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Lisa P
Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Amazing locations but slightly disappointed overall

Reviewed December 2019

The Canadian Rockies are absolutely amazing. My jaw dropped every day on this tour! Banff is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and I completely fell in love with the town. I did have an incredible holiday, but the tour did have some disappointments. Breakfast is meant to be included in the tour, but we were given $50 CAD in gift cards to last for the entire tour. This would not cover a drink and a snack at Starbucks each morning. Not all of the optional activities were available, but after several complaints we were still able to do the Althabasca Glacier Walk - which was an incredible experience! It was the last tour of the season for our guide and she seemed quite disengaged and like she was doing us a favour. Most of the group did not warm to her. Overall, I loved the people on my tour and the locations were amazing, but I was expecting more from TrekAmerica given the great reviews I’d read before my trip.

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Amazing adventure through Canada

Reviewed October 2019

Our trip through Western Canada was truly incredible. The scenery was stunning even if the weather was not so great. The wildlife was incredible. Gabby was an amazing tour leader, so knowledgeable and fun. Most of the accommodation was in really good, central locations - Jasper was a little outside, but made up for it by being surrounded by beautiful wilderness. Completely recommend this trip!

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Amazing experience, scenery and activities

Reviewed July 2019

Glaciers and Grizzlies is an excellent introduction to western Canada; you visit all of the iconic national parks such as Jasper and Banff, and sights such as Lake Louise and the Icefields Parkway. The trip is fast paced and action packed, you see and do so much in the 11 days! The activities on offer are excellent, such as rafting in Jasper, the Athabasca glacier walk, helicopter ride and zip lining - I would definitely recommend doing as many of the activities as you can, as Trek America have tried and tested them all and they are really brilliant companies and experiences! Our tour guide, Jen, was really enthusiastic and knowledgeable, she gave us so much insight into the local area and wildlife, and recommended some excellent hiking, such as the hike that we did at Lake Louise!
The accommodation was of a really high standard, especially in Banff; good location for going into town in the evening and the views of the surrounding area are amazing.
Overall this trip is absolutely amazing, the accommodation was great, itinerary was well planned and our tour guide went above and beyond for the group!

Emma Mansell
Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Could not have gotten any better!

Reviewed June 2019

Glaciers and Grizzlies was my first tour whilst travelling and it has set my standards very high for future trips! I was lucky enough to share my trip with the most incredible bunch of people and amazing tour guide, Alex A.
The sights we saw honestly blew my mind, every place we stopped at was so beautiful and picturesque. We saw incredible glaciers AND grizzlies! 10 bears to be exact!
Thank you Trek America and mostly Alex for being so friendly, informative and full of good vibes! Can’t wait to book my next trip.

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

10 days exploring the best of Western Canada with the best people

Reviewed June 2019

I had the most wonderful 10 days exploring the Canadian Rockies. I met friends for life, saw the most beautiful sights and smiled more than I have all year! I just wish the trip had been longer. The accommodation was of a high standard, the vehicle was only 2 years old and in excellent condition. The only complaint I have is a lack of information provided by trek America prior to departure, but from Day 1 - Day 15 I have only good things to say.

Our tour leader, Alex A, made our trip so much better. He was the best tour leader I’ve ever had (I’ve been on 4 group trips with different companies this year). His knowledge of and passion for nature was evident the whole way through. He gave us local insight without it feeling like a lecture. If all the tour leaders are as good as he is, you’re in for a fabulous trip.

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Incredible tour of the rockies packed into 11 days

Reviewed September 2018

Glaciers & Grizzlies has been my fourth solo travel tour (second with Trek America) and I can’t recommend them enough. We only had 24 people sign up to the trip so they split us into two groups of 12 and we were in a mini bus rather than a full sized coach. I didn’t mind this at all as it’s nice to be in a slightly smaller group and helps with getting to know everyone as well as possible in a short space of time.

Michelle was a fabulous tour leader and had exceptional knowledge of the wildlife and areas we visited during the tour, never a question unanswered!

This was one of the most picturesque tours I’ve done and the beautiful lakes and mountains did not disappoint. We were very lucky and got to see a black bear and a moose! Depending on the time of year you visit, I would say to lower your expectations on seeing wildlife so if you do spot any it’s always a bonus and much more exciting!

