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Jeremy Baynham
Westerner 3

Hands down the best thing I've ever done!

Reviewed September 2017

Attention anyone that is "umming & ahhhing" about doing a Trek............. do it! Hands down the best thing I've ever done. Your tour leader takes care of all the important things and leaves you to enjoy the sights, have fun and make new friends!

21 action packed days with a great mixture of cities and National Parks and each day just got better and better! Jen, my tour leader, was fantastic and did everything possible to make the Trek a memorable experience. We had lots of quirky stops while on the road breaks which helps break up the longer drives and creates many funny moments to look back at. My Trek experience was sooooo much more than what the brochure suggested and I can't wait to get back travelling with my fellow trekkers!

Westerner 3

Absolutely the best thing I've ever done. Jen is a leg-end

Reviewed September 2017

Crazy action packed 3 weeks, so much value for money. Jen deserves a fat pay rise because she is undoubtedly the best. Drove us back and forth from the helicopter centre at the Grand Canyon 6-7 times over 3 days to make sure we caught a flight up. Interesting taste in country music but can't stop listening to redneck yacht club since I've come back. Coincidentally I have a red neck because I didn't listen about sun cream :S the trip itself was action packed and ticked off everything I wanted to do on the west coast. Luckily all the other trekkers were sound and we all got on which was great. Honestly the best way to see America for the best price, companions and memories. Trek 2k18 I'll be back for you.

Atlantic BLT from New York

Absolutely Amazing has the Time of My Life!

Reviewed September 2017

I was attracted to this trek as the locations it visits are places I had always wanted to go and cross off the bucket list. I have previously done a trek before and I knew I would be travelling with a great bunch and a fantastic leader. Little did I know that events beyond anyones control would effect this trek. Halfway through the trip we got word Hurricane Irma's path was heading towards Florida. The made it unlikely that we were gonna visit Destin Beach, Orlando or Miami. Just before we reached New Orleans we had confirmation we were heading to Texas. Although it may have been disappointing originally that we were not going to visit Orlando and its theme parks or enjoy Miami sight our tour leader had a great knowledge of Texas and arrange supprise visits to attractions in Texas. Provided a personal tour of San Antonio her home town. With the tour finishing in Dallas this left worrys that we would be unable to get home as most of our flights were from Miami however Trek America came tops by arranging internal flights so we could meet of return flights and alternative hotel stays in the new locations. Thanks to our leader Kyndra and all in the Trek America offices who went out of there way to assist when an event beyond anyones control happened.

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Rocky Mountain High

scenery was jaw dropping, The Tour Guide and trekkers where amazing

Reviewed September 2017

Absolutely Incredible trip, cant believe all the stuff we managed to cram into the 20 days, made all the more better by our amazing tour guide Kieron. Would highly recommend this trip for anyone.

Rocky Mountain High


Reviewed September 2017

The Rocky Mountain High trip has been absolutely incredible, allowing me to visit places and do things that would never have been possible otherwise. Our tour leader, Kieron was fantastic, and I loved the way that, although the itinerary was initially set, it allowed us some leeway to do things our own way and tailor it to suit our own interests.

Western BLT from San Francisco


Reviewed September 2017

Loved this trek so much. Second trip with Trek America and must say this one was so much better than the first. Had such a great time at every place we visited. Our 'squad' all got along so well and our tour leader Brian was fantastic. Favourite place was Vegas as there is so much to do there 24/7. Only things I didn't like we're the long journeys which I expected and cannot be helped however just use this time to sleep, sing, chat and play games. Also the party bus was very crowded but we got to meet other trek groups that night which added to the night out. Wish I could do the trek all over again with the best squad ever!

Westerner 3


Reviewed September 2017


This trek is the perfect amount of city tours and national park hikes.

Every destination is just as good as the last, time on the road is short and sweet and the experiences will stay with you for life.

