

The camping is fun - especially in some of the thunder storms they get over there! I recommend bringing a pillow for the van rides and camping to make your stay much more comfortable. Also bring something to entertain you in the van as this trek has some very long van rides of 9 hours in a day sometimes!

I chose this trek primarily for the visits to Yellowstone and Yosemite parks but you also get to see Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles - all of which are totally different from each other and have their own quirks. Keep a look out for bears in Yellowstone - they are fantastic to watch!

One of my favourite days was in Los Angeles, spending a few hours on Venice Beach. The waves are terrific and you'll have a great time!

I definitely recommend this trek, the long hours in the van are worth all of the amazing sites you'll see along the way. You'll cover 12,000 miles in the 21 days!

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