Six things you’ll find in America on Halloween

When it comes to Halloween - the States goes hard! From amazingly decorated houses to hours of effort that go into handmade costumes, it's in the US that you'll find the most hardcore Halloween lovers. What can you expect if you're spending halloween in the USA? Here are just a couple of things...

Candy corn

Actually a candy, rather than a corn – these yellow, orange and white triangular sweets are easily recognisable as a major symbol of Halloween in the States. Because what’s scarier than a bunch of kids on a huge sugar rush?!

Candy corn

Amazingly decorated houses

When it comes to getting spooky, the Americans go all out. Cobwebs and skeletons adorn porches up and down the land, and front yards are transformed into graveyards with ghosts and zombies lurking come mid-October.

Spooky house decorations in USA

Trick or treaters

Sure, this is something that still happens worldwide, but for pretty much every young American, Trick or Treat is a rite of passage. Dressing up in homemade costumes, bag (or pillowcase) in hand, the neighbourhood kids will go door to door as the locals fill bags with tasty treats.

Pumpkin costume

Apple bobbing

Alright, you’d probably rather find a bar of chocolate in your trick or treat bag than an apple – but in this case, they’re at the centre of all the fun. With a game of apple bobbing, you’re pretty much guaranteed a wet face. There goes the carefully applied makeup!

Pumpkin costume

Horror movie marathons

Once you’ve outgrown knocking for candy, the next best thing to do on Halloween? Binge out on your Halloween faves on Netflix, obv.

Pumpkin beer

Sure, other countries will indulge in a spot of pumpkin carving here and there, and might even tuck into a slice of pumpkin pie. But in the States? It’s all-pumpkin-everything! 

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