New Orleans: The South’s place to party

To get you all excited about some extra special tours for music-lovers and party-people, we're throwing the spotlight on New Orleans scene!

Our Mardi Gras and The Sunshine State tour will throw you straight in to the city's most famous event; and The Big Easy Music Festival 2018 tour will give you the chance to see some of the world's best artists while taking in NOLA's amazing culture (and food!). Both tours end with a trip to Florida's beaches and theme parks, for some much-needed sun, fun and relaxation.

So why did we choose New Orleans to be the hub for these new tours?

New Orleans is the biggest city in the state of Louisiana – and it's a place that certainly knows how to throw the biggest party, too. Sure, the bright lights of Las Vegas may call you to the West – but this Deep South destination is perfect for those who want something lighter on the artifice but still a haven for hedonists.

Big Easy Music Festival 2019

Mardi Gras Carnival 2019

Frenchmen Street

If your soul's getting hungry for all that jazz, Frenchmen Street will be your destination when the sun goes down. In this city, the party doesn't just happen in the bars, but spills out into the streets. Even when it's not Mardi Gras or festival season, you'll often catch small parades of talented locals making their way down the street. Brass bands are accompanied by neon-lit dancers and circus performers, stopping traffic as they make their way past partygoers.

Bourbon Street

If you're looking for the ultimate party, Bourbon Street is the place to be. Like Frenchmen Street, you'll find a handful of jazz spots. However, the Bourbon Street club scene is mostly home to more 'mainstream' music clubs, playing chart hits and classics to dance the night away to. Imagine a multi-room superclub, spilling out onto the street and spanning ten or so blocks – and you've just about got it. Oh, and if you're a Channing Tatum fan, you can drop into Saints and Sinners, the bar he owns, hoping for a sighting...

Mardi Gras

New Orleans nightlife is up there with the best in the world on a normal evening, but when a festival comes to town? Turn that up by about ten notches, add an influx of serious party people, and you've got the city during Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras is by far the biggest event on the New Orleans calendar. And it's not just one day of explosive excitement – parades will begin weeks before, leading up to 'Fat Tuesday' – aka Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent begins. Parades are organised by social groups known as 'krewes'. During these parades, colourful floats make their way through the streets and trinkets, including the classic Mardi Gras beads, are thrown into the crowds.

Jazz & Heritage Festival

Music fans can also kick of the festival season in style, with May's Jazz & Heritage Festival - aka 'JazzFest'. Despite the name, there's a lot more going on than just jazz – as the festival attracts some of the biggest artists from all over the world. Performances in recent years have included the likes of Kings of Leon, Snoop Dogg, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Lady Gaga – among many other names both well-known and up-and-coming.

The festival sees over 430,000 people attend across the whole event, making it one of the hugest festivals in the world. For those who want to experience traditional Southern music, there's plenty on offer too – homegrown jazz and blues artists fill clubs and smaller stages across the city. The event finishes earlier than most, but don't worry – the renowned afterparty scene will have you partying away into the small hours.

Here at TrekAmerica, we love a good party – which is why we’ve launched two very special tours that coincide with two of New Orleans’ biggest events of the year.

Our Mardi Gras and the Sunshine State tour gives you an epic four days in the city leading up to Fat Tuesday, so plenty of time to indulge in the festivities AND explore the city’s foodie scene, voodoo history and multicultural influences. After all that, you’ll need a rest – which is why the shores of Destin, theme parks of Orlando and super-cool Miami are on the agenda.

The Big Easy Music Festival 2019 tour gives you the chance to see all your favourite acts live in NOLA, with an introductory day to get you feeling at home in the city before it all kicks off. Experience everything the festival has to offer - your tour leader will be on hand to show you the best afterparties and secret gigs. And as with our Mardi Gras tour, once you’ve partied hard, we’ll take you for some relaxing Florida fun times afterwards. We’re nice like that.

Places on these tours will be limited, so make sure you get booked on ASAP to make sure you’re part of it! Just think how jealous your mates will be of your Instagram stories…

Big Easy Music Festival 2019

Mardi Gras Carnival 2019


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