Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

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Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Best Adventure in a Beautiful Country

Reviewed November 2017

My Glaciers & Grizzlies trip was utterly incredible! I loved this tour as it showed us so many incredible places in west Canada. Highlights for me were exploring Suplhur mountain in Banff, walking on the Athabasca Glacier and zip lining in Whistler. The additional activities were great fun and I budgeted to do the majority of these which if possible I do recommend as they were so much fun.

My tour group was 11 in size so we travelled in a minibus with our tour leader. This is a slightly smaller group than usual for a Plus tour but I really liked having this sized group. We got on well and we had the freedom to do what we wanted also in free time.

There is a fair bit of driving involved but for me I was happy to just sit and look out the window at the gorgeous views. Also our Trek Leader kept us excited with fun and unusual stops along the way which were off the usual routes.

Our tour leader was great fun, really knowledgeable and very organised so the whole trip went brilliantly and for me staying in the hotels with a room mate was definitely the preferred accommodation. I am not a fan of camping and so the hotels were a comfortable place to stay. Having a roommate for the tour also meant you got to know someone in the tour group a bit better as well.

Laura J
Glaciers and Grizzlies Plus

Most amazing, beautiful fun place I have ever been!

Reviewed October 2017

Canada is my favourite place I have ever visited; it's truly beautiful with lots of hidden gems. The mountains never get boring and each lake is amazing to look at , no two are the same and you get to visit some of the best ones- Louise, Emerald, Morraine. We visited lots of places - hot springs, towns, Maligne Canyon, Othello tunnels and on the longer bus rides it was split off with stopoffs to see coool places on the way so it didn't seem a long time. In each place we would get abit of free time to explore so you could always check out the things you wanted to see.

White water rafting and ziplining are amazing and so worth doing and there were lots of opportunities for hiking, shopping and of course nights out if you wanted to. My favourite night out was Banff with karaoke but they were all brilliant. Make sure you try to get involved, we had 44 people on our trip and everyone was really friendly. Alot of days I would literally drift between talking to different people,I was travelling alone but it was easy to mix with everyone. The last evening everyone had pizzas in the olympic plaza in Whistler which was amazing followed by a night out.Great end to the trip.

Our tour leader was called Dustin and he was amazing. He talked to everyone, knew answers to all the questions and was a great laugh. He brought lots of fun to the trip and everyone loved him and our bus drivrR Ian.

The accomodation was pretty good, shared in twos and as a three in Whistler. Most the trip you stay with one roomate, but you can swap, we did as some of us wanted to stay out later some nights than others. It was really warm when we went (trip started 2nd september) i took too much for cold weather though some evenings and early mornings were chilly. I wish i had took a few more shorts and vest tops. Also take some evening options, nothing too dressy, mainly a nice top and shorts or skirt or jeans. I would take things you can wear for different times (day/night) and stuff you can layer up so you aren't filling your case with lots of extras you don't need. We left 9/10ish each morning and most places had laundry though I had enough clothes to last out.

I would advise staying an extra night or two either night of the trip. Some of us met before and visIted the Capilano Suspension Bridge and cycled Stanley Park. It was good to have met some people already before the trip began. I also went whale watching after the trip and saw orcas but i wish i had an extra day or two, Vancouver is amazing and there is load to do. Definately plan before going what you want to do in the time you have and the Suspension bridge you can buy a ticket online which lasts a year! Also from the Accent inn you can get the shuttle bus to the skytrain which was useful for getting around and also to the airport.

Unfortunately we did not see any bears, i don't think the forest fires helped but we saw elk a few times which was cool and chipmunks, pikas and mountain goats and some people saw a racoon and eagle. Don't expect to see bears or moose, the trip should probably change its name as we got told by quite alot of canadians we would be very lucky if we actually saw any .

I would say definately hike up to the tea house at Lake Louise, the view is amazing and do white water rafting and ziplining.

I would recommend this trip to anyone, it's totally fantastic. Travelling solo was fine, i was really scared before going but it was alot easier than i thought it would be. Everyone was really friendly, and there were about five couples and few group of friends but most people were solo. The rockies are spectacular you cannot beat them . Definately book this it is an awsome trip you won't regret. I would 100% go on another trek but Canada will be hard to top!

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