Canadian Pioneer

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Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Pioneer

Beautiful scenery, Canadian cities, crazy raccoons

Reviewed March 2013

A great introduction to the east of Canada, going in September meant the season was starting to change and it was beautiful to see the trees in the autumn colours. The variation of cities and rural areas was great, we cramped so much into the 2weeks a huge thanks has to go to the amazing trek leader we had Kate who was amazing organising stops and activities for us, the drives were always broke up with random things from stopping at a roadside for amazing ice cream to looking around Yale university, a high school football game.
We visited Toronto not my fav city but that's just me, Ottawa very pretty capital city, Montreal I loved this place, jet boating on the river and a very druken night out and not forgetting o noir an amazing dining experience where you dine in the pitch black and are served by blind waiters be brave and go for the surprise menus no idea what you are gonna be eating until you taste it, we ended up eating snails, which if I had known that was what it was I wouldn't have touched it but they were really nice again somewhere I would not have known about if it wasn't for our trek leader.
Lobster catching and deep sea fishing of the coast of Maine in the pouring rain never been so cold in my life but hey we caught and then cooked our own fresh Maine lobster, I look back now and remember how cold and miserable I was that day but hey it added to the experience and I now smile about it and the lobster was amazing lol.
Being woken up in the night by raccoons trying to steal bear out of the coolers and raccoons managing to unzip out tents to the point where we had to tie the zips together to stop them is a story I still tell and laugh about today
Overall it was an amazing trip that I would recommend to anybody

Past Trekkers Review
Canadian Pioneer

The Canada and USA in a perfect mix

Reviewed December 2012

Great trip that shows you around the big cities of the East of Canada and USA in just a few days. The visits to the Parks are amazing, especially during the Fall, called Indian Summer. Good trip also for shopping, and visits to museums, etc. Wish it lasted just a bit longer, too many things to see in the short time that you are there! Good trip for people that like short hikes.

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