The most awesome All-American playlist you’ve ever heard, EVER!

Road trips are awesome there is absolutely no doubt about that and here at TrekAmerica we like to think we have some pretty darn good ones, I'm sure our past trekkers will agree, right?

It doesn't matter if your road trip is three days or 80 days, there are a few simple factors that help make those days some of the best you've ever had...

1. Awesome company
2. Breath-taking scenery
3. Great food along the way
4. The most amazing road trip playlist of all time

We like to think that we provide you with the top three on any of our trips but usually it's down to you and the tour leader to provide the tunes that you rock out or chill out to. But we thought it was about time that we give you a little help and provide you with the mother of all playlists to watch the stunning scenery roll by outside your window.

The Trek team have been sending me their suggestions of what should be included and with much deliberation, here are the awesome tunes that made the cut!

One thing to remember when in the van is to make sure you take it in turns to listen to everyone's music, I found that travelling in a van with people from all walks of life is that you end up coming home with a long list of awesome new music.

Happy listening y'all!

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