Why Jackson is the perfect summer mountain town

  • Grand Tetons, Jackson

What's that famous quote? "The mountains are calling, and I must go." They are indeed calling, and you too should go! To Jackson, Wyoming, that is. Tour leader Emily Fielder lets us in on one of her favourite places to spend her summer days...

Jackson, Wyoming is one place that I absolutely love going back to each chance I get. Many of our Treks pass through this relaxed mountain town every summer. It's a skiing paradise in the winter, and an outdoor mecca in the summer with mountain biking, hiking, fishing and rafting to name but a few. Here are some of the many reasons why I love Jackson.

The Grand Tetons

Grand Tetons, Jackson

This insane National Park is right at Jackson's doorstep. The tall mountain pinnacles of the Tetons are a jaw-dropping sight any time of the year. You could spend a month just hiking and exploring this park, and it also offers smaller day hikes that fit perfectly into a short stop.

One of the best day hikes is around Leigh Lake and Jenny Lake. Both offer beautiful views and the chance to spot some of the park wildlife.

Visit on the Mountain Trail

Rafting on the Snake River

There are few better  things to do on a summer afternoon than rafting down the Snake River outside of Jackson. You can spot all sorts of birds such as Osprey and even Bald Eagles right from the raft. Marmots race alongside the river banks, and further up in the woods, moose munch on vegetation.

The rapids are not the biggest in the world but the water is refreshing, and it's a blast to shoot through rapids with fun names like Big Kahuna and Lunch Counter.

Jackson Town

Grand Tetons, Jackson

The town of Jackson branches out around the main square with its famous elk antler arches. It's a combination of t-shirt shops and the occasional hidden gem. Head over to MADE, tucked down a small alley, for some wonderful local craft items and mountain jewelry.

Across the street is The Bunnery where you can order some of the best cinnamon rolls around. The Snake River Brewery is also a few blocks off the main square, and is the best stop for an afternoon local brew.

Bar J Chuckwagon dinner show

At first glance this might seem a bit weird and something for old people. But trust me, it's a hilariously good, toe-tapping way to spend a night.

A few miles outside of Jackson is the Bar J dinner show. It's a hearty meal of meats, potatoes, and other cowboy fare served up by true cowboys. After they serve you dinner, these old guys get up on the stage and preform some of the best live Western music around. I dare you to not clap along with them.

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Sure, it's touristy and tacky. But where else in the world can you order a drink at a bar covered with silver dollars while sitting in a saddle? Yeah, that's what I thought.

This place is awesome. It's covered with old wood beams and the crowd is a mix of real cowboys and the tourists just trying to be one for the night. It all combines with live music to make for one memorable night out on the town.

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