The ultimate Christmas gifts for travellers

If your mate is putting all their spare cash into a trip to the USA or won't stop banging on about one they've already taken, a Christmas pressie to do with their travels might be a good idea. After all, this is the biggest thing in their life right now, so giving them something to enhance it will get you extra friendship points.

Here is a little bit of inspiration to help:

US scratch map

Scratch maps have been all the rage with travellers for a while, but now you can get one dedicated to the good old US of A. This means your pal will be able to scratch off each and every state included in their adventure.

USA Scratch Map


In this tech-orientated world it's sometimes nice to go old school. Nothing compares to jotting down memories from your trip onto the crisp clean pages of a beautiful journal. Pick one with a fab inspirational travel quote on the front and you're sorted!

Pop-up map of New York

Have you seen these amazing pop-up maps of the world's biggest cities? They're great – fold up small into your pocket, but open them out and all of the streets and attractions jump right out at you. Available for New York, as well as other US cities.

Pop Up New York Map

Electricity adaptor

It may not seem like the most exciting of gifts, but we bet our bottom dollar your mate will be packing loads of electrical gadgets for their trip. But what if they can't use them because of the crazy alternative sockets? Go on, be the practical friend.

Touchscreen gloves

Got a friend who's going to Alaska and is addicted to their phone? Ensure they can still use it in low temperatures with touchscreen gloves. You wouldn't want them to freeze their fingers off while posting to Instagram now would you?

Touchscreen gloves

New York burger map

Yep, this is a thing. It pinpoints all the best burger joints in the whole of NYC. You're welcome!

Stylish travel pouch

Know someone who likes to travel in style but is always misplacing things, like passports, sunglasses? Well why not treat them to one of these lovely travel pouches? Personalise it and then watch them smile as they open it up. We're definitely adding this to our Christmas wish list! You can bag yourself one here (no pun intended).

Alphabet travel pouch

Guide book

Even if they don't take it with them, because they've got everything they need on their phone, a guide book is a great gift. One of the best bits of travel is the anticipation and curling up and flicking through the pages in the run-up to a trip is one of the great joys in life.

Instagram magnets

We love these magnets that turn your fave photos into accessories for your home. They're perfect if your mate is daydreaming about being back in the States. They get a great memory every time they reach for the milk from the fridge.


Perfecting travel shots can be hard, but having a steady surface can really help, especially if shooting at night. This small flexible tripod doesn't take up much room inside luggage, but is proper handy.

Travel speakers

Picture sitting around a roaring camp fire with your new friends, talking about the days adventures and just think how much better this would be if you had some of your favourite tunes playing in the background, yep, that's what we thought! There are so many different options out there for every budget, so take a look and see what you can find.

Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon

If someone you know is travelling with us next year, why don't you treat to them to a special treat whilst on the road, we promise you they'll love you forever? If this is someone special how about you spare no expense and treat them to a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon? If they're not heading in that direction, how about taking a look at some of the other awesome activities we do? Just find the tour and have a look, it's the perfect present for any adventurer!

So there you have it, some of our favourite travel related presents we'd be over the moon to receive! Alternatively, if you're fed up of buying things for everyone else, why not treat yourself to a seat on one of our awesome trips and only pay the deposit now and worry about the rest later, simples!

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