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Danielle Nicholl
Canadian Rockies Plus


Reviewed September 2019

This was my first trip beyond Europe and I was travelling alone. It was everything I wanted and more. Our tour leader was Carson Balmer and he was great. He made us feel at ease from the get go. We got the ball rolling with getting to know each other via someone sitting in the front of the van and being DJ with their own music.

We got to Whistler and the views from the van en route were just so beautiful and they only got better from then! I couldn't take enough photos from the trip and our group whats app exceeded 1000 photos by the end of it. There was 8 of us and it was such a great number as we were able to space out on the van but still had a lot of energy to bring to each day. These people really made the trip what it was - Carson's banter and the comradery was second to none between us all. Friends for life were made on this and no mistake.

The hostels were of really great quality, really comfy to stay in and enough space to share with the other people in the room. The people in each one were all friendly and really welcoming - I had just begun to see just how kind Canadian people can be. It's one of the things I miss the most.

In Whistler I was too scared to do the Peak to Peak so I was able to explore the museum in the village and see the beautiful Vallae Lumina in the evening. <3

Wells Gray was the next stop, it was a long drive but that just made it more fun and we saw lots of sights along the way. Some beautiful lakes and waterfalls. Some sights that you just can't capture on your phone. We may have got eaten alive in Well Gray but the s'mores, camping aspect and canoeing made up for it. I mean when will you ever get the chance to be in the exact same position that we were in - we just enjoyed ourselves and lathered on the bug spray the next day.

Jasper was the next destination - we all were able to do a bit of clothes washing and get refreshed. The hiking of the glacier was by far THE BEST THING IVE EVER DONE. It was just stunning and our guide on the hike was so funny and had a way of telling stories and facts that really pulled you in. We all turned up thinking we had enough layers - we were wrong. We ended up with another few layers they were able to loan us, "you see, the thing about the glacier, is the wind". It was chilly.

Banff followed Jasper and it was a lovely town that we had time to explore for ourselves and had a great night out in the evening to have a dance and really let loose. The live band in the pub was great and really set a brilliant mood for the evening. We then hiked up the trail of Lake Louise the next day and it was fairly steep venture especially for a short woman but it was beautiful at the top. The teahouse was so cute and the fact that they have to make the food using the most authentic means just made the meal all the worthwhile.

Calgary was the final destination where we had to say our goodbyes - it was totes emosh but I didn't have to say goodbye to two of the girls as they both live in my hometown of Newcastle.

The trip was one of a lifetime, I loved the food, the culture, the people and the experience and knowledge it added to my life. I will go again in a heartbeat and the people who arranged my flights from Trek America were brilliant as British Airways had a mare on the day I was travelling there. So much gratitude to them <3

I hope to transter to Vancouver with my work in several years time!

jess b
Canadian Rockies Plus

Breathtaking views, turquoise lakes, full of adventure & lots of perspective

Reviewed July 2019

The Canadian BLT was incredible. The western side of Canada is breathtaking. I have never seen so many beautiful lakes and massive mountains. The whole time you are surrounded by picture postcard views, my photos don't even do the trip justice. The trip had something for everyone. Each time you travel your eyes will just be glued to the window as you admire the ever changing scenery. I had so much fun, there was so much to see and do. The accommodation was good and we even stayed in some wooden cabins and cooked outside as a group for a few nights in Wells Gray. I did some challenging but rewarding hikes which gave me the biggest amount of perspective on the world. We saw black bears, grizzly bears (and thier adorable cubs), Moose, Elk, Deer, mountain goats and a Coyote! Whistler, Jasper and Banff are the most serene little towns with so much life and energy. Whistler was full of adventure - a great place to visit all year round. We went Zip lining at 2,400ft in-between mountains and it was a once in a life time experience - would recommend to anyone who loves a bit of a thrill. Jasper was full of character and surrounded by the most insane views of the Rocky Mountains. Banff was just wonderful, great food, great nightlife, all round great vibes and so so much to do. We were in Banff for Canada day and the celebrations were huge. We hiked Sulphur Mountain (10/10 views - a must do!) and ended our Canada day celebrations by going out to the Dancing Sasquatch nightclub - so much fun! We also had a trip through the Rocky Mountains by helicopter which was the coolest thing I have ever done. We landed in the middle of the mountains and went on a hike and celebrated with champagne - an indescribable experience. Lake Louise was even prettier in person never mind on instagram! If you are considering this tour then book it. The accommodation was nice, the tour was action packed and there was plenty of chances to do your own thing - adventurous or not. Our leader Alex was loads of fun and really knowledgeable. I met some lovely likeminded people and really can't fault anything about this trip. I can't wait to visit Canada again.

