BLT Tours? What’s That All About?!

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Bacon, lettuce, tomato. All things that work excellently in a sandwich, but a TrekAmerica BLT tour isn’t actually anything to do with this lunchtime staple. Although we’d seriously recommend grabbing some deep-filled delights while you’re touring the States.

BLT stands for Budget Lodging Tours, and along with camping tours, they’re part of our Original tour style. Think of them as a bit of a mid-point between Camping tours, the most budget-friendly of our tour styles; and our Plus tours, which offer comfortable twin share hotel accommodation.

Why do we offer Budget Lodging Tours?

Quite simply – our BLTs are for people who aren’t keen on camping, but still want to experience an all-American road trip on an affordable budget. We take advantage of group deals in budget lodging properties, to make them even more cost-effective than if you were staying there solo.

What kind of accommodation can I expect on a TrekAmerica Budget Lodging Tour?

A whole range of different accommodation types! Some nights, you might be in a twin-share hotel; others in a quirky hostel with three to five other travellers; classic American style motels; and even unusual lodge and guesthouse properties. You’ll be sharing with others of the same sex, and it’s a great way to bond with your fellow Trekkers – did someone say sleepover?!

Nashville Downtown HostelYosemite Bug Lodge

Will I have to share a bathroom?

In some hostels – yes, there might be shared (same-sex) bathroom facilities. But we’re quite picky about where we choose to put our Trekkers up, and we focus on offering comfort and cleanliness for the best value possible.

Are breakfasts included?

In the majority of our BLT properties, breakfast isn’t included to keep the cost down – it’s often cheaper to buy your own breakfast on the go than plump for a hotel one. Some of the hostels we stay in will have kitchens, and there’ll always be options for you to grab something to eat – be it a local shop, coffee house or restaurant.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Here are what some of our past Trekkers have to say about our BLT tours!

“All the accomodation was brilliant, even the hostels.” – Rosanna S

 “I loved that no two places were the same. We went from a cabin in the woods at Yosemite to hotels in Vegas to a motel at the edge of the Grand Canyon!” - @emilyburrows

 “I’ve stayed in a lot of youth hostels in my time…this by far is in the top five.” – Abbi W

“I enjoyed that we stayed right in the heart of the cities we visited, so we could make the most of the Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans music scenes” - @RMN_Bowen

‘I’m getting older now (scary to think!) and I appreciate having a bed on tour.” – Ross M (read Ross’ blog post on why he chose a BLT tour here!)

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