The friends you make are life long and our tour leader done everything in her power to make sure we had a unique exciting experience.

Jen was a perfect leader, taking us to awesome destinations and cool, qwerky places along the way. She gave us a push in the right direction and advice on the best best things to do in her experience but also let us make our own choices and helped us do things catered to our own individual preferences.

Trek is great, this trek is great and our tour leader is great. It honestly feels like magic.

Canadian Parks West from Vancouver


Reviewed September 2017

Firstly I am extremely glad that I picked this trip beginning in Vancouver rather than Calgary. The time spent on Vancouver island was idyllic, peaceful and beautiful but I felt we were warming up to the full Canadian experience. I am so pleased with the length of this trip, though by the end the thought of a hotel was enough to get me running to Calgary, it allowed the group to get to know each other better and settle into a rhythm with each other. It meant that we could breath in each space, we weren't running from pillar to post checking things off. We got to soak up each environment. The island was lovely but I was itching to get to the mountains. However if we had started in Calgary that would of been our first point of call and I believe after the mountains there wouldn't of been anything to work towards, you would have literally peaked too soon.

At first I wondered why I had brought my walking shoes, they seemed to take unnecessary space in my suitcase and there wasn't much need for them. But I was pleasantly surprised and thankful that I did bring them, they did prove to be useful for the big hikes later on. However I did expect to be walking almost constantly. I was expecting to come home fit and healthy. Quite the opposite. Longs hours in the van, Canada is a big country so I understand, snacking all along the way so I didn't exactly feel the physical challenge that I was hoping for. Although isn't the feeling for everyone. I would say if you are hoping to test your physical capabilities whilst seeing Canada I wouldn't necessarily pick this tour. If you are happy to leisurely go through the paces with a couple of big hikes thrown in then this is perfect for you!

I made some incredible friends. Quiet at first but couldn't be shut up by the end. I got to see those blue blue lakes and those impressive mountains that I had been dreaming about for, what seemed like, a very long time. When life gets too stressful as it inevitably will I can remember the peace of the lake with the only sound being a paddle running through clear, fresh water or the giant conquered mountains with air brushing over my face. Canada you have stolen my heart and I will forever wish to run back to your most inspiring land.

Mountain Trail

Fantastic trip with great people and amazing scenery

Reviewed September 2017

Firstly our tour guide JD was amazing, made an effort to get along with everyone, extremely knowledgeable about the national parks and gave great advice when it came to depart and explore Los Angeles and San Francisco.
By far the best travelling experience I have had, you get to meet great people from all over the world and breath taking scenery along the way. An interesting camping way of life, with cooking, cleaning and washing up duties shared. Meeting other groups travelling across the country. I would recommend this experience and company to anyone and everyone. It has truly opened my mind about the need to travel the world and experience different places in the world.
Trek America I will be back!

Northeastern BLT

Mixed feels

Reviewed August 2017

This was my second trek with trek America and if I am honest I think they are far better treks than this one. This trek just didn't seem to be good value for money for the 9 days and nothing is really including. Last year I did the Southern BLT which was amazing and worth every penny, included more as well!

However I did have a really good time on this trek with the people who were on it, made some really good friends. Ben and Jerry's Ice cream factory was insane and the guesthouse in Stowe was super cool. Fell in love with Boston, and if you go make sure you take a trip to Harvard Uni and Acorn Street.

My trek leader was lovely and got one with everyone. I feel though because it was this first season that he didn't really know where was best to go and didn't really do a lot as a group, everyone just split off and did there own thing. On the last day trek is meant to finish at 5pm, but 2pm we had been drop off at the finishing hotel. We could of stopped somewhere on the way back to make the day last a bit longer but we were just rushed back to the hotel, which kinda suck as I was flying home the next day so was then stuck at the hotel for the rest of the day/night. Luckily I did go with 2 friends so I wasn't bored but if you were both yourself then there isn't a lot to do there.

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