Canadian Rockies Plus

Absolutely stunning trip & one of the best experiences of my life

Reviewed July 2017

I booked this trip because a couple of months ago I had realized that I finally wanted to make my dream of seeing Canada become reality. And to go there on my own. To really leave the comfort zone. Problem was, I had never travelled alone before and was absolutely unsure on how to plan a voyage like this. A friend of mine had gone on a similar thing, as I remembered, and when I approached her, she told me about TREK AMERICA. I was fired up about it at once. I loved the fact that the group would consist of young people from all over the world, so I'd be able to speak English, which I had missed since my term abroad 2 years ago, and find new international friends. And I had dreamt of Canada since I'd first heard of it, I guess.

The trek exceeded all of my expectations.
Our tour leader was an enthusiastic and funny Scotsman, who always took care of everyone's wellbeing, explained the itinerary and the various sights we were visiting in a fun and understandable manner and always made sure we were safe.
Our group was fun and mature at once. Probably due to the destination(s) or purpose of this BLT, this was not that much about partying, as I'd expect other trips (Miami/Vegas etc.) to, but rather about sitting around at a campfire with S'mores, having nice dinners, exploring and talking a lot and in peace taking in the absolutely wonderful scenery of Western Canada (We went out to have drinks too, though, it just wasn't the focus of anyone on this trip). I took each and every one on my group fondly into my heart and it was hard to say goodbye at the end.
But it was as hard to say goodbye to this beautiful country, which the trek showed you in so many different facets. Some of the hikes were a bit challenging, but that's probably just me who hasn't seen a gym from the inside for weeks. We'd always have enough time for everyone to finish stuff at their own pace, and also we were given two days off. I enjoyed these a lot too, because you could decide whether you wanted to join the group in certain activites or just wander or even lay around at a beautiful lake or in a park on your own. Fun Fact: My English improved a lot (I'm from Germany).
I also loved the accomodation. I read in one or two of the reviews for this trip that not every one of the hostels was perfectly fine, but when we went, the one I think that was not as good had been renovated and thus all of them were clean, comfortable and even cozy. (The cabins at the ranch were one of the highlights, of course.) It was just so comforting that after a long day of seeing a lot and making exciting and wonderful experiences, you knew you didn't have to put up a tent or crawl into one in cold or rain (although we were incredibly fortune in regards of the weather, sun every day) but could just enjoy your dinner and then fall into a cozy and warm bed or take a shower.

I'd instantly go again and can only recommend this to anyone who's unsure about, but eager to travel on his or her own. You'll find friends as soon as you arrive at your pre tour hotel, don't worry about it. Also I'm normally the kind of person that enjoys being on her own the most and feeling rather drained by being around people too much, and I didn't even notice this on my trek, I just enjoyed every single second of it. It was absolutely amazing - I cried when the plane home took off. But make sure you don't have to work the next day - I slept for 15 hours when I finally returned home.

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Rockies Plus

Flippin' Awesome!

Reviewed September 2015

My first trip with TA and boy did it not fail - what an awesome holiday! Started off in Vancouver and travelled north to Whistler, Clearwater (Wells Grey), Jasper, Banff, Kelowna and returning back to Vancouver. The weather ranged from 4 degrees to 40 degrees centigrade so pack clothes for all temperatures.
Banff was a particular favourite, great night life and plenty of pubs and clubs to explore.
Spend a little extra time before or after the trip in Vancouver. Definitely go whale watching, trick is to book the whale watching as early as possible incase you are weathered off. This happened to me but I was able to book for the next day without messing up any plans.
Hostels were great, I was expecting that absolute worst but we had brilliant accommodation (apart from the hostel in Jasper... huge multi share room, showers not clean and light curfews...).
The Van was modern, great air con (and heating!) and speakers for playing music.
We saw a black bear and 2 grizzlies fairly up close as well as Elk, Caribou and Orca.

