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For 2018, our awesome Plus tours have been given a bit of a shake-up. If you like your creature comforts, don't worry - the travel style itself hasn't changed. Hotel accommodation and a range of included meals and activities are here to stay! However, after some feedback from our lovely Trekkers, we've switched up the routes a little - meaning you can either take in a whole route, or a 'bite size' chunk. 

On a TrekAmerica Plus tour, you can take in some of the best destinations the USA and Canada have to offer - from the big cities of Las Vegas and New Orleans, to the lesser-known highlights of Santa Fe and Cleveland. From big sights to best-kept secrets, check out ten of our favourite Plus tour stop-offs!

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Santa Fe

Woman walking in Santa Fe

Image: Shutterstock

Combining traditional architecture and culture with modern attitudes, Santa Fe is a hub for all things artistic and creative. A melting pot of Mexican and American influences, this can be seen in everything - from buildings to food. And on the note of the latter - believe us - the Tex-Mex grub here is something pretty special! 

San Francisco to New York Plus

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon

Image: Robin Bigge

Well, duh - the Grandest of all the Canyons y'all did ever see just HAD to be part of this list! On every Trekker in the West's wishlist, it's one of our most-visited sights - and for very, very good reason. We've probably chatted away more times we can count about this special spot, so just have a look at the picture above instead...and imagine yourself sailing over it in a helicopter.

Destin Beach

Destin Beach, Florida

Image: Shutterstock

Insert pun about how we were just 'Destin-ed' to fall in love with the sandy white shores of Florida. Feel the softly milled grains between your toes as you run down the beach to cool yourself off where the lapping waves lazily roll in. This. Is. Paradise.

New York to New Orleans Plus


Chicago Willis Tower

Gorge yourself on the famous Chicago deep dish pizza - then work it off with a bike tour around the skyscrapers and streets of this epic city. You'll discover a vibrant music and nightlife scene - from rocking out at a punk show to dining in complete darkness, there's something to entertain everyone within these city limits. Also - pay a visit to E. Adams St., where you can snap a photo of the historic Route 66 start point sign! 

Amarillo/Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

Image: Shutterstock

Is this the way to Amarillo? Sure is! And on your way, you'll get to stop off at one of the coolest interactive art exhibits you'll see anywhere. Here ten Cadillac cars lie in a line, noses in the ground. But this isn't the result of a particularly neat traffic accident - it's an art piece created by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels, who want you to be part of it by spray painting your own mark on the cars. 

Las Vegas to New Orleans Plus


Cleveland Ohio

Image: Shutterstock

Not just a character from Family Guy! Cleveland is one cool city too. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is probably its best-known attraction, and certainly worth a visit, but there's plenty more to be found along Cleveland's streets. Theatre, parks and nightlife are just some of the things this city does well - take some time to get to know it all, and you'll be glad you came! 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Well...do we even need to say anything on this one?! Viva Las Vegas, indeed.

New Orleans to Los Angeles Plus

New Orleans

New Orleans

Image: Shutterstock

We just love a bit of that ol' Southern hospitality - and New Orleans is the best place to discover it for yourself. Our simple guide goes as follows... Step 1: Eat a delicious bowl of gumbo. Step 2: Dance yourself silly in the jazz clubs of Frenchmen Street and hedonistic Bourbon Street. Step 3: Eat all the beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Repeat and enjoy. You're welcome.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

One of our Trekkers' favourite national parks, take a break from the buzz of the city and experience nature at its very best. From granite peaks to towering sequioas, hike your way up waterfalls for incredible views and a real breath of fresh air. Keep your eyes open for potential bear sightings too!

San Francisco to Los Angeles Plus


Austin Texas

'Keep Austin Weird' is this city's motto - and it perfectly sums up Austin's fun, quirky attitude. Here in the 'Live Music Capital of the World', you can catch a gig from every genre pretty much every night of the week. Seriously, Austin is just REALLY cool, and we recommend a visit very highly indeed.

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