Some fun ways to pass time on the road

Part of any adventure with TrekAmerica involves lots of what we like to call "quality van time". America is a big place and our tours cover lots of ground which equals long hours in the van/bus with your group. It might not sound like the highlight of your trip, but trust me, we have lots of fun and laughs while getting to places.

Some of my favourite things to do in the van have come from my childhood where my family would go on lots of road trips, and others have come from Trekkers I've met along the way...

A quick and pretty amusing idea is to have the person who sits up front in the passenger seat try to get any truck that passes to honk their horn. Out on the open highways of America is the absolute best place to test out this game.

First you spot a truck, and have the front person get ready. As you are passing the truck, roll down the window and have the person start pumping their arm up and down as if they were pulling on a horn. This is the universal signal for a truck driver to honk at you!

Sometimes is works right away, other times it takes a few attempts to come across a friendly driver willing to play along. Either way, it ends up being a funny way to spend some time.

Spotting US License Plates

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Another great idea is to look out for the license plates of America.

These are the number tags on the back and sometimes, front, of each car. Depending on the state where the car is registered, it will have a plate that corresponds to that state. I like to print out a list of all 50 states and tape it in the van window.

Each time you spot a new plate, mark it off the list. I have never had a tour where we've been able to find all 50. Hawaii is the elusive one but North Dakota, Delaware and Alaska are also hard to spot depending on where in the US you are.



On my last tour everyone was buying Starburst candies for some reason. It reminded me of a craft I used to do as a kid.

With the wrappers of the candies, you can fold them into strips to then connect together to make a bracelet chain.

It's a great thing to use the wrappers for and you end up with a delicious-smelling good-looking bracelet to wear!

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