Just an all round brilliant holiday (where shall I go next?) - thanks again Trek America.

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Rockies Plus

Wow and amazing!

Reviewed July 2015

This was an amazing trek- definitely worth paying every penny. I did things that was totally out of my comfort zone- highly recommend the White Water Rafting. I hated the Jasper National Park hostel as it was sharing with other travellers and the bed was too small.

I saw the beautiful sights of the national parks and there were lots of scenery to admire particularly when visiting Wells Grey National Park.

Definitely recommend the whole trek- it is something you will never forget!

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Rockies Plus

An active, challenging yet fun experience. Unforgettable.

Reviewed September 2013

Initially when booking this trip, I was excited for the spectacular scenery I knew I was going to see, and the overall itinerary that the trip notes detailed. Little did I know I was in for so much more.

From zip lining through the trees in Whistler, white water rafting, and climbing to amazing heights on glacier walks and mountain hikes, this trip did not disappoint. I'm not much of a "risk taker", but with the encouragement of my enthusiastic tour leader, and my fellow tour trekers and new found friends, I was pushes to my limits and loved every second.

We had a variety of ages on this tour, and every single person embraced the experiences.

It was nice to also have some "down time" to bring the pace down a bit and explore the beautiful towns of Jasper and Banff, now two of my favourite places in the world.
The Canadian BLT tour is one that I would highly recommend. With the scenery and activities, you can't go wrong!

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Rockies Plus

An epic road trip with new best friends

Reviewed July 2013

This trip was fantastic fun. The first few days were super packed of awesome activities, and helped bond us as a group. The pace then slowed down a bit as we really began taking stock of the wonderful scenery in Jasper and Banff. Our tour leader Nick went above and beyond what was needed, with local tips, his flexibility and general awesomeness. The places we stayed at were great for hostel standards. I'd recommend this for anyone who wants to see the full glory of the Rockies, with the added fun of adventure activities, socialising and ease of not having to organise accommodation and transport.

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Rockies Plus

The best experience EVER!

Reviewed December 2012

This was my first trekamerica trip and I enjoyed every second of the experience. You see a bit everything on this trip, from the busy city life of Vancouver to tranquil and beautiful Clearwater. Our tour leader was amazing, helping us through everything. If you want to make great friends and share great experiences with like minded individuals then this is the trip for you!

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Rockies Plus

Fantastic company, beautiful scenery and non-stop.

Reviewed November 2012

Scenery - no doubt the most astonishing scenery I have ever seen in a beautiful and BIG part of the world. If you want to see amazing lakes, mountains and forests then this part of the country is for you. There was also a small amount of time in Seattle and Vancouver, two great cities, and smaller towns like Whistler and Jasper.

Trek leader - we were very blessed to have had a fantastic leader on this, our first trek. Katelin Erickson was fun, informative, organised, calm and enthusiastic. I can think of no bad points against her. From what I hear of other treks, the calibre of leaders can be variable, though mostly very good. I can't imagine anyone being better than Katelin. She had great fun with us, showed us all the options as what to do and encouraged us to stretch ourselves where best suited. She did masses of research and our diversion via a local rodeo fair was a tour highlight. She was energetic and very responsible with all aspects, e.g. driving and getting enough rest etc. She also cooks a cracking dinner!

Other trekkers - no doubt what really made the holiday was having other similar minded (in some ways, not all!) people. It was brilliant to get to know everyone, we have already had a get together reunion and are planning the next and I'm sure will remain firm friends. Some times are a little tough and having new friends there is the best way of getting through that.

Accomodation - our trek was mostly hostels and these varied in quality but we look back fondly on some of the not so good places (as an experience). A couple were really good. I've personally never stayed in hostels before and found it good fun.

The tour was pretty much non-stop, I don't think you could actually pack more into two weeks than we did, which is helped by the fact your tour leader drives you around and knows the best places to go.

One negative, is you feel like you need another holiday when you get home so definitely schedule time to sleep when you get back!

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