Canadian Parks West from Vancouver

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Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Parks West from Vancouver

Awesome never to forget experience!

Reviewed August 2013

This was my 1st Trek and it sure won't be my last! I experienced an amazing 20 days in British Columbia and made many new international friends. Our Trek-leader Codey managed to align 13 strangers and moulded us into a group. The Canadian scenery is overwhelming, especially the Rockies: they just never seem to end! Sun and snow on the same day, it is possible :-)
We had a couple of long drives which are - let's be fair - not the most fun part of a trip but hey, you've got to get from point A to point B right? But when you get to a campground with nice showers and possibly a hot tub all of that is forgotten :-)
Camping material is good, although I'm not sure if the tents would survive multiple thunderstorms and/or showers.. Hence the dry bags :-)
Cooking material is good too, but extra large well drying tea towels for the dishes would come in handy - no use trying to dry your plates and stuff with soggy small towels.

All in all, there is so much to be told about this Trek but the most important message is: just do it! You're a single traveller and not sure if you should book this? No problem whatsoever, 99% of our group was a single traveller. You're all in the same boat with the same goal, so no need to worry.

Awesome scenery, great friends, good food and drinks, ...
Thanks Trek for an amazing vacation!

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Parks West from Vancouver

amazing and wonderful experience!

Reviewed December 2012

I have had an amazing trip! Visited some amazing/ wonderful highlights, that I will never forget!
I really recommend this trip to other people!

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Parks West from Vancouver

Only Fun in this one - All parks in 1 trip

Reviewed December 2012

Best Trek ever! This was my first Trek and still one the best! Still in touch with some people, friends forever ! It is an amazing trip. It has all the important national parks in it and some of the best scenic drives around, in the Canadian Rockies. Good trek for people who like to camp and do a good hike in the morning.

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