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  • Booking flights with TrekAmerica

One of the things we get asked about the most from people who’ve booked themselves a TrekAmerica tour is booking flights. Did you know we can book your flights for you too?

Our in-house flights team are more than happy to give you a quote for your tour, and we offer flights from a variety of airports within the UK. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider booking your flights with TrekAmerica…

We get great deals from trusted airline partners

We work with a wide selection of tried and trusted airlines that we’d recommend ourselves as travellers. We favour comfortable and reliable airlines that are still affordable. And thanks to our long-term partnerships with those airlines, we’re able to offer the best deals possible at that time.

Something worth noting: You may well find a ‘cheaper’ deal out there from budget airlines or agents that we don’t have partnerships with. Those airlines often have hidden costs (meals, luggage, seat choice…) that actually means it often doesn’t work out that much cheaper. And for the peace of mind, payment scheme and other added bonuses that booking via us offers, it’s often worth that little bit of extra cost.


You can add your flights to our flexible payment scheme

Thousands of travellers every year use our flexible payment scheme to pay off their tour costs little by little, rather than in one lump sum. For an additional deposit of £125, you can also add your flights to this too – so you’re able to pay off flights and tour all together in one handy payment scheme.


You’re protected in unforeseen circumstances

Tour cancellations and changes are super rare, but in the very unlikely event that circumstances beyond our control mean a departure doesn’t go ahead or is subject to a date change, flights booked through us as part of a flight and tour package are ATOL Protected. Which means no stress about non-refundable, non-amendable tickets!

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We can hold you a seat while finalising your plans

If you’re not 100% sure on your departure date or tour yet – maybe you need to check you can get the holiday? – we’re usually able to hold seats for you for a couple of days while you get those plans in place.


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