Canadian Road Trip from Seattle [CLOSED]

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Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Road Trip from Seattle [CLOSED]

Cross country wonder, amazing!!!

Reviewed March 2016

I loved the Canadian Road Trip, amazing trip to see what Canada has to offer. Starting in the west coast surrounded by nation parks and ending in the east with the city life. The only thing I could fault was the long drive days in the middle of the trip, perhaps the trip should be longer adding a few more stops in the middle so you're not spending 9 hours a day in a van, appreciating the views from a window.

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Road Trip from Seattle [CLOSED]

I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Reviewed September 2013

25 days of van journeys, camp cooking, and sleeping on rollmats - all the things I was worried about before I went, and I can honestly say I miss them all! Having never really been camping before I wasn't really sure what I was getting into, and signing up for 25 days with 13 strangers seemed a bit daunting. But that was exactly what made it so great - the trip you have is 90% based on the people you're with, and if you're open minded, friendly and enthusiastic, you'll have your best vacation yet.

The Rockies were absolutely stunning, Lake Superior is possibly my new favourite place in the world, the cities are incredible, and even the prairies - which we were warned would be comparatively boring - were made great through the most ridiculously obscene and hilarious trailer trash party midway through. There weren't many reviews on this trip before I booked mine - so I wanted to say that the landscape is beautiful, the parks are breathtaking, and the cities are fantastic. Go. Go. Go.

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Road Trip from Seattle [CLOSED]

amazing to see so much of a beautiful country

Reviewed August 2013

its was an amazing experience just packed full of fun and interesting things to do, you got to see so much of the country in the 25 days but did not have to spend all the time driving everywhere. the tour guided knew where to go and what was best to see and where really great to be around. would really recommend to any one wanting to see Canada.

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Road Trip from Seattle [CLOSED]

life changing

Reviewed August 2013

I was apprehensive about this trek as my last trek wasn't a great experience... I was put at an ease when a charismatic Russell bounds into the lobby in Seattle on day 1. From the moment we set off our group never stopped smiling and laughing even when we had debates over people's DJ-ing skills!

Our very first night was spent playing silly games in a playground camp (ninja, cards, footstomp, tetherball, etc) allowing our group to mingle and create our first friendship circles. Our first day spent in Vancouver was the great way to start a trek, everyone had a blast.

We all split into groups and my group of Patrick, Pete and later Alana decided to rent rollerblades to explore the city and all it had to offer after climbing through trees at the Capilano Suspension bridge; it was hysterical from the get go, a lot of falling over, screams for Patrick to catch us, bruises and cut knees made for a day that none of us will ever forget... life long friends were made that day.

The days past and friendships grew stronger by the day... The formation of the mountain goats came after Patrick, Patrik, Pete and I decided to climb the whistler mountain in Jasper (to the utter horror to our fellow campers... 11km to the summit) that day was the highlight of the trek for us all and a great sense of achievement due to the physical and mental strength it took us to complete the mountain as a team.

We got each other through the struggles of that day and what a reward we had at the summit and even more so when we got back down to the base and saw a black/brown bear about 10m away from us on the walk back to camp!!

The mountain goats went on to climb another 2 mountains in Banff and Lake Louise and reaped the rewards. Several Trekkers decided to take a dip in the freezing cold glacier lakes over the days spent exploring the most scenic lakes in North America, whilst everyone else stuck to kayaking the impressive Lake Superior.

On our long driving days across the Prairies we adorned silly prank glasses and tried to get crazy reactions out of cars that passed... sparking many laughs and breaking up those long drives. Having a beach right outside our camp at Lake Superior made for some beautiful strolls along the beach with the people who have now become your adopted family, skipping stones, star gazing with kisses and cuddles between the couples formed on the trip with some choosing to sleep under the stars.

Leaving the relaxed western vibe and entering the eastern cities was a 180 for us; allowing the girls to now get dressed up which is always fun. These days allowed the group to run free and explore the cities at their own pace... parliament buildings, change of the guard, art galleries, museums, hockey hall of fame are just some of the highlight discovered in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec.

Most of the group choose to go jet boat riding in Montreal (everyone should sign up for this) one of the craziest things I have ever done in my life (and that is saying a lot!) we looked like bumble bees, screaming, laughter and swallowing several whales along the way as we were thrust into wave after wave.

Our group couldn't have been much closer so our last meal together in trek was full of reminiscing our favourite moments with one another and a gazillion photos. Arriving at the hotel was one of the most emotional moments as no one wanted to say goodbye... the tears were held back and the tighter hugs were given with a promise of next time. A lot of us had plans to explore New York together over the next two days even a Yankees game was thrown in there.

Reminding us of the life long friendships this trek had given us, we left each other at various points over the weekend with tearful goodbyes and hugs we didn't want to end. The general consensus among the trek group was this was a trip of a lifetime, a trip that has given us more than just a look into some of Canada's natural beauties... a trip where memories, friendships and love for one another will remain for a long long time.

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Road Trip from Seattle [CLOSED]

Get close to nature

Reviewed December 2012

Canada is a beautiful country with diverse scenery. Camping and road trip was the ideal way to get close to nature and see things your average tourist would not. We experienced everything from the snow & cold of the Rockies, the heat of the prairies, to sunsets on the beaches of Lake Ontario. Our tour leader Seamus bent over backwards to ensure we had an awesome time. I would definiitely recommend this tour.

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