TrekAmerica’s favourite vegan restaurants in New York

Once upon a time, finding vegetarian restaurants in the states was difficult, but tracking down a vegan restaurant was nigh-on-impossible. Nowadays, it’s never been easier to get your vegan fix, and there’s no better place to get it than New York City! With the Big Apple being rated the 2nd best city in the world for vegans, you can be sure that there’s a vegan alternative for any dish you can think of. But with so many options to choose from, where should you go? Luckily, we’ve decided to help you out by putting together a list of the best vegan restaurants you can visit in NY! 

Beyond Sushi

For those of you who have been missing California rolls since going vegan, this is the restaurant for you! Beyond Sushi is an incredible sushi restaurant which only uses vegan ingredients. Beyond Sushi has created an incredible menu by mixing unconventional flavours to build the perfect meal. Think it’ll be too busy to visit? Well there are six locations in Manhattan to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to get a seat. 


Who doesn’t love Mexican food? At Jajaja, you can eat vegan alternatives of all your favourite Mexican classics! If you find yourself hangry for tacos or burritos, look no further than this delicious plant-based eatery. While you’re there, it’s also worth noting their amazing selection of Mexican beers on tap. That is if you can pull yourself away from their incredible selection of tequilas on the menu…

Champs Diner

Every dieter’s worst nightmare, Champs Diner is unapologetically unhealthy. The vegan answer to the heart attack grill in Las Vegas, Champs dial their food to eleven. From burgers and cheese steaks to mouth-watering piles of pancakes, Champs can offer you anything that your heart desires. Based in Brooklyn, Champs has been giving vegans their favourite comfort foods and baked snacks for years. Who said vegan food has to be healthy? 


Has your Instagram been lacking great food photos recently? Ladybird is here to help! A self-described ‘Vegetable bar’, Ladybird offers some of the most unique looking dishes that you could imagine. Specialising in tapas, this is the perfect place to visit with your new trek-mates. You can also find some gorgeous cocktails and punch bowls. However, you’ll never see it the same way twice, Ladybird paint their door with a new design depending on whatever holiday or event is coming up next!

Veggie Castle

What happens when you convert a derelict White Castle location into vegan friendly restaurant? Veggie Castle! You won’t find a more down-to-earth place to grab some vegan delights than here. Veggie Castle is the best possible place to find vegan Jamaican food and stackable, melt-in-your-mouth burgers. With low prices, huge portions and some of the friendliest staff members you could find, everyone should try and stop in while they’re in New York!

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