Six reasons to travel on a TrekAmerica trip after camp

  • Reasons to travel after summer camp with TrekAmerica

Spending your summer as a camp counselor this year? Why not make the most of your adventure and spend some time travelling post-camp? Our resident expert Natasha gives you six reasons why it's a total no-brainer...

I'm an ex-camp counsellor with three amazing summers under my belt. I've now seen 23 states in America, and most of this was from travelling after camp. With 30 days to travel after you finish up at camp, the best way to see as much of the USA before you return home is with TrekAmerica...and here's why!

Booked it, packed it...and ready to go!

One of the best reasons is that there's no stress of worrying what you're going to do once camp is over, For some of my summers, I didn't know what I was doing until the last week of camp. That's stress you just don't need! With the sadness of camp coming to an end, it's a great feeling to know you've got something exciting to look forward to.

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See different parts of the States

It's time to change it up from the scenic backdrops of your camp and check out what elese this amazing country has to offer. Yes, you'll be leaving the rolling hills and greenery of camp to head into the big cities and breathtaking national parks! We have departures from New York, LA and Miami, where many of you will be spending the summer, so why not jump on a Trek tour and see the rest of the States? Head out on one of our West Coast trips to California to see Zion, the Grand Canyon and even party through the night in Vegas!

Take a road trip down the East Coast to check out the music and culture of the Deep South - feast on Southern Fried Chicken, Louisiana's Cajun food or grab a cheeky frozen Hurricane in New Orleans. Don't forget to give Micky Mouse a high five from us if you go to Disneyland in Orlando! Or you can get the best of both worlds on one of our famous 21-day cross country tours to use up most of your 30-day allowance in the states. Our Southern Sun is one of most popular tours with camp counselors!

See the Southern Sun itinerary

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Sit back, relax and learn from our tour leaders

We have excellent tour leaders, who are are the heart and soul of our Treks. Most of our leaders have been with us for years and know the routes like the back of their hands. As well as taking care of all the driving, they've been to these places so many times, they'll always know the best places to eat and drink in the areas! Most Treks set off in the morning so you can enjoy more of the destinations while our Tour leaders sort out the next part of your trip. They love telling stories about the cities and areas, so not only are you going to experience these incredible locations, you'll also get to learn a bit more about them too.

Tip: Make sure you ask your Tour Leader what "Corn Hole" is!

Check out our interview with Tour Leader Tommy McNamara:

Meet new friends

Yes, your new camp buddies are pretty awesome but will they have the same travel plans as you, or do they want to travel after camp at all? That unpredictability will drive you crazy, so why not just plan something and arrange to meet them after? Or you can spend a few days with them after camp and before the Trek. At least your plans are set and you can always spend nine months after camp planning next summer's plans together! "It's not goodbye, it's see you later!".

You'll have a whole bunch of new friends to make on your Trek, so don't worry, you won't be alone, alone! About 71% of TrekAmerica passengers are solo travellers and in August a lot of them are camp counselors too. Plus, you can meet your new Trek buddies in advance too by logging into the iTrekCommunity. You'll make so many friends this summer from all over the world that your Skype account will be put to good use!

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You'll make all your friends back home jealous

So not only have you just been working and living the camp dream for the past 8-9 weeks, but now you're travelling the States too! What?! Your friends back home are going to be totally jealous, so why not rub it in their faces more by uploading all your amazing pictures of your travels alongside your camp photos? Don't forget, if you take an amazing photo and hashtag #TrekAmerica we might feature it on our Instagram! Double the jealousy! We also have a photo competition running every month to win a £50 Amazon voucher, and our grand prize draw to win a GoPro Hero 4. Imagine all the amazing photos and videos you can take at camp next summer with that...

See the Grand Canyon

You get money off!

As a camp participant, you get a 10% off* your booking! So, if you're going to camp, make sure you let us know and have your membership number ready. That's money you're saving for all the extra activities you can be doing on Trek - like a swamp tour in Louisiana, a Jeep adventure in Monument Valley or a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon! 

*Not stackable with some other discounts.

So there you have it - six reasons why travelling with TrekAmerica after camp will be your Best. Idea. Ever.

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