Why You Should Dress DOWN for New Orleans

  • Night out in New Orleans

In my fourth season of tour guiding I can say with complete confidence; New Orleans is THE place to go out and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to spend more than $10 on your outfit to do it. That’s right, cue 'Thrift Shop' because we’re gonna pop some tags and hit the bins of Goodwill!

Night out in New Orleans

New Orleans offers travelers a delicious array of southern cuisine, jazz clubs, and of course, Bourbon Street! Bourbon offers a never-ending assortment of bars and clubs to drink, dance, and sing your night away all within the French Quarter of New Orleans. I often see groups of people out in the hot humid nights dressed up to impress while battling to stay cool.

Night out in New Orleans

Four years ago, I took my first group to New Orleans and on our way, we stopped at Goodwill (a popular second-hand store), where I challenged my group to buy their outfits for the night with just $10, and there a tradition was born. From the shopping to the evening reveal of everyone’s outrageous outfits and the looks, photos, and memories made walking through the streets of Bourbon dressed in whatever was the most ugly, colorful, extravagant, etc.

Night out in New Orleans

Now I’m sure you’re asking…. But why?

My best response… Why not!

I can say from experience, groups that buy into the theme and go for it have way more fun than those who decide this just isn’t for them. My theory? They just don’t care what people think, let loose, and let the fun of the city fill them. So the next time you’re trekking through New Orleans I challenge you…. let loose and dress down for the Big Easy!

Words & Photos: Chad Andersen

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