North America doesn’t close for winter!

America's West Coast is known for its golden beaches and beautiful people, but what if you're missing a trick by not heading West during the winter? What if heading East and seeing Niagara Falls frozen by ice is even more spectacular than being covered by its spray in summer, and what if making fresh tracks with snow shoes reveals a different side to the national parks?

So many people will travel to North America when the sun is shining but never experience a side that many Americans actually prefer. So what are the benefits of travelling in the 'off season' and why should you book one of our Winter Sun tours?


Death Valley Winter

Death Valley is a classic example, with the hottest ever recorded temperature tipping 56 degrees Celsius. During the sweltering summer months, you might be just as happy in front of the air-conditioning unit than melting under the midday sun, but it's not until the winter months cool the air to 18 degrees that you can explore in more detail the hottest, driest and lowest place in America. The same goes for the Texan park of Big Bend. With views like this, what's not to love?


Fancy an alternative Christmas?

Florida Christmas

How does exploring Florida's Key West by kayak grab you, or strolling the cobblestone French-style streets in Canada's Montreal under a blanket of snow? Fancy snow shoeing through the pristine wilderness of Yosemite looking for wildlife, or watching the sun rise over a new day without the crowds on the rim of the Grand Canyon? Beats another year at your local on Christmas Eve, for sure!


If it's partying you're after...

New Orleans New Year

New Year's Eve tends to be a brilliant night out anywhere, but just think how your Instagram account would blow up if you were rocking in New York's Times Square when the clock struck midnight? Or dressed up under a sky full of fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip? Imagine being covered in beads and dancing to some of the finest music with new friends on Bourbon Street in New Orleans!


National Parks

Think that Monument Valley is a summer only destination? Think again! Tell me the wintery image doesn't make you want to be there right now!

Monument Valley winter

But if after all of this, nothing could tear you away from the Californian sunshine and beach life, why not make tracks for San Diego during the winter months when the surfers on Mission Beach keep the summer vibe going and shorts, t-shirt and flip flops are still the norm. Let's not forget that Muscle Beach Venice and Santa Monica Boulevard don't shut down either, making North America the perfect 365-day destination!


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