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For the past four years, we’ve taken some of our favourite travellers on one amazing road trip. We’ve done the USA’s wild West, the lively Deep South, and for 2018 – oh, Canada! Taking the route of the Mountie tour, we hiked mountains, rode gondolas, shared a LOT of laughs and may have even spotted a bear or two.


Canoeing on Emerald Lake

Canoeing at Emerald Lake

So... Emerald Lake, eh? This spot lives up to its name, with sparkling blue-green waters that change shade depending on the weather, time of day, and even the angle you look at it from. Canoeing across the lake is basically a TrekAmerica Canadian rite of passage, and the home of the most epic Insta shots. Peace and solitude awaits in the middle of the lake, along with kick-ass views and the chance for some deep and meaningfuls with your canoe buddy.


A helicopter ride over the Rockies

Helicopter ride over the Canadian Rockies

For most of the group, this was a first time heli experience, and a few tears were shed through pure wander and awe. With Rockies Heli Canada, we sailed high above lakes and rivers, gazing down at the dot of the helicopter shadow as it danced across the trees below. On landing, guides Ralph and Corey took us on a hike through true wilderness – along game trails, past juniper berries (yep, the ones that make gin) and through a bubbling creek, before finally coming to rest atop a waterfall. Which is when the surprise champers got popped! It might not be the stereotypical ‘luxury travel’ experience, but this sure is a once-in-a-lifetime optional activity.


The most amazing tour leaders

Tour leader

Most TrekAmerica tours are led by just one of our wonderful tour leaders – but we were lucky enough to get two for the price of one. Heather’s a veteran, while Will’s new on the Trek guide scene – but both were absolutely incredible. Showing us the sights, making us laugh our socks off and sporting the very best in matching outfits, these guys absolutely MADE our tour. And we love them.


Campfire fun at Wells Gray Guest Ranch

Campfire fun

One of the best things about a TrekAmerica trip is bonding with your new travel besties. Swapping tales of childhood memories, discovering things you’d never guess about your fellow campers and, most importantly, toasting some s’mores. Wells Gray Guest Ranch is the perfect place to do it too – with horses and a saloon, this is Canada’s real wild west!


Hiking the Athabasca Glacier

Athabasca Glacier

All dressed up in yellow suits and crampons, the Athabasca Glacier ice walk isn’t your standard hike. Tracing a path across hundreds of years old ice, our guide showed us how much the glacier has moved in the past decade. Since 1992, the glacier has retreated by about 200m, meaning that if it continues to recede, 100 years from now the glacier may barely exist. It’s a stark reminder of how beautiful but fragile our world can be...


Going Peak 2 Peak in Whistler

Whistler Peak 2 Peak Gondola

Whistler is a SUPER cool location. Chilled out vibes, travellers from all over the world, and plenty of adventure sports to get yourself involved in. If you’re in need of a more relaxed day (like we were after all that waterfall hiking!), the Peak 2 Peak gondola (that’s what they call a cable car) takes you from Whistler to Blackcomb mountain, with an elevation of 436m.


Missed out? Re-live the Mountie experience via social media on the #itrekhere hashtag!

Photography: Kaye Ford
Words: Milly Youngman

A big thanks to our iTrekHere gang for 2018 – check them out online:
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