The only downfall of the tour was not keeping in sync with the other group despite doing the same activities day to day. This meant we couldn’t get to know them as well and when we did end up in places at the same time there was a slight divide between the two groups. I did my best to socialise with everyone where possible so the trip is entirely what you make it :)

I would 100% recommend the zip lining optional extra in Whistler, it was amazing!

I’ll be back very soon Canada!

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Fantastic tour guide, although sometimes poorly organised

Reviewed September 2018

This was my first trek, and, overall it was an incredible experience and I have some lasting memories and have made some lifelong friends.

Strong points:
- Incredibly fun
- Great value for money
- New experiences
- Interesting knowledge that you would never have found out if you self drove/ explored.

What could have been better:
- The trip consisted of 2 separate tour buses, 12 members each. Unfortunately, me and my girlfriend were separated into different vans. Thankfully we managed to swap so we were in the same van, however it is not clear on the website what the arrangements would be on the van.
- Despite being told that the two vans would be together and basically undergoing the exact same tour, the other van's tour guide was in his first year, and thus had numerous issues which caused them to completely derail from the daily planned activities. This was nobodies fault but his, and meant that we did not bond with half of the tour members

As mentioned above, there were a few hiccoughs which I guess is to be expected. My tour guide (Michelle) made our tour absolutely incredible, and I am so grateful for all the good times we had because of her willingness to make our tour great, her knowledge of Canada and her unwavering passion.

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Epic Honeymoon with amazing people and views

Reviewed August 2018

We took part in two tours almost back to back - Glaciers & Grizzlies and Mountain Trail in July/Aug 2018 for our honeymoon. I struggle to find the words to explain how much fun we had. It was the most fantastic experience. We loved every minute of it. We got to do a mixture of lodging and camping and highly recommend both. We saw some epic sights with absolutely incredible people. Our tour leaders Tyler and Nick really made our trips the best with their friendships, enthusiasm, knowledge and just all round being great guys. We have made life long friends who we look forward to catching up with somewhere else along the line.
Trip highlights: Zip line in Whistler, Whitewater rafting in Golden, Lake Louise hike, Yellowstone National Park, Arches National Park, Hummer cruise in Moab, Utah, Tetons, Grand Canyon and to finish our grand adventure - living it up hard in Las Vegas with a party bus, seeing a show and throwing some money around at the many casinos!!
Going back to work has been rough but I now think of the money for our next adventure!
We would highly recommend Trek America to anyone!

Emma C.
Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

The Best Trip of my life

Reviewed July 2018

This was my very first Trek that I did and I had no idea what to expect. It was the most amaizing experience I ever had. I pushed myself to do things that I would never do thanks to Jen. Jen was an amaizing tour leader. She took us to the most amazing spots and made us laugh so much. She told us a lot of information like Pine beetles and fires that had happened and why things were named after what they were named. I had an amazing group and I will miss the girls and one guy. Will definitely do another Trek.

Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Best Adventure in a Beautiful Country

Reviewed November 2017

My Glaciers & Grizzlies trip was utterly incredible! I loved this tour as it showed us so many incredible places in west Canada. Highlights for me were exploring Suplhur mountain in Banff, walking on the Athabasca Glacier and zip lining in Whistler. The additional activities were great fun and I budgeted to do the majority of these which if possible I do recommend as they were so much fun.

My tour group was 11 in size so we travelled in a minibus with our tour leader. This is a slightly smaller group than usual for a Plus tour but I really liked having this sized group. We got on well and we had the freedom to do what we wanted also in free time.

There is a fair bit of driving involved but for me I was happy to just sit and look out the window at the gorgeous views. Also our Trek Leader kept us excited with fun and unusual stops along the way which were off the usual routes.

Our tour leader was great fun, really knowledgeable and very organised so the whole trip went brilliantly and for me staying in the hotels with a room mate was definitely the preferred accommodation. I am not a fan of camping and so the hotels were a comfortable place to stay. Having a roommate for the tour also meant you got to know someone in the tour group a bit better as well.

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