Original vs Plus – what’s your Trek style?

Camping under the stars, saving your cash by staying in a hostel or snoozing in a hotel bed? Cooking up a storm or dining out with new friends? Small and intimate, or loads of people to meet? Our Original tours and brand new Plus tours go head to head…


Love your home comforts? Plus tours have you sorted with twin share hotel accommodation. Which means…a hotel roof over your head. Fresh sheets. No shower queues. You’ll leave your comfortable surroundings every morning feeling fresh and proclaiming “I woke up like this!”

On our Original tours, you get to make a choice of two accommodation options. If you’re up for a spot of camping, you’ll bond with your new Trek buddies faster than you can pitch your first tent. Share s’mores and stories around the campfire and wake up to the sounds of nature around you.

The other option? Try our budget lodging nights. Whether it’s a classic American motel by the Grand Canyon or a lodge hostel in the middle of Yosemite, sharing a roof over your head with new friends is an awesome experience that still keeps the budget down!



An all-you-can-eat buffet in Vegas? Epic Memphis ribs? A pizza party…overlooking the Grand Canyon? Some pretty special dining experiences are included on our Plus tours, specially picked to give you a real (literal) taste of the Americas. Oh, and you’ll be starting off your fun-packed days in the right way too – all your breakfasts are included.

For the chance to experience tasty local cuisine of your own choosing, our budget lodging nights on Original tours put you in control of your tastebuds and budget. And if you’re camping, you can impress your fellow Trekkers by getting your Masterchef on and whipping up a signature dish. You’ll take lunch stops in stunning surroundings while you’re on the road, and most importantly, your food kitty payment of $10 per day covers all meals while camping. Which totally means more cash to splash on that ridiculous souvenir t-shirt…



Who doesn’t recognise the iconic TrekAmerica vehicles? If you’re on an Original tour, this’ll be your ride. And our tour leaders love to get personal with mascots and van décor!

On our Plus tours, your vehicle’s dependent on group size. For most trips, you’ll be on board a spacious coach. However you travel, you’re guaranteed an amazing road trip along the epic highways of the US and Canada!


Group size

Meeting new people is a huge part of any TrekAmerica trip – and we regularly hear stories of past Trekkers meeting up for years after they say their goodbyes. With a maximum of 13 passengers on our Original tours, you’ll be best mates before you know it!

Like to hang with lots of potential pals? You could be heading back with a whole host of new Facebook friends on one of our Plus tours! With an average of 30 people on each trip, you’ll never be short of someone to chat with on the bus.

It’s a tough battle, but in the end, we just can’t choose – our Original and Plus tours are just as amazing as each other to us! So it’s down to you – what’s your Trek style?


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