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Southern Sun from New York

Super Awesome Camping Trip

Reviewed April 2019

I have been on pre-organised tour trips a few times and by far my experience with Trek America stands out as the best. The combination of Camping/Hiking/ City Experiences/ Campfires was just amazing. Whereas my past Contikki trips have been jam packed full of over 50 people on giant coach bus with one driver and one trip coordinator the Trek America experience was far more personal and close. It was about 8 of us for one month travelling down the east coast and then cutting across through the southern states to finish in LA. We spent our nights between cities camping together around campfires with drinks with wild nights in the cities interspersed throughout. This is compared to the Contikki where every night was in a new bar spending mountains of money and getting absolutely hammered. Whilst there are merits to both, for me the Trek America experience was much more sustainable over an entire month and much more memorable and enjoyable. We climbed mountains and the Grand Canyon, went white water rafting, bought last minute tickets to a game of baseball, and experienced the absolute awesomeness of French Street in New Orleans until the late hours of the night. On the Trek America helping out around the campsite with cleaning/ cooking felt like a fun group activity rather than a cumbersome chore. The only issue I ever had with the Trek America experience was that their contingency plan for if a campsite is cancelled was quite poor. Rather than Trek America fronting the cost of finding alternative accommodation we were posed with the idea of covering the extra cost of finding a hotel and with the different financial levels of people within the group there were some difficulties. Overall however, this was a minor hiccup in an otherwise fantastic trip. I Wholeheartedly recommend Trek America as an experience that I would go on again.



Reviewed April 2019

This was my first trek, first time travelling alone and my first time to the West coast. It was amazing!
I had the loveliest group and the best tour leader.
We saw so many sunsets & sunrises, had lots of camp fires, singalongs, hikes, swims, drinks & food.
My highlight was Monument Valley, but I also loved Yosemite and Vegas!
If you're thinking about going on this trip, do it!!

I've written all about it on my blog:

Western BLT from San Francisco

Fantastic time with a bunch of awesome tour companions

Reviewed March 2019

This is by far one of the best short term trips that I have been on. Our tour leader, Mark Page was simply awesome. He brought about fun and excitement throughout the trip, along with a sense of tranquility.

I believe great trips are made up of great people, and I had that priviledge this time around.

This tour covers some of the major attractions on the west coast. My personal favorites were Yosemite and Grand Canyon, so do make the most of those destinations.

I will certainly consider Trek America for future trips!

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Westerner 2

Best trip ever

Reviewed February 2019

So I had already done my first trek which was in canada. In the Rockies. My god I didn't think anything could come close to that... westerner 2 was in another league of its own. The hike and helicopter tour over the grand canyon was just absolutely incredible.. getting stuck in the Arizona desert in the sweltering heat was not amazing... but it was amazing too haha. Honestly it was the best tour and I had the best leader. I only hope I can get 3rd time lucky as I'm off doing the best of the East trip July 2019!!

Western BLT from San Francisco

Best thing I ever did

Reviewed February 2019

I had always wanted to go to America, I never had anyone to go with but came across Trek America and I booked onto this tour in June 2018.
It was literally the best thing I ever did. I still reminisce about it now and look back at my photos. Everything was organised well and the tour leader Eliott was fantastic. It was jam packed don't get me wrong, I saw a lot in 1 week, with early starts to get on the road and a lot of travelling but it was worth it. It wasn't so much a holiday because you are on the go but it was great in the fact I saw some of the best places. Great way to see some highlights of America for the first time. Make sure you read the itinerary as you get some free days so make sure you use these well - for example you get a free day in Vegas, I booked a show in advance to see in the evening.
I'd recommend staying over a few days before the trek and after to really get a great experience of the beginning and end locations which all the trekkers did except me and i'm gutted I didn't.

I would highly recommend this, especially if you're like me and want to get away/have an adventure but you want some company and to know you're in safe hands. I'll be looking to do another tour at some point.

Hawaii Big Island

An amazing trip that totally exceeded my expectations!

Reviewed February 2019

This tour was worth every single penny! Our tour guide, Ashley was absolutely awesome. Super fun and knowledgeable, and ensured we did plenty whilst not being exhausted and still had downtime. We were joined by an ex tour leader, Joelle who still works for the company. (She was technically off duty but was still amazingly helpful and looked after us all just as much as Ashley.) They were a fantastic duo!
I was initially a little unsure about booking on to an organised trip as I thought it might be a little restrictive but they gave us the right amount of structure whilst also being very flexible. Had I been travelling the Big Island alone, I think I would have had a very different experience. It didn't strike me as the type of place where you could go and 'wing it', so to speak; places to stay seemed few and far between. You would need to plan carefully. Also, it was pretty damn cost effective considering how much amazing stuff we did! I couldn't recommend this enough. Thank you, Trek America for an amazing trip!

Ryan Thorley
Mexico City to Playa Del Carmen BOLT

REAL Mexico

Reviewed February 2019

Amazing trip to Mexico. If you're looking to get to learn the history and culture of Mexico then this trek is for you! As we travelled through Mexico we experienced amazing archaeological sites and the way the Mayans, Aztec's and many other Mexican cultures used to live. The Markets cannot be missed for some good food and Mexican memorabilia and the tour guide we had was outstanding. I didn't really know what to expect with this as it is my first trek but it certainly exceeded any expectations I did have. I was worried about safety as Mexico can get some bad coverage but this was never an issue. Mexico is a beautiful place and the canyon trip, cenotes trip and cities show this. This trek has such a good variety of activities! I truly feel like I've experienced the 'real' Mexico through this tour and highly recommend! There aren't many reviews on here for this trek, but rest assured you won't be disappointed. Onto the next Adventure!

Sim Sui

Wildlife, nature and fun

Reviewed January 2019

Great experience, never saw as much wildlife on any other trip. Glaciers, snowy mountains, river rafting and forests and as always amazing people :).

jess b
Westerner 2

The absolute best way to travel the west

Reviewed January 2019

Westerner 2 was honestly the best trip I've ever done. I've made friends for life and visited so much in such little time. The memories, trek jokes and experiences I had with on W2 were indescribable. If you are considering this trip then go for it because you won't regret it. The itinerary was jam packed with things to do, the accommodation and camping was great and the west really is one of the coolest places to visit. There was so much to do and see and even driving from place to place in the van was thoroughly enjoyable. Chatting round the camp at night was so much fun and I wouldn't of changed a single thing about my whole experience. I loved it so much I'm sure I am going to go again. Walking to Plateau Point in the Grand Canyon was a crazy experience and camping under the stars in Yosemite is going to be a hard experience to beat. W2 is a trip of a life time. Go Go Go!!

David Clarke
Rocky Mountain High

A hikers paradise - Non Stop National Parks

Reviewed December 2018

I joined this trip in July 2018 on the back of a trek I did 2 years previous. I feel in love with the National Parks and I needed to go back for more.

Rocky Mountain High offered non stop National Parks and the sense of being emerged in the Wilderness. This trip is a hikers paradise as you will spend more time trekking the mountains than being in small towns and cities.

You get to spend the night camping in some of the most beautiful National Parks in the country and also get to live with and see so many diverse animals in every Park

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