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Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun Plus from New York

Love of the South!

Reviewed December 2012

Loved meeting new people and exploring the southern states. Felt like you were in a new country with every state we visited. Fav places New Orleans, Monument Valley and San Diego!

Past Trekkers Review
Westerner 2

Best holiday ever!

Reviewed December 2012

Highly recommended. It was my first and only trek (so far) but I can't imagine another 2 week trip having such variety of locations, landmarks and things to see and do.
Beaches, canyons, mountains, lakes and forests for the nature lovers. Bustling streets, bridges, piers, casinos and bars for city fans.
Everything on the itinerary is great, but just as great are the extras you'll discover. Climbing to the top of Coit Tower for some great views of San Francisco. All sorts of street performers in the cities. A stop off at Route 66. Sleeping under the stars at Lake Havasu. Eating (and gambling) at Hard Rock cafe in Vegas - the amount rock memorabilia is mind blowing. The worlds highest thrill ride on top of the Stratosphere. A one month summer fairground in San Diego.
It will no doubt vary for each trek and each individual, but you're sure to stumble across some great surprises.

I went on my own and was a little anxious beforehand but there was no need. Within minutes of meeting the rest of the group I realised we were all there to have fun and make the most of the coming days. Half of us were alone and half were in pairs so chances are you won't be the only one in your situation. Everyone just wants to be friendly and get along. And being with the group and team leader will make you feel at ease being so far from home.

If you're on the fence about going or are unsure if it's worth it, take it from me, it is! I can pretty much guarantee you won't regret it. It's been a year and a half since my trek and it's still so fresh in my mind, it feels like last month sometimes.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Great way to see America

Reviewed December 2012

Total luck as to who you're put with but most people are there to have a great experience and make the most. Great way to see America but very expensive. No way you could do the same thing if you planned it yourself.

Past Trekkers Review

Everything you could want to see from America

Reviewed December 2012

For almost all of the 42 days it was fun. Sometimes the drives are long but they seldom drag because either a) your asleep or b) your playing games, listening to music or doing something else. The great thing about the format is that you are constantly doing things, you wake up early your often awake late and that means you get the most out of it.

A particularly impressive thing is that you can be surprised by a location which on the face off it looks quite dull. Even better is the fact that the best memories are not so much those from the most impressive places but those that have a special relevance to the group your in.

There will be times when your down because you arrive at a camp-site with less facilities than most (KOA Kampgrounds are brilliant, if you see a KOA rejoice) but by and large most people are happy most of the time. I think 42 days is a good length of time, by the end I was ready to come home but I was glad I had managed to see everything I wanted.

Overall it is something that most people will never get the chance to do. You watch TV and everywhere you see you find yourself smiling remembering when you went there. In conclusion, if you can do it, do it.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

An Absolutely Amazing Experience

Reviewed December 2012

When I applied for the Southern Sun Trek I didn't know what to expect, I was travelling alone (for the first time) so I was scared, but as soon as I met my fellow trekkers the following day all my worries slipped away.

There is a lot of travelling involved but what do you're driving across America in 3 weeks! We did some awesome activities such as seeing the sun rise and sun set in the Grand Canyon, Sleeping under the stars in Monument Valley, was diverted from New Orleans by a hurricane resulting in us going to Memphis and Nashville (one of the places I had always wanted to go), White water rafting in W. Vergina to name a few.

The trek was awesome, the best experience of camping I have ever had. I made some great new friends from across the world :)
I am now looking to go on another Trek in September next year.

Past Trekkers Review
Atlantic Dream


Reviewed December 2012

It was my first time in the US, and it was great. There is a lot to see and to experience on the Atlantic Dream trek. The impressive monuments in Washington DC, campfire in the Appalaichen Mountains, party in New Orleans, Disney World in Orlando, and so on. There were awesome people on our trek and we grew together as we hung out together 24h a day for 2 weeks. THANK YOU.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun Plus from Los Angeles

3 weeks of fun. Lifetime of memories...

Reviewed December 2012

This was my second trek, and I have to say I loved it just as much. The variety of places you visit makes every day completely different and you see places you would never have even thought of looking.

Trek is an amazing company, and as soon as I can afford to go away again I will be booking for my third trek!

Past Trekkers Review
Canyon Christmas Vegas New Year [CLOSED]

One of the best vacations ever!

Reviewed December 2012

It's been ten great days full of beautiful national parks and a special way to celebrate x-mas and new years.

Past Trekkers Review
Western Wonder Plus from Los Angeles

The most unforgettable adventure

Reviewed December 2012

Everything about the tour was great. The most important thing was our Tour Leader's (Taylor) enthusiasm and friendliness which helped everyone relax and get chatting very quickly. The van banter was always entertaining and I think we were all genuinely sad to say goodbye at the end of the tour.
I was genuinely blown away by how much I enjoyed this tour, I had great expectations and they were all exceeded.
It was my Birthday while on the tour and Taylor made sure I had a cake to eat. (It's the small thoughtful things that count!)
The activities in each city were well thought out and each one felt like a very personal experience. The sunset swim at Lake Havasu, watching the sunset at the rim of the Grand Canyon, hiking in Yosemite. I loved every second of it.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from New York

Best value trip to see wide range of America

Reviewed December 2012

I think this is one of the better tours that Trek America do as it really does encompass everything that is great from the Americans.

You start and end in major cities (New York and Los Angeles) but everything inbetween is so interesting and fun!

You have all the natural beauty of The Grand Canyon and Monument Valley but it's just visiting these places as a passing tourist but actively enjoying the place by staying in a reserve, hogan or even taking a helicopter flight over it! It makes it all even more special when you are camping at these places too. We did cop out at The Grand Canyon and found a cheap lodge for only dollars each per night as it felt like -5oC outside (we were near the end of the trip and thought this was money well spent - also the lodge had a bar :) :) )

It was great visiting American cities that you really have no idea what is in them like Houston and San Antonio!

My favourite part of this trip was discovering what delight New Orleans had to offer - what a place. Interesting architecture, music, food and people. We couldve spent a week here! I didn't even like jazz music before the visit but im now a total convert!

Above all the places you visit and activities you do the best thing is the friends that you make and share all these experiences with!

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